Sunday, August 09, 2009

BBC anti-white propaganda

I saw this latest bullcrap offering from the BBC today titled Man's face slashed in race attack. A gang of white youths attacked a non-white ergo it must be a RACIST attack. There was no hesitation by the BBC to paint this as a racially motivated attack.

I decided to find a similar headline by the BBC on a typical black on white crime. Five minutes in and I found plenty of victims of non-white crime, none referred to as a "race" crime in the heading much less in the article. I have listed one example, the case of Ben Kinsella stabbed by three black thugs in 2008.

Look at the two BBC headings for the storie

One mentions race, one does not. One story describes the race of the perpetrators, one does not.
Click on the headings to read the full articles.



Because it was black on white crime so it is not racially motivated!!

Wake up people!
Do you understand what is going on?

BBC - New appeal to find Ben's killers 2 July 2008

The sister of 16-year-old Ben Kinsella, who was stabbed to death on a London street, has made a new appeal to help catch his killers. The GCSE student died after a fight in a bar spilled out on to the streets.

The detective leading the hunt for the murderers said the teenager was "entirely innocent" and was killed "in a dispute over nothing inside a pub".

**You will find NO mention of the races involved**

And today already judged as a racial incident by the BBC...

BBC - Man's face slashed in race attack - 10 August 2009

An Asian man has had his face slashed with a knife after being attacked by a gang of white youths in Glasgow.

The 34-year-old was walking in the city's Shawlands area when he was approached by the three teenagers, who hurled racial abuse at him. One of the group then attacked the man with a knife.

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Exzanian said...

I can't figure it out. Someone, please explain the duplicity to me.

Anonymous said...

It's in there ExZ, focus on one spot for 30 minutes and you will see an image appear...;)