Friday, August 07, 2009

Cele's "shoot to kill" call

Dispatch Online hit the streets of East London to ask people's opinions on Cele's shoot to kill call and of the 7 interviewees, four are black who agree with Cele - as any right-thinking person would do. Why should cops risk their loves playing by the rules when criminals are intent on killing them? One wimpy white bloke says no and what looks like two Indian/ coloured blokes also say no, aim for the legs or something. This isn't Hollywood fools. When bullets are flying everywhere, it isn't possible to shoot at legs. And hitting people in the legs doesn't stop them firing. Catch a wake up!

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Ranger Tom said...

10 years on the job, and I've had to shoot 4 times.

I "X" ringed three of the bastards. (The fourth was a dog, and I won't go into that because it's kind of embarrassing...)

There is no second chances, no "resets", no chance to second guess. You fuck up you can't hit "replay".

If I hadn't have shot, I wouldn't be writing this today.

For me, they're is no damn debate at all.

Doberman said...

Exactly. In that split second, you don't care where you hit the fu*ker, you shoot to stop him shooting at you. What the hell is this "shoot him in the legs crap"? Yeah right.

These objectors, I'd like to see them shoot an armed intruder in their homes late at night "in the legs". Stupid arseholes. Cops need to shoot and shoot to kill. If the crim survives, well, maybe get him properly the next time.

Ranger Tom said...

I blame Hollywood and video games for all this "Shoot to wound" bullshit.

In real life it doesn't meant shit. I pull out my piece, draw down on some toad, I'm going to make sure his heart stops beating before mine.

End of story.

Cold and heartless? Maybe, but at least I'll get home another night and sleep in my own bead instead of a cold, stainless steel slab in a refrigerator down town.

Far better it be him than me.

Doberman said...

Yep, did you hear about the cop shooting in Tennessee the other night when a black dude was walking around the neighbourhood with a loaded rifle. The cops pleaded with the guy to lay down the weapon, they did not shoot but the moment he aimed the rifle at the cops, they let rip, SIX cops, 59 shots, dead. That's the way. They reckon it was a suicide by cop thing.

Ranger Tom said...

Yeah, I saw that too... Suicide by cop or not, (And #2 of my 4 was a clear case of that) a guy points a weapon at me, he's not going to walk away.

Exzanian said...

Jeez, read the "suicide by cop" report. Weird. Why not just point the rifle at your own head and press play?
Seems like a very sick individual with a martyr mindset.

Vanilla Ice said...

@RT. In my 5 and some years, I was involved in 3 shootings personally, and witness to at least two others. I agree, there is no action such as "shoot for the legs", or "minimal force". You use what is appropriate at the time, and to achieve an outcome. Sometimes that takes 59 shots.

What disturbs me with Cele's remarks is that it comes from a black incompetent. If a white police commissioner had said these remarks, I imagine the same survey would have yielded another result.

Ranger Tom said...

@VI: so very true.

Ranger Tom said...

@VI: Agreed. If this had been a white saying the same thing, he'd have been lambasted. One of the reasons I left the job was I was so sick of others second~guessing me after the fact. If they weren't there, they haven't a clue what went down and shouldn't judge me after the fact.

@ Exzanian: Suicide by cop has been quite popular for many years here. Besides the Martyr complex, I feel I did what I could to thin out the gene pool just a little. A gene pool you'd nary get your ankles wet wading in...