Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Brace yourselves, it's Mellon again.

I used to only be embarrassed to be Irish just the one day a year: March 17th, the Day of St. Patrick, patron saint of vomit , chaos and green beer. Then they made it into a whole weekend.

Then Niall Mellon came along (see photo). Every November, he comes to South Africa, like some demented bog-hopping Santa Claus, to built homes for shack-dwellers in Cape Town. And every year he brings with him thousands of drunken Paddies to help.

His charity has now built around 11,000 homes for poor people in SA (so what? the government has built 3 million) and the entire island of Ireland thinks he's a saint. South Africans, on the other hand, many of whom now have a lot more neighbours thanks to Mellon, are less than chuffed, particularly as he has effectively dubbed them racists for living in nice houses near the poor downtrodden Darkies.

Never mind that Mellon is a multimillionaire who owns some of the best land in Ireland. It's ok to live like a king - no, an emperor - as long as it's not NEAR poor people.

Never mind too that around 90% of South Africa's population is wearing clothes, driving cars and watching TVs that used to belong to the other 10%. They're still racist for not giving them houses too.

I watched last year's event from a distance. Couldn't have got near them for security guards anyway.

This from the Westmeath Examiner, 4th August:

We have a thousand people going out on the trip this November," Mr. Mellon said, adding that the support around Ireland for the volunteers was remarkable.

Mr. Mellon travels regularly to South Africa himself - and will probably be spending even more there from now on, as, he admits, outside of his Trust work, he will probably be taking on business contracts in South Africa. [funny how that happened]

"There's just so little going on here," he said.

However, he has no plans to move there permanently.

"I love Ireland: I'm sort of a homebird. And I have three little boys now - I had none when I started the charity." [wouldn't want to expose them to any danger now would we?]

He was thrilled at the turnout for the Mullingar run.

"It's a real inspiration to me," he said.

Mr. Mellon explained how the charity is branching out and seeking voluntary help from people living within South Africa, and recently, it had 150 people turn out to work on construction in one of the townships in Johannesburg, all inspired by the work the Irish volunteers have been doing there.

"We're trying to just encourage people. The reality is most white South Africans have never been in a township [they're obviously racist, and need to be shown the way], so we invite people to do a day's building with us."

The fundraising that the volunteers do in Ireland is to cover their travel and subsistence costs [including 5-star accommodation at the Waterfront], but also the cost of the materials required in the building work. Similarly, the African volunteers are asked to make a donation as well, to help with the materials costs. [but only the white ones]

"They must pay 2,000 rand - about €200 - per person, and that goes towards the material costs, and this is all as a result of the visibile image of thousands of Irish people travelling over to help Africans, and we have built about 13,000 houses to date, and by next year, hope to have 25,000 completed."

The work all takes place in Cape Town and Johannesburg. "We're in 23 different townships at the moment, all around Cape Town and Johannesburg, and despite the recession, we hope to build 5,000 houses this year."

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Anonymous said...

Retch, puke. Sounds like a more insidious version of that Nic van Hoogstraten character. Wonder what will happen when he receives his Bullard epiphany.

Anonymous said...

Will there ever be a time when foreigners stop coming to South Africa to show us how to conduct our affairs? Stop fu*king meddling in our business! We can only hope he has a Amy Biehl encounter one day.

Ranger Tom said...

Sort of makes me ashamed to admit my Irish background.

What a toad.

Anonymous said...

These kaffirboeties never learn. The only way to stop TKB is to totally remove the hand that feeds.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is so upbeat. Pity it's a total fraud. Niall Mellon is as much of a samaritan as Rupert Murdoch is a bleeding heart. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I live in Ireland. I know him and he is a complete fraud. He is using the charity as cash flow for his business and to secure SA contracts and mortgage business. He is a crook and a gangster.

Viking said...

Thanks, anon!
hope you didn't take offence at my language - I am also Irish (but living in Cape Town). what's he like personally?

he's finally admitted (in this article) that he has "contracts" in SA, and has no doubt undermined the local building industry through his charity - and Cape Town has a LOT of good builders.

You've hit the nail on the head.
His true colours are Green in more ways than one!
And it also shows why he is building in the richest country in Africa and not Sierra Leone ..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. My bro's girlf is going but only because she feels pressurized to do it for charideee. Wl show her this. We r irish and have plenty of homelss people here but no chance of mellon helpin them!

Bernie Map said...

Not all of us Irish like this guy. As a development worker, I think the whole concept behind this Trust is paternalistic, idealistic nonsense.

Though you have to appreciate his marketing, very effective, most Irish public do love him and he gets truckloads of publicity and cash. But would it not be better spent hiring local companies and labour rather than spending thousands of euros flying out middle class white-collar workers so that, when they get home, they can rub their calloused hands, bemoaning the terrible poverty 'over there'.

Bit o sustainability would be nice.

Read the article below

r-toman-88 said...

I have to say that the comments and posts relating to this disgusting article have sent a rage through my brain!!!! My Father and Brothers have worked very hard to raise the money to go to SA with the Niall Mellon Trust, to give people the advantage of having a proper home something you all take for granted obviously, and I have to say that I am offeneded at these comments, for my father and brothers are not drunken Irish paddies neither are they middle class white collar workers, they are are honest hard working men doing something good for disadvantaged families in SA that many of you lot should look up to!!!

only me said...

The truth hurts, r-toman-88, and there in lies your rage. While your father and brothers may have thought they were doing something good for the disadvantaged of SA, surely even they'd admit that the thousands of euro they've raised could have achieved far more long-term good there if so much of it wasn't wasted on the transport and accommodation of troops of (many would say 'feel-good') Irish volunteers...
Research the topic more fully and you'll most likely realise that your father and brothers are just some of many who, it will eventually emerge, who have been duped by a clever scam - well disguised under the rarely-questioned guise of 'charitable work'.