Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dead Maid Back at Work

I laughed my ass off at this one. Hard to believe anyone could be so gullible.

A domestic worker turned up for work alive, days after her employer had given money when told in a phone call that she had died, Gauteng police said.

Police said a Waterkloof man was last week called by a man who alleged he was his domestic worker's brother.

The employer was tearfully told that the domestic had died in a car accident and was asked for money for the "funeral".

He put cash in a bank account and did not realise it was a con till Tuesday, when he got a call from his domestic saying she was coming to work. - Sapa

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Poster said...

Now that's a con. How could the dupe question that the story is true, when there's a man claiming to be the deceased woman's brother crying on the phone? Bad mojo. At least they can trace where the money was sent and go after whoever owns the account.

Ranger Tom said...

It never ceases to amaze me how stupid and gullible people are.

Look who I have as president now will tell you that much!

Doberman said...

How convenient that the maid just so happened to be off as well. I guess she knows what a sucker her boss is. If I had a penny for every sob story ...

Viking said...

I've just been told that in SA there's a tradition of employers paying for their maid's funerals - I suppose that changes the story a bit, at least for me.
Seems like an odd tradition, I mean I've heard these funerals are HUGE with massive crowds and slaughtered cows etc., seems like overkill (excuse the pun) in such a poor country.

Dachshund said...

You're not obliged to pay for your domestic worker's funeral.

Death of a domestic worker should be treated the same as resignation, except that the worker can't take leave in lieu of notice of course.

All you owe is the amount due for days actually worked, plus any leave pay outstanding.

I also had a maid who died on me. I'd previously asked her to cooperate with me on a funeral policy on her life, she said no way, she wants the money now, while she is alive. So she got nothing.

A year or so later I got a tearful phone call from the maid's daughter telling me that the maid had asphyxiated herself and her child because she went to sleep with the coal stove on and the windows closed while on holiday in Mpumalanga.

Her relatives rocked up with a bakkie and wanted to take everything, the bed, the cupboards, the tv, out of the servants' quarters. It was quite a job sorting out the maid's stuff and keeping the thieving paws away from what belonged to me.

Naturally, they wanted to sit down and "pass the hat" for the maid's funeral. I made the daughter sign for only what was due for days worked for that month, plus leave pay. You don't pay severance pay if a worker dies.

This didn't go down very well, but I'm sure they managed all the same.

This same maid had tried to pass her daughter's baby off as her own a year before - no pregnancy bump, madam, fancy that, I just pushed out another one, just like that - so I was quite relieved when she snuffed it.

I don't have a maid or gardener anymore. The last maid who worked for me called me a racist, and I'm sure she was right.

Doberman said...

@ Dach, well said. It's something quite liberating not having those mournful "you owe me" eyes looking at you every day. If you need the house cleaning, hire a professional service that uses white workers only. They can come once a week. And the rest of the week..heck, what's a bit of dust?

Having always had a fulltime maid and gardener I wondered how it would be over here in Aus where there are no domestics. No problem, cleaning service comes once a week, gardening service once a fortnight in summer. That's with three small kids who don't know what a laundry basket or kitchen sink looks like. We manage quite nicely thank you and money stays in my pocket.

In SA, when I think back, what a fortune I wasted. And yes, not to mention those "sundries" like death of someone (there's always a death every other week), or trips to the Transkei or wherever, or money for medicine or hospital (always an ailment), taxi money, etc etc.

If there are any white home services out there, give us a holler, we'll gladly plug your business here - but you better be only employing whites. There are a lot of poor whites who need our help. If such a service doesn't exist, well, there's an idea for some of you enterprising people.

Dachshund said...

Oh and by the way: before you pay out a cent for wages and leave outstanding, make sure you see an original death certificate. Any relative receiving death benefits on behalf of the employee needs to provide ID as well.

Dachshund said...

@Dobe: If you can find a white woman prepared to work as a maid in SA, I will enter her for the Guinness Book of Records because that will definitely be a first.

I don't mean an au pair or nurse. A white domestic worker without a drinking problem who doesn't need a room for her boyfriend and her kids.

Doberman said...

@ Dach, true, that may have been the norm in the past but I have to think with whites losing jobs en masse that there may actually be white people willing to do domestic work nowadays. Organisations like Solidarity that look after poor white communities may prove worthwhile asking.

Islandshark said...

Dobes, those "sundries" also include replacing yet another Pyrex dish broken, buying more Tupperware and plastics for all the containers without lids (and lids without containers), replacing steam irons which have an average life span of 3 months in SA and five years across the pond, scrapping your favourite shirts with the Philips' Teflon Coated footplate neatly embedded on the prints and the lovely faded (once brightly coloured) clothes being left on the washing line for hours in the 35 degree African sun while Sophie chats with Maria next door...

Doberman said...

@ Islandshark, yep too true. I used to say to people (I'm not one to hold back ;) forget buying anything that's SABS-approved, find me anything that's kaffir-proof and then we'll talk. Needless to say, still looking... I swear, they'll break an anvil.

Dachshund said...

Ooooo I'm sure a white Afrikaner woman would looove to wash and iron and clean for me!!!

My maids were always crying. The tears. Rivers and rivers of tears. The get-even-with-madam ruses. What will a white maid say to me? Fok jou, mevrou! Maak maar jou eie huis skoon, mevrou! Which is the way I prefer it.

There is a practical solution for working couples who are prepared to accept the services of a char once a week, to do what the poms refer to as "the rough". You then take your stuff that needs to be ironed to the dry cleaners. It comes out cheaper and is fairly hassle free. The maid's UIF, leave, pregnancies and funerals are not your problem, they're Marvellous Maids' and Mrs Mop's problem.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I receive so much enlightenment from this site and the comments are so refeshing!

Along Louis Botha Ave in JHB from Wynberg to Orange Grove, I have counted at least 20 businesses that supply Tombstones. Just as bloody well considering how these K4's breed like flies. When a death occurs, they use every last penny from the deceased's estate to buy the most ornate and frilly looking stone, with the most elaborate engraving. I guess it must be large enough so their own kind don't cart it away the night after the funeral.

Viking: Ja at least 600 guests at a funeral for some nobody is not uncommon. They 'must' slaughter a goat, cow, sheep, chickens and not just one. Before and after funerals, 'cleansing ceremonies' must be performed at the place of death, the home and at the grave side. Each and every time they will slaughter something and get themselves 'kafir drunk.'

Dobs & Dach: There have always been poor whites in South Africa - even during apartheid. They are in areas like Germiston and Malvern, JHB also in Kempton Park and Boksburg. They mostly work in factories or are Artisans. How do you think these companies keep going when the 'weckers' go on strike? When did you ever see a pale face toi-toi and rampage through the streets fucking up everything in their path?

Islandshark: The life expectancy of an iron is 3 weeks! There is no such thing as just wages for work actually done. You must pay for the wog's 'transport', morning tea with 8 slices of door step slices of bread, lunch; large tin of Lucky Star Pilchards - Chilli Flavour, 10 more door steps, afternoon tea and 8 door steps. On departure a bag with Brisket, tomatoes, onions and potatoes and old clothes, because it's your responsibility to feed and cloth Patience's 3 boyfriends and 10 children as well.

Viking said...

Dear anon
thanks, your comments are most welcome!
I was VERY uncomfortable with the idea of having a maid when I came here, but as someone said to me, I can think of it as a form of charity one day a week. So I got used to it.
What I didn't consider was the 'extra' costs involved - broken cafetieres, cups and mirros, jammed hoovers, and other costs such as pies and coke etc.

Doberman said...

@ anon 10:20, good comment.

Anonymous said...

Why do people in South Africa have a domestic worker and/or a garderner anyway?
In europe where I live everyone cleans their own house and looks after their own garden.