Monday, August 31, 2009

Are there any ANC success stories?

Is there anyone out there that can tell us of any new law, or successful implementation of any anc policy, that actually worked from the word go?

I have been thinking for a long time now of anything that we can really say, "now here is something that is working".

This is after hearing this morning that the start of the "Bus Rapid Transport" system that kicked off in Gauteng this morning has resulted in the taxi "industry", boycotting the Soweto/Johannesburg route, resulting in huge queues, students getting to school late and workers getting to work late.

The only thing I can think of is SARS, they have made collecting taxes into an artform.
And they also, of course, always manage to get the politicians salary increases through Parliament in record time.

Other then that, everything since 1994 they have tried to impliment has had to either go back to be re-written or has turned into a total disaster.

Or am I wrong? are there any other success stories that anyone can think off.

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Anonymous said...

Besides SARS, there is absolutely nothing, no policy of the ANC that has worked. The ANC suffers from the anti-Midas touch. Everything it touches turns to shit. It is a terrorist group, yet even in that it was pathetic. The ANC is good for nothing except target practice with a bazooka.

Pensioner said...

I like your thought Dobe's tell you what, you bring the bazooka and I'll bring the beers:)

Anonymous said...

SARS workers are going on strike too! They were offered a lousy 7% increase instead of 13% that other government departments were press ganged into.

If you get a 7% increase in the private sector in a recession, you're probably happy to at least keep your job. Not so the public sector, where even SARS employees don't understand that their salaries come from a finite source. But what the hell, everyone is doing it.

Pensioner said...

Dachshund, I forgot about the strike, which means that they are only good at one thing, looking after themselves.
I hear now that Mo Shaik is being touted as the new DG National Intelligence Agency. Hell it sure pays to be a Shaike in this Country;)

Anonymous said...

As a non smoker I appreciate the laws governing smoking the ANC has cooked up. Did not take much brain to make this one stick.
Anything else was and is a total, ever increasing desaster. Each and every state run institution represents a total wasteland without future.

Exzanian said...

The governmunt was way ahead of it's time in banning free plastic bags at supermarket check outs. Pity they have'nt a clue how to outlaw AK47's in those self same supermarket malls where law abiding folk are being mowed done.

Anonymous said...

They had one success story, they turned a 1st world country into a 3rd world one, now it fits in with the rest of Africa.

You know the story - "A kingdom is run by a king, a country is run by a ..."

Anonymous said...

The coffin industry has taken off, thanks to the ANCwankers.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it depends on your definition of success...

I think the ANC has been monumentally successful in:

Rewarding cronies with top jobs without expecting them to deliver anything.

Creating massive expectation in the masses of untold riches through BEE and AA and BBBEE that can ONLY be fulfilled through the brutal rape, pillage and murder of the "haves".

Reducing the economic powerhouse of Africa into just-another-kaffir-run-shithole.

Destroying an effective police force and replacing it with the jobs for cronies and incompetents the current lot have become.

Killing the most effective defense force in Africa and one of the most highly rated in the world and reducing it to a laughing stock.

Reducing life expectancy and shattering all levels of the measures of success of a nation such as literacy, longevity, competitiveness, etc.

The complete and utter collapse of state health care.

The destruction of the education system.

The collapse of infrastructure.

The widespread embezzlement of public monies and the complete lack of punishment for those responsible.

The complete and utter destruction of accountability, ethical and effective government.

Quadrupling the pre-1994 crime rate, especially in regard to those two all time African favorite of rapine and murder.

The disarmament and placing in jeopardy the citizens of SA.

The destruction of the agricultural sector by ideology and incompetent wasting of resources and handing over farms to (in many cases) illegitimate claimants.

The absolute polarization of race relations to a worse and more dangerous level than during apartheid.

The breakdown of effective border control adding to the growing pool of indigent and violent malcontents adding fuel to the fires of civil war.

As you can see the ANC has been VERY VERY VERY VERY SUCCESSFUL.