Saturday, August 01, 2009

Asian man found guilty of racism for calling Brit policemen ‘white redneck hooligans’

Slowly, inch by inch, the tired old dogma of "only whites can be racists" is falling away. As occurred in the ObamaGates matter, the days are numbered when the mere instance of blacks or other non-whites screaming "waycist!" was enough to send the white guilt establishment and liberal media into a frenzy. Proof is demanded now.

And just so blacks and other non-whites understand, like an echo that returns, so the "protective" anti-hate laws they sought against whites applies to them as well.

From the Telegraph (UK)

London -
An Asian man, who called British police officers “white redneck hooligans” and accused them of “treating him like a Paki,” has been found guilty of making racist remarks.

“Why are you treating me like a Paki,” The Telegraph quoted Hassan Butt, 29, as saying to officers, who were “acting like the Gestapo.”

He made the remarks after police arrested his brother, dentist Omer Butt, in a row over parking.

Butt turned up at the scene on Parr Lane, Unsworth, Greater Manchester, at 11.30am on October 21 last year, shortly after his brother was taken away by police.

Pc Christian Allanson overheard Butt say loudly into his mobile phone: “‘I’m just here with these white redneck hooligans’.”

He told the court Butt also said: “‘Where’s my brother, you’re not the Gestapo’.”

Pc Allanson said: “I felt very offended by this comment. I felt it was clearly a comment made towards myself and the other officers present due to the fact we were white police officers. I believe it was a very offensive comment.”

He also asked officers who arrested and searched him: “Do you like feeling Pakis up?”

Butt, defending himself, admitted he used the words Paki and Gestapo and accepted he used the word hooligan, and possibly the word white, but denied calling the police rednecks.

Butt was convicted of committing a racially aggravated public order offence by District Judge Diana Baker at Manchester Magistrates Court.

Judge Baker told him: “You demonstrated towards the officers hostility based on their membership of a racial group. I take seriously any form of racist abuse and feel the courts must strive to protect people.”

Butt, of Copthorne Lane, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, was fined £200 and ordered to pay 100 pounds costs and a victim surcharge of 15 pounds.

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Islandshark said...

About bloody time...

Exzanian said...

Excellent! Now, bring this Judge to Azania...I wonder how long he would last in a country whose judicial system is run by black jingo bigots?

Anonymous said...

He looks like he should be on a CIA most wanted list!

Anonymous said...

Jingo? What the hell is that?

Bantu Education said...

I suspect this will end up being a "token" example of punishing a "reverse-racist". They've been allowed to get away with anti-white racism for so long - they think its their Allah-given right.
And who can blame them when the MSM always give the impression that racism is 99.9% of the time a white crime?

If blacks and muslims were held to the same standards as whites then there would be hundreds of cases in the courts every week and then they would call it "racial profiling" and there would be massive riots and car-burnings like they have in Paris.

Nope, sorry, it aint going to happen..!

Viking said...

Doctor Butt.

Ranger Tom said...

I think I spoke to him the last time I called for tech-support on my computer...