Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Genocide already happening in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe heading for a Rwandan Genocide

Here is an interesting comment on the original article on TL by a reader named Belle that I thought was interesting and worth a full posting.

When a nation boasts a life expectancy of 34 years in the 21st century one can only logically conclude that there is a genocide in progress.

Genocides don’t stop on their own. They get worse. Mugabe’s military junta is already fractured around leadership issues. Its likely that these military factions will form themselves into several mini-armies and attempt to violently assert control over regions. My bets are that there will be full-scale civil war in Zimbabwe before this year is out.

Will SADC respond to a bloodbath in the region? I doubt it. More refugees will flood across the border. Xenophobic violence will break out on a wide scale throughout South Africa. Foreign investment will take flight. And Sepp Blatter will move his 2010 show to another country.

Before the selfish Saffies point finger at the Zimbabwean people for not fighting back please consider that more than half the remaining 8-9million population of Zimbabweans are children. With a life expectancy of 34 years this fact is obvious. Confirmed by UNICEF which, back in 2006, reported that there were 4.5 million children needing food aid in Zimbabwe.

The point at which a genocide ends is when the number of dead/missing people exceeds the living, resident population.

Unless there is early intervention.

Genocides are not always at Rwanda-like speed. Hitler used gas. Kills instantly. Still he didn't kill 6 million people in 3 months. It took him more than 5 years. Mugabe tried instant genocide techniques back in the 80s. He faced the same logistical problem Hitler encountered: mass disposal of bodies. Now Mugabe uses starvation, water deprivation, disease, poverty to cull the masses. And brute force randomly. The victims mostly die slowly. which is why the diagnosis of genocide is equally delayed.

One of Mugabe’s ministers, Dumisani Dabengwa, once bluntly announced : “We don’t need all these extra people. We only need about 6 million people. Let the rest die”. Since then they’ve gotten the numbers down from 14 million in 2000 to under 9 million. another 3 million to go.

How do you diagnose Genocide?

We only figured out how to absolutely diagnose Death of a human around 120 years ago. Before then we buried bodies with bells in case they woke up. Rachmaninov’s prelude in C# minor was composed to describe the horror of awakening in the coffin, then dying a second time.

Diagnosis of Death of a nation, a state of Genocide, equally needs a clinical set of criteria, beyond political opinion, and in my book a life expectancy rate of 34 would register high on the scorecard for genocide.

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Doberman said...

Very good post.

Dachshund said...

This Dumisani Dabengwa hits the nail on the head. Keep on culling.

Anonymous said...

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FMCLAW777 said...

@ Dachshund 9:27 pm - The thing to worry about here is when our government forms a UNITED front with Mugabe and his policies and start "culling" whites / indians / colourdes / chinese and the different black tribes that they feel is unworthy of living in South Africa, after all, it's no secret that the ANC has close ties to ZANU-PF and what they did to help the "struggle"

Every helping hand has it's price at one stage or another!!