Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another prime candidate for the Darwin Award

Is it because the local media does not report crime as often or in detail that some people are unaware of the danger or are they just plain fu*king stupid? You've just read what happened to an 82 year old woman attacked in her home and yet over in another town an old woman thought it okay to feed a stranger.

For 70–year-old Gonubie resident Dot Kelly, the seaside suburb will never be the same again. On February 22, Kelly was relaxing at home on a “quiet Saturday afternoon” when she was attacked and brutally assaulted by an unknown assailant, writes Andrew Stone.

The man, who entered her yard on the pretext of looking for food, forced open the security gate as she was handing him sandwiches through the bars.

“He was a respectable looking man and there was nothing threatening about him,” said Kelly, recounting her ordeal. “He grabbed me by the throat and forced me inside the house and asked for money.”

Kelly had drawn R500 earlier that day and handed the cash over to her attacker.

“He took the money and then started hitting me with his fists. It was like something had snapped inside him and he pushed me down onto the couch and just kept on hitting me.”

She eventually lost consciousness as the blows rained down on her head and face, and only came to about half an hour later.

“He was gone, but the floor, walls and couch were covered in blood. It looked like an abattoir. I immediately phoned my son for help.”

Gonubie residents will be forgiven for thinking crime in the suburb is out of control. On Wednesday, a 52-year old woman was raped in her home by a man employed by the family.

Last month Alistair Mackay and his wife Ann were assaulted at their home and Alistair later died from his injuries. A week after the Mackays were attacked, wheelchair-bound Bob McIntyre and his wife Cynthia were badly assaulted.

Apart from the violence, there have also been several reports of a car theft syndicate working in Gonubie recently, while Ngwenya View, an upmarket complex on Main Road, was hit by a spate of robberies earlier in the year.

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Viking said...

There can never be enough stories like this, Doberman. It seems though that people will still leave themselves vulnerable to these types of attacks.

Anonymous said...

these waves of attacks on mainly certain parts of our population cannot be random.For to long these attacks have gone unabated with no outcry from any of our political parties.Nobody is publicly condemning these acts which gives rise to very lucid perceptions.So much brutality means that there is so much hatred still been kept alive.Where does all this hatred stem from nearly sixteen years after our newly found democracy.So when foreigners say its only random i say go fuck yourselves.....