Friday, August 21, 2009

Cop selling guns to criminals IN police station

Yes, hand in those weapons to the police so they may be 'destroyed' they said. Hand in your guns, you will be 'safer' they said. But as you know thousands of formerly legal guns in safe hands have not been destroyed and have landed with criminals. Obviously the supply wasn't enough so now weapons intended for police use is being sold to crims as well. And hey, a police station is as good a place to sell guns to criminals as any, right? Geesh...


One of South Africa's police stations has been turned into a gun shop where weapons are being sold to criminals. The administrative clerk from Alexandra police station, Aubrey Tshamana, is before court for allegedly selling six R-5 rifles and 16 handguns for officers and the Sandton police station.

Detectives from the Johannesburg Organised Crime Unit are investigating whether the weapons could have been part of those used in the recent spate of violent robberies at some shopping malls. Tshamana, 26, appeared at the Alexandra Magistrate's Court on Wednesday. His case has been postponed to next week and he will be kept at high-risk holding cells.

The guns have not been recovered and it is believed they could have been sold for as little as R3 500 ($440.817) for a rifle and R1 000 ($125.716) for a handgun.

AfricaNews reporter said Tshamana could be charged with more serious crimes if any of the guns he allegedly stole are linked to armed robberies at malls.

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Pensioner said...

And here is me doing the "right" thing by handing in my gun at the Fish Hoek Police Station in May.
who knows where my good old revolver has gone to,to be destroyed, as the pretty little (white) officer promised? Have to doubt it now :(

Anonymous said...

That's why I handed mine in to a gun shop and told them sell it and keep the money. It was a H& K P7M8 valued back then in '06 at R14K. Never was I going to deliver my faithful old friend of 17 years into the KFC stained hands of a dirty cop.

Anonymous said...

I handed my gun over to a white policeman for nothing, despite his protestations, and told him to never, ever give it to a black, or let a black have the use of it.

If I have to hand it over, I'll do it on my terms, not theirs. And sod the bullshit paperwork.

Anonymous said...

If ever I would hand my guns in I would cut them into pieces on a metal band saw first. Thereafter I would be out of here like a shot.
Have applied for my licence about more than 3 years ago. Have not heard a thing. The whole process is a solid phuck up.

Anonymous said...

so i am trying to understand logic.we used arms to serve and protect,then we return the weapons to those who will serve and protect us,instead they sell these weapons back to criminals to wage war against the public.then saps must have blood on their hands.what a fuckin countree....poes

Anonymous said...

Giving your guns over? Jeeze!