Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Crimen Injuria Update

An update to a previous post here, the State vs Johnstone crimen injuria case was concluded last week, with the defendant convicted of three out of five counts of "verbally insulting" ID leader Patricia de Lille by SMS.
Sentencing has not yet taken place, and Ms. Johnstone is appealing the decision.

Ms. Johnstone is a former contributor to this blog - but the main reason for increasing public awareness of this decision is that thousands of such cases have been brought over the last 15 years and the law is a weapon used mostly against white South Africans. A magistrate was recently fined R4,000 for calling a janitor a "baboon".

The only way to fight back against this highly-abused law is to bring cases against anyone who uses the word "racist". After all, this term is used to attack white South Africans, and is highly offensive - almost being of the same magnitude as "paedophile" in my opinion.

All that is required for a conviction is the appearance of the offended party in the stand to publicly state how "offended" he/she was at the insult. No proof is required, highly unusual for a criminal, as opposed to a civil matter.

South Africans, fight back!

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FishEagle said...

Thanks for the update Viking.

Anonymous said...

Getting caught, tried and sentenced by the thought police. Say a hell of a lot for what is to come to ass zania.

Anonymous said...

Criminalising language is the most absurd notion ever. And it takes a race unsure and lacking confidence in its worth to conjure such a ridiculous idea. How about we prosecute people for their actions? I hope Lara wins her appeal. This is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

What was Ms Johnstone's blogger name !? (please).

Anonymous said...

Andrea Muhrrteyn.

Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Dear 'Darling' Bloggers (1/2),

Being the gracious freethinking Liberal White Bitch fuckup I always am (;-)), I herewith provide my enemies and friends with an awesome opportunity for fradenscheud and revenge for the former; or Dekaffirnated Voltairian Boerassic Park Truth Ommissions Activism for the latter!

At Exopolitics Corr: Members: RSA Taxpayer Jury: Who or What is a Kaffir? Do Kaffirs Exist? you will find a copy of an email sent to Members of the RSA Taxpayer Jury… basically anyone who is a RSA taxpayer, citizen, or noble savage; who feels they are not heard or listened to; kind of thing.

Alternative versions were also sent to Members of the Media Jury and Members of the Farmers Jury and even one to President BArrack Obama and First Lady Michelle, Members of the Nigger: Prevailing Norms of Society: Nigga, I Say What I Think Jury

It provides you with the opportunity to write a ‘If I was a Member of the Jury, in this matter; My Jury Verdict would be ‘Guilty/Not Guilty’ Reference letter’ to the court in the matter of State v. Johnstone; even if your verdict would be ‘Guilty’.

Two motivations being:

ONE: An aspect of the 'crimen injuria' charge consists of what is called 'Prevailing Norms of the Community'. Very seldom in court cases, does the court actually ask the community to express their views, as to what the 'prevailing norms are'; and predominantly its left to the decision of one Magistrate, who considers himself God, just like the Pope, with his life experience and prejudices; as opposed to 12 Jury Member of Your Peers, from the community; who are required to debate the facts and evidence, until they reach a unanimous verdict for guilty. Furthermore, if the Jury think the law is a bunch of bullshit, and that legislators should not be wasting their tax money writing such bullshit laws, then they can rule that the law is unconstitutional, by refusing to consider it a law! Magistrates and Judges do not have such brass balls! This is what is known as Jury Nullification.

TWO: “A democracy is dangerous because it is a one-vote system as opposed to a Republic, which is a three vote system. Three votes to check tyranny, not just one. Citizens have not been informed of their other two [jury] votes.” -- John Adams

Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Dear 'Darling' Bloggers (2/2),

If interested in expressing your Jury Community Norm Views: Your Member of the Jury Letter Case details are as follows:

PARTIES: State v. Lara Johnstone: Plaintiff: Hon. Mrs. Patricia de Lille, MP

REFERENCE: CT CAS #: 1340/7/07 & George CAS # 572/02 CT Magistrate Case: # 14/1198/08; 5 Charges of Crimen Injuria

SUBJECT: Guerrilla Law Political Necessity B/W Rage Jury Verdict: ‘Guilty/Innocent’ (decide which one, in your heading)

TO: Magistrate Louw

Explain your concern about whatever issue in the case concerns you, in terms of you personally, or your organisation: As stated, the issues involved are: (i) Political Activism; (ii) Free Speech (iii) Government Coverups/Importance of Disclosure & Transparency; (iv) Iatrogenic Origins of AIDS Theory; (v) Population Policy Common Sense; (vi) Impending Malthusian DieOff Consequences of Peak Oil; (vii) Farm Murders, Crime & Corruption; (viii) Political Necessity; (ix) Jury Nullification; (x) Secession & Relocalisation; (xi) Truth & Reconciliation Social Contract; and (xii) Black/White Rage, etc. Explain what your legal, psychological, racial, political, religious, etc. thoughts are as to your reasons for your ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty’ verdict.

For your letter to be published, on the blog, and submitted to the Court, it will need to be signed infront of a Comissioner of Oaths. After signing it, infront of a Commissioner of Oaths, scan it as a PDF, and email to me as an attachment, to (

If you think any of your friends, family, community leaders, or students, etc -- whether they be those who hate gracious freethinking Liberal White Bitch fuckups, out for an awesome opportunity of fradenscheud and revenge; or Dekaffirnated Voltairian Boerassic Park Truth Ommissions Activists -- may be interested in demonstrating their 'Pens Mighty Sword of Truth'!; please be so kind as to inform them of this opportunity!


Lara Poggenpoel! ;-)

State v. Johnstone:

Anonymous said...

Hey Lara I'm a big fan of yours! Don't let the numbskulls get you down. Well done.

Andrea Murrhteyn said...

Thanks Anon. No disrespect; but I ain't too hot on the hierarchical 'fan' thing. Sort of like the fake 'friend' thing.

Leads to living under illusions that you got 'friends'; and then when the shit hits the fan, you sitting in jail; and 'friends' and 'fans'; doing the conspiracy of silence toy-toy! ;-)

So, I appreciate your thoughts, but till I know someone's got my back, like I got theirs, it's just words, that contribute to fantasy cathedral ego's! Been there, won the wet t-shirt; all BS!

So, the day we know we got each others backs, we can know it's more than words. Till then thanks for the words.