Monday, August 03, 2009

Blind loyalty will get you anywhere in Zuma’s world

So, what's changed? Mbeki, Zuma, can you tell? Jobs for pals goes on.


OpEd from the Times

Back in the USSR, the party apparatchik was an extremely useful idiot to have around. The great and good in government could find any number of uses for such a fellow. He could be political commissar in a military unit one moment and the head of agriculture the next. No training needed for the specific task at hand, really, just undying loyalty to the party (or whoever was heading the party at the time) and a talent for not asking too many questions.

These attributes, coupled with the odd tug of the forelock and doing as one was told, could see a comrade go very far indeed.

Blind loyalty to the party also spared you an uncomfortable tour of the Lubyanka, with a member of the KGB as your guide.

The USSR might no longer be with us, but our former liberation movement’s fascination with all things comradely has ensured the apparatchik continues to thrive in the ANC.

As cockroaches survive nuclear blasts, the apparatchik survives the rise and fall of governments.

And in President Jacob Zuma’s new government, the apparatchik is back in vogue.

The appointment of the ill-suited (pun intended) Bheki Cele to the post of police commissioner was a clear indication that loyalty to Zuma would be rewarded — no matter your qualifications for doing a job.

Now we face the prospect of having the poor man’s Eliot Ness, Lawrence Mushwana, forced on us as National Director of Public Prosecutions. This is the man who, as Public Protector, covered up the Oilgate scandal and was part of a discredited probe of the arms deal. He simply does not have the credentials to lead the National Prosecuting Authority.

Let’s hope the president listens to the howls of outrage and opts for someone else. The NPA is too important to be left in the hands of a mere apparatchik.

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Treacle Bender said...

...laaaaaaaaaaadies and gentlemen...I give you...

da da da da...


...yep, more confirmation that we are up shit creek..armed only with a stick..

Doberman said...

I guess it's a question of "my friends can do a better job than your friends". We are indeed fu*ked.. Next, Zuma will be removed and replaced with another clown and it starts all over again, yes, the ANC circus.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! Here we go again, same shit different boon.

AMB said...

Was surprised old Shake Shake didn't get a ministerial post - but, wait, it's still early days. He might make it off his deathbed and get the nod ahead of Hlope in the judiciary. Afterall, what are friends for?

Ranger Tom said...

This sounds familiar... Does the word Czar come to mind when you think of the ObamaGod Administration?

As Pvt Pyle said in "Full Metal Jacket", We are in a world of shit.