Sunday, August 02, 2009

Australia looking to nab South African miners

From ABC news

South Africa, rather than China, may hold the key to filling skills shortages in the Western Australian mining industry.

Many skilled workers, including engineers and geologists, are desperate to leave South Africa, running from high crime rates and crippling taxes.

Recruiting agent Richard Jermyn, himself a South African migrant, says he's been swamped by applications.

"We've only put one advertisement in a Sunday weekly paper; we had over 400 applicants," he says.

"Across the whole industry, I'd say there's definitely a few thousand engineers that would be very eager to move to Australia."

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Anonymous said...

I am currently working for one of the big mines in SA. It is shocking to see how many are leaving, and the offers they are getting. These guys and girls have got years of experience, and the rate of new recruitments are not sustainable.

Doberman said...

You are right. The mines in Aus have started re-hiring big time and people are getting very good deals.

Anonymous said...

It's all buggered. Engineers, doctors the whole happy lot are leaving. How does the ANC expect to create jobs when there are no skills?

Watch the doctors pack up when they bring in the new national health care plan next year.

Anonymous said...

As long as it's only the non-blacks getting jobs here in Oz. PLEASE no SA BLACKS need apply.

Doberman said...

Heh heh anon 7:30, trust me that won't happen. Unlike SA, the Aussies insist on something called competency, and not just saying it, PROVING it. No hope in hell for Sipho to get in and believe me the Aussies have no time for bullshit sob stories.

Anonymous said...

Too right mate. Have fun shagging all those sheep.

Yep. Every day just confirms the fact that we have reached the point of NO RETURN. It is a one way trip into the sewer from here on out.

Here is a joke you can tell your new mates...

A sheep washes up on the shores of New Zealand. A Kiwi walks over and asks it where it came from. The sheep says "I just swam all the way from Australia mate!" The Kiwi, quite taken aback asks "Why did you do that? It must be like a million miles or something" The sheep replies "Yes, but I'd rather be eaten than buggered".

Where there is smoke there is fire.

Doberman said...

@ anon 8:37, lol. It's a standing joke however fact is New Zealand has more sheep per capita than Aus, did you know that? I guess the sheep should be swimming the other way.