Sunday, August 02, 2009

The AWB shadow looms

At this juncture in South Africa's history, three outcomes are possible:

1. The ANC continues to dominate, altering laws and the Constitution to suit itself, guarding power and privilege selfishly until we are left with a Zimbabwean scenario where the mayhem and disorder you have seen in the past weeks becomes commonplace, the main issues remaining unresolved, in effect we become a failed state limping along.

2. The ANC is removed from power through the ballot box, agrees to participate as a political party in a true democracy, without disruption, accepting that power will ebb and flow from one political party to another as part of the normal functioning of the democratic process.

3. Whites and some blacks (remember a significant percentage of blacks do NOT support the ANC) - as it was during the days of apartheid - will decide enough is enough, no more killings, no more deaths, initiate a rebellion to take the country back in which case people like the AWB will come into play.

You decide which scenario is most likely. What is for certain is that the country in its present setup cannot endure. Remember,
Sun Tzu said, "in war, numbers alone confer no advantage" so it would take only a few determined men like the AWB to make the country ungovernable. I wager that the AWB of 2009 is very different to the AWB of 1994, in terms of motivation. Back then whites were not being killed in their thousands, the imminent danger to their lives was not there. Today the AWB is a more determined outfit.

Footnote about the AWB: I understand the AWB's stated purpose is to protect and seek autonomy for the Afrikaner people which are as distinct an ethnic group as the Zulus and the Xhosa and in that respect it has legitimate aspirations. However, it's penchant for Nazi-like paraphernalia and imagery is counter-productive and turns most reasonable people off. This is old footage and I'd be interested to see in what respect the AWB has changed. Or has it?

**Warning: Graphic images**

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Anonymous said...

It comes down to the Denokeng Scenario one. Yes a rebellion might take place but that is going to take a while. I would estimate at least another 10 years to happen. There will be a black uprising as I had stated before ans that a white uprising would then take place on the back of it.

It is a matter of time but you have to remember the liberals are still hard at work telling the blacks everyone is equal. Hence it will take time. Blacks are good at sport, whites tend to be good at management. Look at Africa and the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Can see feck all on video. Just Irish music. ???

Anonymous said...

It's working fine on my side.

Anonymous said...

The AWB has changed. A LOT ! ! !

This is no longer the "shoot all the kaffirs dead" organisation of pre-1994. This is a deeper and more sinister organisation, that while portraying a more "liberal" and politically correct face, is more prepared to fight than ever before, and realises that the only end game can be a free republic, first for the boer nation (and second for all who will espouse its principles).

I would watch them closely. My town is very conservative, and the Afrikaners are aware of what is happening and are preparing themselves to fight.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 7:52, I can believe it. The breaking point is being reached.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, does "sinister" mean that the AWB now wank with their left hand only?

Anonymous said...

Stupid nazi crap. Ol' blowtorch eyes is pushing 70. Fifteen years ago he couldn't stay on a horse or remember to wipe his bum or buy new underwear. Imagine how decrepit the old piss cat is now.

Exzanian said...

I reckon the AWB is history, e' skorokoro ie FUBAR. Sorry folks, but you have to place your hope in something better than the AWB. Best they could hope for is an egg pelting like the BNP.

FMCLAW777 said...

As far as I am concerned, the AWB will probably be the only ones that will be ready and able to help the white people when the shit hits the fan.

As far as the ones stating that they have NAZI intentions or similarities, you need to look at the bigger picture! Although the flag (777 not 7777) colours and eagle look similar, the AWB never killed millions of Blacks like the Nazi's did to the Jews, what is similar about them is the fact that their beginnings and ideals are the same in the sense that they started with view and ended with plenty, also that Hitler's people / heritage / culture was being threatened by then Germany, the same with SA today. But like all Governing bodies (NAZI / AWB / ANC / NP etc),one cannot allow one party to become so big that they walk over the rest, all needs to be monitored closely and no party should ever have 2/3rd's majority. Unfortunately just like the ANC was before 1980, also small, Nazi's also started small etc. But due to popular "only option" politics they became so big that no one could stop them. It took nearly the whole world to stop Hitler, and it's going to take similar numbers to stop the Liberal Movements that make our world the way it is today (full of crime, full of racism, full of shit)

Islandshark said...

Anybody comparing right wing organisations to Nazis clearly doesn't know the history.

The Nazi's were left wing National Socialists. If you look at the trends in Europe and now America under the liberal, socialist left, it is more like Nazi Germany than anything right wingers ever conjured up.

Or what do you think all these state controlled entities, police state governments, disarming of citizens, "distribution" of wealth, mind and speech control, revisionist history, creation of race-based offences, destruction of the family unit and liberal white-guilt will lead to?

Go and study the findings of the Frankfurt School around 1923, its recommendations and ultimate goal - then look around you again and tell me the danger will come from the right as opposed to the left.