Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Cargate: Police munista gets TWO X5 BMWs

Priorities. Life in the New! Improved! South Africa!™ is about bling for the guvmunt munistas. Don't you just love the way they spoil their important little selves with the "extras"? Solving crime, bah.

ANC regime buys R10 000 showers for Zuma
ANC munista blings up luxury cars

Another ANC munista buys two luxury cars
Fuck the poor, say South Africa’s porky politicians


Police minister's new cars have reverse cameras, sport suspension and sunroof.

Cargate: Department of Police spends R1.3 million on ministerial cars

There is good news and there is bad news.

The bad news:

A reply to a DA parliamentary question has revealed that the Department of Police has purchased two new ministerial vehicles to the combined value of some R1.3 million:
  • 2008 BMW X5 3.0D (cost: R685 091 - including extras worth R80 000); and
  • 2009 BMW X5 Si 3.0 (cost R677 270 - including extras worth R122 050)
The extras included the following:
  • reverse cameras;
  • navigation system;
  • sport suspension;
  • sunroof; and
  • electric seat adjustment.
Had the cars excluded the extras, the department would have saved the South African taxpayer some R200 000. The DA will be submitting a follow-up question to determine why the extra money was spent on luxuries that are entirely unnecessary.

The full reply follows below.

The department stated in its reply that the car was purchased in terms of the Ministerial Handbook. The DA has submitted to the Minister in the Presidency a series of austerity measures, one of which is a proposal that the percentage of a Minister's salary (70%) used to determine to what value a Minister can purchase a new car be reduced (to 50%), as the DA government has done in the Western Cape. The DA government has also put a freeze on the purchase of new ministerial cars.

The good news:

According to reports the Department of Defence has cancelled the purchase of a new ministerial vehicle as well as some furniture, which would have cost the taxpayer approximately R2.5 million.

This move, no doubt a response to the negative coverage surrounding what has become known as ‘cargate', is to be welcomed. The DA commends the Department of Defence and would hope that the precedent it has set down is adopted by other departments. It is a welcome departure from the attitude of some other department's and, the DA hopes, a sign of good things to come.

4 Opinion(s):

FishEagle said...

In the government, officials awlays refer to "The Minista" as some sort of god like figure. The Minista this and the Minista that. The more connections you have to the Minista the better, of course. They never use the Minista's name either, like they need to keep the person's name sacred. So hell, the Minister should have AT LEAST 2 luxury vehicles!!!!! Lol.

FishEagle said...

The blacks don't know how to use electronic navigation systems, but they all like to have them. They think it makes them look privileged. They desperately need something to make them look smarter.

AMB said...

They need the electronic navigation systems so they can find their sheeple - they've forgotten what they look like. Also, I give the Dept of Defence a few months to let cargate die down before they place their order. There is NO way they're going to miss out.

Treacle Bender said...

oh blah blah blah blah DA...the baboons do as they want with the taxpayers earnings...get over it.

you cannot change the way of the boon...