Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dear Mr President

By Brad Leslie (News24 reader)

I would like my kids to maintain the "perfect world" impression until they are old enough to understand, comprehend, interpret and make their own decisions based on what is happening around them but that's never going to happen.

Dear Mr President,

I write this letter feeling saddened, disappointed and angry.

For many years all people of South Africa have suffered a grave injustice under oppression - either by the previous government or current government; let's just say government in general.

The crimes in our country have been on the increase and I think all stats have been covered up, altered and made to look rosy and nice because we, as PROUD South Africans, are not permitted to hear or see for that matter, the real and hard truths about the state of country and the current state of affairs it finds itself in.

Why do I say that you ask? Think about it. This information is the "forbidden fruit" and we are not allowed to empower ourselves with this type of knowledge. We are already experiencing the "brain drain" and should these facts be revealed, the effects and repercussions of this could prove catastrophic and we would probably end up being worse off than our other third world country counterparts.

Being a young and inspired South African, filled with dreams and hopes for a better future not just for myself but my family, friends, fellow South Africans and our generations to come and being extremely excited and willing to be part of the solution, I cannot help but to lower my head in shame each time I open a newspaper, watch the news or read a news report on the web when I see all the wrongs that is taking place every single day in our land.

Each day we read, see and hear about how this government official has taken this money, how that politician is being investigated, how our president is suing a newspaper for defamation but very little is said to restore the hope and faith that is so lacking in our current times, giving us, the people of this land, the inspiration to continue, to try and do good, to be civilised, neighbourly, respectful and not willingly do harm unto others. Why should we? Our government does exactly what they want and they get away with it. So why can't we?

Dying economy

We are currently in the throws of a recession yet when you read the papers you find that our hard earned, taxpayer money is being squandered on things that are not as important as fighting crime, feeding a starving nation, building homes or providing much needed cash injection into a slowly dying economy which has fallen victim to recession.

Recently, one of our ministers took the pleasure of buying not one but two luxury vehicles - one for use in Cape Town and the other in Pretoria - and not only were they in excess of a R1m each but they were also fitted with a top of the range entertainment system. I think this is absolutely ludicrous. The minister needs to be working on current and pressing issues that require undivided attention, not watch movies while he is on route somewhere.

There's also the case of our minister who gave "the nod" of approval for a prison official to rent a home on a Golf Estate for R35 000 per month. What for? The minister is no longer the minister and the officials have been suspended pending an investigation and a conclusion thereof. I think they are both at fault.

Also in the media recently, is the sudden probe into the drivers of government vehicles, SAPS vehicles in particular. It has been revealed at in the last year R88m of our money has been spent on these vehicles of which thousands of them are standing in station "graveyards" either waiting to be repaired or not going to be repaired at all and amongst them are new vehicles that were just delivered and then destroyed. These vehicles were abused by official SAPS employed drivers who felt that because they work for our government they are exempt from prosecution for any activity that is not legal in the eyes of our law and statutes.

Let's talk about the monies being spent on you Mr President. Your home is being "refurbished". A whopping amount of R47m is being spent to complete these alterations. As with previous presidents - pre and post-1994 - I cannot recall there was ever a need to do such a massive upgrade on any of the presidential homes?

Look at the amount of money that was spent on your in inauguration. Was that really necessary? I don't think that ever in the history of our presidents has this been such a luxurious and exuberant affair? Top chefs, thousands spent on champagne and how much of the food was actually eaten? I'm sure lots of it went to waste.

Harsh realities

I have two kids, aged three and seven; I am too scared to unleash the realities of the world - or rather our country - on them as I don't think they would be able to handle it. We do our best to protect them from harm and to steer away from anything and everything that could negatively impact or create the "imperfect" impression of the world as we know it but the reality of it is that even though we do this, they are exposed to it daily - at school, in the park, the media, etc.

I would like my kids to maintain the "perfect world" impression until they are old enough to understand, comprehend, interpret and make their own decisions based on what is happening around them but that's never going to happen. At the age of 3, my daughter has had to be told about the evils and wrongs of this world and its created confusion, chaos and turmoil. Our kids should be allowed to be kids and learn and grow at acceptable paces.

In all honesty Mr. President, if you look at the current state of affairs, I am inclined to say that the only people with rights at the moment are the criminals, politicians and any entities (persona or business) who are able to line the pockets of politicians and government officials to ensure that their futures are also well taken care of

You, Sir, say you empathise with those in need yet at night you go home and don't spare a thought for the ones you empathise with. I don't see you that involved in community work, uplifting the nation or assisting with aid in the form of food, homes or clothing. The only time we see you Mr President is when you need to do a publicity stunt because all of a sudden your public ratings are not what they are supposed to be.

Now you and many others out there might say, compared to some other countries, we should be thankful as it could have been worse but the reality is we don't live in those countries. We live in South Africa! We are PROUDLY South African! Fix what is happening here and stop offering assistance to those countries when your own is in dire need of basic necessities and much needed leadership and guidance.

Brad Leslie

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Anonymous said...

In a nutshell, this fellow expresses everything we feel.

Ranger Tom said...

For the life of me I really can't see how you've put up with this shit for this long... Words escape me.

Anonymous said...

Now you know that what we say on ILSA is views shared by many South Africans. We are in deep trouble down south.

Ranger Tom said...

Doberman, I never doubted it. I can almost feel your frustration. We're getting in the same boat here, and the sad part is, no one seems to care.

So in that sense I do share your frustration.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brad..

Your words really touched me, but, alas, will not even reach el presidente zooma’s desk because there is a shortage of toilet paper in el presidente's offices....

Firstly, the president does not give a toss about anyone else but himself and his criminal buddies, who he has promised to share the wealth of the tax-paying class with.

Secondly, el presidente only has one term to legally and illegally pilfer as much as possible and destroy whatever still works in our country before the reign is handed over to his commie buddies, who will then do what commies normally do; expropriate money from the working class for themselves and throw the scraps to the non-working, lazy class.

I feel your pain Brad. I too have children and cannot leave my once beloved country due to insufficient accreditation points, age, not enough money, etc. So, if you have the means to leave do it now, without hesitation. Or, if you are like me, teach your children the truth about the nig-nogs, don’t beat around the bush (no pun intended). They need to grow up knowing that the boon cannot be trusted, at any cost.

Good luck..

Anonymous said...

I cannot comprehend how this man can still call himself PROUD of South Africa !
What must still happen to dent such PRIDE ?

Anonymous said...

"Pak jou goed en trek Ferreira..." (Brad). Don't make weak excuses. If ya wanna go, ya'll make it happen, for your kids' sakes. Ya'll be in excellent company.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading this blog for a number of months and it's all the same stories day in and day out. Why is everyone in such denial???SA is gone.....or at least the SA we all knew is gone. We all try to reason and make sense of it all, but the simple fact is that it's just going to get worse. Very sad, but that's a fact. I've seen the future and what's happened all over Africa......and it's easy to explain: Central and Southern Africa were in the stone age 400 years ago, and it's impossible for them to breach the evolutionary gap and thought patterns, which the white and yellow races did over thousands of years. The saddest thing is that the human race has now for the first time EVER been moving backwards by not securing the future for the next generation or by driving civilization forward to a higher level and brighter future. We have sold out ourselves, our race and our future.....and we are at the very point of no return. Concentrate on saving your own family and do everything possible to get out while you still have a chance.

Anonymous said...

Pissin' in the wind.