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Crime - A battle lost?

From tia-mysoa

This is not an in-depth essay on crime. It’s a quick, straight-from-the-heart rundown of why I believe the crime problem in South Africa (and globally) is a lost cause. Although statistics clearly show that crime is escalating, particularly violent crime, --- statistics at the end of the day mean absolutely nothing!

Organised criminals have integrated themselves into huge networks with wheels, cogs and gears in all realms of society. It has infected our society to such an extent that people cannot trust their neighbours anymore, hence the tendency to live behind bars and security gates, --- a state of affairs which is severely boycotting the system known as “Sector policing”, an approach whereby the service area of a police station is divided into smaller, manageable areas known as sectors. The whole idea behind this system was to mobilise and organise the community to jointly act against local crime, but this system is failing due to a lack of interest from the community, and also, --- a lack of leadership and mismanagement in the SA Police Service.

At a recent meeting I attended there where less than 15 people in attendance. This was in an large police sector where shopping areas in the vicinity are robbed by ruthless gun-slinging thugs almost on a daily basis. The incident at the Irene Village Mall in Pretoria on Wednesday 5 August, where a senior manager of Protea Coin was shot dead while trying to apprehend the suspects, is but one incident of many robberies taking place in the area. The entire community is in uproar, --- but I’ll eat my hat if more than 20 people will attend the next local Police Community Forum in the area!

During my 24 years experience (1977 – 2001) in various departments of the South African Police Service, it was not uncommon to hear a Commander say, “Let’s chase these criminals back to Gauteng – or the Cape – or wherever, as long as the buggers get out of my area!” This has been an ongoing phenomenon since time began. Once crime is eliminated or reduced in one area the criminals simply pack their bags and move to another. This is the reason why National Crime Statistics mean absolutely nothing! Accurate crime stats are a useful tool for law enforcement only in the context of a specific police sector. Without fresh and reliable stats for that area, crime-prevention strategies cannot be launched. These area-specific stats are often presented at Police Community Forums, but sometimes they also reveal a shocking picture......


The stats provided at Police Community Forums across the country have revealed that insurance fraud is on the increase. In other words, normal so-called law-abiding citizens are realizing that crime actually pays! The local stats show that vehicles get stolen at the appropriate date and time when the owners don’t need them for work purposes – i.e. over weekends between a Friday evening and Sunday evening. This allows for sufficient time to sell or get rid of the vehicle. These so-called “victims of crime” often portray an attitude of persuasiveness when reporting the crime. Some have been caught out lying by street cameras that show the vehicle was never parked in the spot where the “complainant” swore he/she left it. Others again take the more imaginative approach and come up with tragic stories of how they were hi-jacked at gunpoint. I suppose these same people will also fake post-traumatic-stress and take off from work for a few weeks to recover --- while they shop for another vehicle!

Goodness knows how many house burglaries are also related to insurance fraud!

Crime --- Eish -- It’s a dirty business!


The 10111 – system is down most of the time, but when it’s working dial the number from a landline. Your landline is registered to your address and will pop up automatically on the system and will automatically be sent to the nearest police patrol vehicle.

Get the cell phone number of your local SA Police Sector Commander and store it on your mobile for quick access.

Domestic workers are skelm – all of them!

Most house robberies occur when families are at home, because the thugs want the keys to the safe and all the cell phones. They already know what is in the house, because the domestic worker has told them. If you’ve recently purchased the latest model plasma screen TV or upgraded to the latest entertainment centre with surround sound, and all – be extra cautious!

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Anonymous said...

Nothing more than crime relocation.

Exzanian said...

Ye gods, I am so happy those days are gone! Today I had my Sunday snooze with all doors wiiiiiide open to catch a breeze. (it's a little warm here in the UK right now) No fences, no walls, not so much as a 2 foot picket fence. Just peace of mind.

Anonymous said...

Hi Doberman - sorry, can't seem to link to your email. Please read the following article - written FEB08 but I think still very relevant.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks anon 11:52, will read. Click on my avatar and it will lead you to my email address should you need to reach me again next time.