Tuesday, August 18, 2009


There are so many examples of these shady deals, few ever prosecuted. Actually I can't think of one instance when someone was brought to book. The only reason why stuff like this is never investigated or ended is because probably every single ANC cadre is doing exactly the same thing - looking for an opportunity. It's their culture of entitlement. This money is squandered. The services are not provided. There is no accountability. There are no consequences. The money supply it seems is endless. Our corruption makes Nigeria look angelic by comparison.


Jack Bloom says wife of top Gauteng official got big road maintenance tender.

A R3.6 million road maintenance contract was awarded in December 2008 to Mrs Daisy Maile, the wife of Mike Maile, the recently departed CEO of the Gauteng Shared Services Centre (GSSC).

This is according to a written reply to my questions by Gauteng Infrastructure Development MEC Faith Mazibuko.

This is outrageous. It is a blatant conflict of interest as favouritism cannot be ruled out because of the role played by the GSSC in awarding tenders.

I doubt that Mrs Maile has any real expertise in road maintenance. According to Mazibuko, Mrs Maile was awarded a two year contract at R149 000 a month as part of a scheme for emerging contractors where material and expertise were provided by the department.

There has been much controversy about public servants getting money from state contracts with companies in which they or a relative have an interest.

This case shows why all state employees must declare their private interests and be barred from receiving any benefits through state contracts, either directly or through a close relative.

These cosy contract awards must stop. It is grossly unfair on other businesses that struggle to get state contracts.

Statement issued by Jack Bloom MPL, Democratic Alliance Gauteng corruption spokesman.

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Dachshund said...

I doubt Mrs Maile has either experience of or interest in road maintenance. R149k a month is really not going to go far for road maintenance. Why blow it on "emerging contractors" i.e. a couple of guys with shovels and pickaxes. Time to check out the fashion shows; spring is around the corner.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter anymore if this contract goes to this person or to another clueless Mrs. Tshabalala and Co. that will also have to pay kick backs. The end result is that our roads are getting destroyed either way.The only way to stop this abuse is to plan your affairs in such a manner to pay the absolute minimum of tax. Better : nothing at all.