Friday, August 07, 2009

'Dear Mr Cele...'

By Clem Sunter

Dear Mr Cele,

I wish to place on record my full support for you in your new job. Being top cop is the most important job in South Africa because crime defines our lives in this beautiful country.

For those of us who are rich enough to afford it, we build high walls around our houses, put electric fences on top, have 24-hour security in the streets outside as well as patrolling vehicles, install panic alarms inside our houses and check our rear-view mirrors before driving into the gate in case a would-be hijacker is following us.

We live in a permanent state of fear. When a loved one does not answer the cellphone when he or she should, we immediately play the worst-case scenario that a violent crime has been committed. Hardly a day goes by without some atrocious act of violence being reported in the newspaper or on the radio station. Many of our children have left the country because they want the freedom that goes with living in a relatively crime-free society.

But it's not just us who are privileged enough to protect ourselves and take evasive action. I am thinking too of all those decent, hardworking fellow citizens who are not so fortunate and who merely want to give their children better opportunities in life than they ever had as parents. Their lives are also marred by crime. They are just as entitled to a normal life where peace of mind replaces fear.

I just want to share the wisdom of two prominent people with whom I had the pleasure of sharing the platform in recent years. The first is Rabbi Goldstein, the Chief Rabbi of South Africa. We were both talking at a general meeting of the Jewish community held in Johannesburg the other night. He said that if violent crime could be reduced significantly in South Africa, everything else will automatically improve. I totally agree with him. The change of heart among ordinary people would be enormous. They would feel released and want to make a positive contribution to society.

The second person is Rudy Giuliani who was visiting South Africa to promote his book Leadership. I opened and closed his session at Gallagher Estates and had lunch with him afterwards. I asked him what his biggest contribution to New York was as mayor besides his role after 9/11. He said without doubt his achievement of reducing crime in New York to levels last seen in the late 1940s.

He said one of the principal reasons was the introduction of the CompStat real-time police intelligence computer system, the brainchild of William Bratton. He used it to measure the relative performance of different police precincts in combating crime. He would reward the chiefs who were doing well and fire the chiefs who had done badly. I believe that 80% of the performance of any police station in South Africa is attributable to the quality of its leader.

So best of luck and may the fox be with you.

Kind Regards,
Clem Sunter

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Tia Mysoa said...

Dear Clem Sunter,

Sorry I don’t have time to read your letter. I get too many of these and besides – when you’ve read one, you’ve read them all.

If you want to resolve the crime problem in this country, my advice to you is to do exactly what the ANC did under the Apartheid government. We formed small cell groups in every township. One cell was surrounded by 6 to 8 houses. We all worked together like one gigantic clock – tuned to perfection -- The rest is History!

We’ve been giving you White’s this same advice for years now, but you refuse to listen! You are deliberately boycotting the system known as “Sector policing”, an approach whereby the service area of a police station is divided into smaller, manageable areas known as sectors (cell groups).

You persistently complain about the crime and poor service but yet you refuse to attent the monthly Police Community meetings in your area. You have accused the government of disarming law-abiding citizens, but yet when we invite you to sign up with the SA Police Reservists where you will be provided with training, a uniform, AND a gun (free of charge) you reject that too! Hey, -- and if you're a bit scared of being shot at, we may even give you a bulletproof jacket!

So – if you have a problem with crime start listening to my advice and do something about it. The crime wont go away while you hide behind your locked gates and security systems.

Cowboy Bheki Cele

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Clem Sunter...

And "fox-off" to you too!

As I recall, it was you of the "High Road, Low Road" theory that assisted, through the auspices of the Anglo American corporation, and helped put this ANC regime into power in the late eighties and early nineties, through the support of insurrection and clandestine meetings with this despicable regime covertly in Zambia, to orchestrate the takeover of the country and make it ungovernable. Pity they did not take heed of your illustrious theory and opted willing or ignorantly to pursue the "low road". So, this is the reason why the country now sits with the crime rate reaching sratospheric proportions with no end or solution in sight. Certainly not with an incompetent and unqualified bufforn such as one Mr Bheki Cele! There is absolutely no hope in hell that he is even going to touch the surface of the problem! The criminals in the country must be salivating and rubbing their hands together with glee with the prospect of continuing their "business" unhindered and undeterred. Not so for the bewildered and desperate tax payers and innocent law abiding citizens of the country. There will be no respite from the onslaught, with one Mr Bheki Cele in the driving seat of power and corruption! You have the temerity and gaul to endorse this unqualified character, when you sir sit safely in your well financed position, having gleaned the trappings of wealth from misleading a nation through and with your Anglo American sponsored drivel. Shame on you sir and all of your ilk for passively molly-coddeling these despots and criminals and pretending that they are the saviours of the country! I don't know if you believe in kharma, but the old saying - "you reap what you sow" I believe is apt. And, another one springs to mind, "the chickens are coming home to roost!" Good luck to you and Mr Cele. I think you're going to need all the help you can get.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah , Clem Sunter - he of the High road. Amazing how fast the High road changed into Shit street
Mr. Sunter !