Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chappies opening delayed - again

An article in the False Bay People's Post dated 11 August 2009 states that the reopening of Chapman's Peak Drive has been pushed back indefinitely, despite undertakings that it would be back in business by the end of this month,

MEC for Transport & public works, Robin Carlisle has blamed the delay on toll road concessionaire, Entilini Operations, which says it cannot meet the month-end deadline because of "unforseen difficulties".

The road has been closed indefininetly since last September owning to heavy rainfall, which resulted in unstable moutain slopes, debris slides and rockfalls along parts of the road.

The Houtbay resident's association's chaiperson, Len Swimmer has said that the problem would never have occurred if the Province had left the road the way it was.

He said it would have been fine if they had just fixed the core problem, which was the road, and left it at that.

Swimmer said that Entilini Operations should have been removed from the project "a long time ago, they have been useless right from the beginning, the whole project looks disgusting".

This is just another one of those BEE screwups which have become so common in South Africa, "give the job to my brother or my sister, pay them millions, so they can buy the big BMW and then let someone else fix our mess".

Chappies has to be one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the whole world, but greed, stupidity and ANC idiocy has put this piece of heritage out of reach for the dwindeling number of tourists and the local communities.

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NORMAN said...

Did you check Hout Bay's BEST visited blog? There might be other reasons to keep the mountain closed. What about CRRRRRIME?

Pensioner said...

Good Grief Norman, I thought we had it rough here in Fish Hoek Valley, Houtbay makes this place look like zuma's backyard (Just as safe), must be all those baboons you have on the hillside.

Viking said...

You mean Broke Black Mountain? what an eyesore. My heart goes out to all who live there (who actually paid to do so, I mean). I remember last year driving the SD1 up past the circle there when suddenly in my headlights appeared three little black kids on some kind of toboggan on wheels scooting downhill ON THE ROAD. did I mention that this was at 10 o'clock AT NIGHT??

NORMAN said...

Unlike the wonderful stories the various estate agents write about it, Hout Bay has become extremely violent. The 'Mandela Park' is already the largest 'Estate' from where most burglaries are taken place. will tell you what it has done to the property prices. A few months ago there were 8 Guest Houses for sale, of which two in the same street!