Tuesday, August 18, 2009

‘Flower child’ mom shot dead

FIVE days after “flower child” Tracey-Leigh Frankish’s screams scared off would-be burglars, house robbers struck again, this time taking her life.

A TV set, hi-fi and a small amount of money were the only things stolen from the 33-year-old Gauteng sales representative’s cottage in Farmall, an agricultural holding north of Fourways.

Johan Burger, senior researcher at the Institute for Security Studies, who last year co-authored a report on crime and public security in South Africa, said the murder highlighted how political promises had not been kept as far as the eradication of farm attacks was concerned.

“The conclusion we came to in our report was that there was a vacuum [in crime-fighting regarding] rural safety.”

Burger said this was a result of the phasing out of South African National Defence Force units, or commandos, deployed specifically to patrol rural areas in South Africa since 2003.

“[The phasing out] was not supposed to happen until sector policing, police reservists and crime-combating units were in place. In almost all [rural areas] we visited in our research, none of this had been done,” Burger added.

Frankish’s murder means that her seven-year-old son, Taidg, will grow up without a mother.

The break-in happened in the early hours of Sunday morning, when Taidg was with his grandparents, Fred and Helen Britz, at their Bryanston home.

“We’ve told him what happened, but I don’t think he realises what death is all about,” Fred Britz said.

“He said: ‘They’ve killed my mom, they shot her’. It’s tough, the circumstances of her death. We never thought it would happen to us.”

Frankish, who was in the process of divorcing her husband, who lives in the UK, had been leasing a cottage on a plot.

Private security company RSS Security responded to a panic signal followed by an alarm signal at 12.47pm.

A security officer who arrived at the premises six minutes later found the security gate on the front door had been forced open.

Frankish was found kneeling in front of her bed, with a gunshot wound in the head.

“When the security officer went outside to radio for medical back-up he saw three suspects fleeing into the bushes and gave chase,” said RSS Security managing director Sean Mooney.

The unidentified men got away.

Dion Stephens, a school friend, told The Times that Frankish had been a humanitarian.

“She wanted to fix the world we live in, quit her job, teach people how to grow vegetables and live a self-sustainable life. The people she wanted to help were the people who murdered her,” he said.

Friends have been posting messages on Frankish’s Facebook page, where Stephens yesterday asked people to honour her memory by wearing purple or turquoise, “her favourite colours”, to her memorial service.

Dean Dawson, of food manufacturing company Ma Baker, where Frankish worked, said staff were distraught at her murder.

“It feels surreal. It’s disturbing. She was a flower-power child, if I can put it that way, friendly to everybody.”

Douglasdale police spokesman Inspector Balan Muthan confirmed a murder case was under investigation.

“There are no suspects. The front door was left unlocked. Police and the security firm reacted within minutes, but the suspects had fled and the area is so dark at night,” Muthan said.

A memorial service is being planned at the Emmarentia Botanical Gardens in northern Johannesburg this weekend.

Source: The Times

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FishEagle said...

"The people she wanted to help were the people who murdered her" O for FUCKS sake!!!

Anonymous said...

So who is behind this white genocide? Unemployed Umkhonto Wesizwe guerillas who feel that their struggle has gone unrecognised and that the ANC is too concerned with reconciliation.

The same terrorists who planted bombs in shopping malls and bars in the 80s spawned a whole new wave of criminals from the unemployed and criminally orientated.

It's the main problem facing the ANC and which they refuse to admit: that their own terrorists have turned against the country again.

Anonymous said...

Very sad that this continues to happen. Why do we continue to let this happen?! When will it be enough?! When will we South Africans stand up and say no more?! Or have we given up?

Exzanian said...

This particular story is really bad. Shocking. That these savages came back a few days later and killed this woman, it's just shocking and appalling that nobody will do anything about it at all and even worse, that it was preventable. It sounds like resignation, but there are two kinds of white people in SA: Those that have left and the "bittereindes"

Anonymous said...

ExZ said "there are two kinds of white people in SA: Those that have left and the "bittereindes" Aye. So true. And those that are left aren't even fighting back. Real "bittereindes" would at least be fighting back.

Anonymous said...

@ doberman..and how should we fight back, mmm?

We open our mouths but we don’t want to be heard by the people who can do something about it..we are accused of being racists and whingers...

We take up arms and we are accused of treason, thrown in jail and forgotten about...

We cite our rights with the police and are treated like shite, wrongfully arrested and kept in jail for days...

We open our mouths about the corrupt, criminal anc and we are betrayed by our own kind..

What should us “bittereindes” do?

Anonymous said...

Hi all. It's Anonymous here again. I am really glad to read all your comments.

I saw on the telly this morning a show being advertised that is directed towards the 'kafir youth.' The show is called Zwa'Hashu and on the next episode, the presenter will be learning how to shoot a self-loading firearm. As if the youth in SA really need this type of education. What does it teach the youngsters who fail Matric? 'Get a gun, "I learned how to use it on that show Zwa'Hashu", and I am going to kill those rich, educated people and take what little money they have lying around...'

The problem with these 'house breakers' is that they think that whites have masses and masses of cash lying around their houses. You see, the 'kafir way' is to keep all your life savings under the matress, important documents go down the hollow bed post leg and the jewelry 'stolen from the Madam' in some dying pot plant.

FE, Dach, Dobs and ExZ - you just need to understand how the 'kafir brain' works. It is for this reason that, upon arrival of security or family members and eventually the police - everything and I mean EVERYTHING has either been taken or smashed up in every conceivable way!

Dobs and ExZ: There are 'Bittereindes' you are right about that. The problem is we cannot leave. We are here to protect our parents who are too old and cannot fend for themselves. We have brothers and sisters who have been the victims of crime and are either 'psychically or mentally disabled' and cannot work, because a K4 couldn't just take the TV and F-off, he felt the need to pour boiling water over an old man, rape an old woman, torture the family pet with a Panga/Machete or get back at the terrible white who fired them for 'stealing' by raping their teenage daughter or bashing their son's head against the wall and shooting them in the back upon exit.

I do appreciate your comments though and you have given me strength to educate my white 'brothers' - who some, I am sorry to say have been 'duped' by lefty liberal.

I will not Surrender!!!

Anonymous said...

Will continue to happen for as long as whitey mistakes the vecroids for human beings instead of realising that they are dangerous wild animals. The only way is civil war. Can't fight back before then. You can do things to minimize the risk of attack but you cannot fight back. That's where we've got to in this country.

PS - "there are two kinds of white people in SA: Those that have left and the "bittereindes"

There is also the ostrich with its head in the sand. Often the reality check is fatal.

Anonymous said...

PS - anony 9:55

"The show is called Zwa'Hashu and on the next episode, the presenter will be learning how to shoot a self-loading firearm. As if the youth in SA really need this type of education."

This is horrifying. I see it as proof that the government wants to disarm whitey in order to wipe him out. Teaching zots to shoot in a TV program is a subliminal message for them to "get a gun and get on with the job" - this is the only meaningful interpretation one can make of this apparent contradiction. I'd be REALLY interested to know if kaffirs are having as much trouble getting firearm licenses as whites.