Sunday, August 16, 2009

CEO’s hotel stay questioned

And some more tax payers' money down the drain......

Taxpayers have forked out hundreds of thousands of rands for a hospital CEO to live in a hotel for more than two years.

This week, it emerged that Nomalanga Makwedini, acting head of the Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital in Mthatha, Eastern Cape, has been staying at the Mthatha Garden Court since April 2007 — at a cost of approximately R525000 to date. She has also claimed R124700 from the Department of Health for just 12 months of working away from home.

This while the man she replaced as the hospital’s CEO, Yandisa Mfeya, refused to vacate his state-owned home and continued to earn his annual R1.5-million salary. Mfeya had been suspended in March 2007 after an internal investigation into allegations about maladministration, but his dismissal was only finalised this year. In addition to paying Mfeya’s salary, the department also had to fork out R1.9-million for Makwedini’s salary.

Her hotel stay surfaced by accident on Wednesday when parliamentary health portfolio committee chairman Bevan Goqwana bumped into her in the hotel’s lobby. Goqwana said he was infuriated when he discovered she had been living there. “This is total mismanagement. .. we referred the matter to the head of the department. We need a proper explanation,” said Goqwana.

Makwedini defended her stay: “If you compare the R18000 to R21000 the department is paying each month at the hotel, it makes sense if you consider that someone had to come here and manage a hospital with state of the art equipment. “We are talking about a hospital with about a R670-million budget. All I did was come here and render services,” she said.

From The Times

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Anonymous said...

This are the morons that want to run the new NATIONAL HEALTH SYSTEM. This ilk will loot and steal until there is nothing left over.