Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Eskom workers threaten industrial sabotage

Eskom workers might adopt ‘radical measures’

Nzimande and Vavi should immediately be arrested for complicity in industrial sabotage and incarcerated for their role in fucking over the country.

This is a civil war, you idiots!!


Disgruntled Eskom workers have vowed to plunge South Africa into darkness should their wage demands not be met by the electricity parastatal. Eskom to propose third power station.

The National Union of Metalworkers of SA said yesterday its members might adopt “radical measures” that will have “far-reaching” implications. This followed what the union called “protracted wage and conditions of employment negotiations with the intransigent Eskom management over the past couple of months”.

Numsa said the measures might include the unleashing of a black-out “if need be”. It added that it did not want to reach this point, “though Eskom is pushing us in that direction”.

Numsa said the call to consider “radical measures” should not be misinterpreted as “anti-Zuma administration or ANC”. (Of course it's personal between Cosatu, the SACP and the ANC!)

The union has demanded an increase of 14% for Eskom workers. The parastatal initially offered an increase of 8%, but has moved its offer to 9.5% through the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration mediators.

Numsa said it “believes that Eskom has a moral responsibility to concede and adhere to the demands of workers. “The failure by Eskom to adhere to these demands will leave the workers with no other option but to adopt radical measures that will have far-reaching implications. This might include pulling the plug and unleashing a blackout if need be,” said the union. (Yeah right. Blacks out torching power stations.)

The National Union of Mineworkers, which also represents workers at Eskom, is to hold a national shop steward council meeting to discuss the latest Eskom offer today.

The NUM is also demanding a 14% increase. Eskom spokesman Fani Zulu confirmed that the parastatal and Numsa were in talks at the CCMA. He said both the union and Eskom had “moved” when it came to wage agreements. “Eskom has gone beyond the 8%,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

The country is spiralling out of control. Zuma needs to step in and start banging some heads together.

Anonymous said...

@ doberman....look closer and you'll see whose hand is in the back of yes-man, teleprompted zooma...

All zooma's dancing in the world isn't going to stop the chaos these hungry boons can unleash..

zooma = obama (both little puppets put in power for single terms)

Anonymous said...

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face...

Anonymous said...

If you are black you can do as you please. Tell them you will make the country ungovernable, you are going to kill farmers but just say the word kaffir and you will be arrested by the thought police.