Monday, August 17, 2009

Africans must learn that their actions have consequences

As a child growing up in a European country, I remember putting money in the charity box. From a young age we would put our copper change into oddshaped containers destined to feed the faraway Little Black Babies with the big tummies and the flies. (funnily enough, now all the Little Black Babies are in our own countries, we're not so keen anymore)

Did we ever ask why Africa was starving? I did. I remember being told that 'food doesn't grow in Africa' -by Bob Geldof I think, who wanted me to be sad that there wouldn't be any snow in Africa this Christmas, and specifically that Africa was a place where, curiously, "nothing ever grows, no rain nor rivers flow".

But, cheer up, added Bono, because we should thank God it's them instead of me.

I did.

But it wasn't intellectually satisfying, so I probed further and discovered that "war" was another cause of famine in Africa. Now I was no fool even as a teenager, and I knew that War wasn't some abstract concept that fell out of the sky. War is when one set of buggers shoots guns at another set, giving me some clue as to the real causes of famine in Africa: Africans. It was an unfashionable opinion at the time, but has certainly become less so now.

One of the only two countries that have always managed -until now- to feed themselves just fine is South Africa (the other being Zimbabwe). But that is changing. Have a quick look at the picture below:

These people are angry about the distribution of land in South Africa, where the ANC makes unfounded claims about how much of that land is in "white" hands. They claim to want to "redistribute" this land to make farming more accessible to black South Africans.

What they have neglected to tell these fine citizens above is that in reality, in 2007, 13,200 professional farmers were in operation, using only 0.79% of South Africa's land mass. Yet, because these farmers are successful, the ANC's land redistribution programme wants to give this land over to black farmers. Why? because in black culture, land ownership is power, and sod you if you want to use it to make food. In Zimbabwe, that triumph of African culture over economics and common sense, all the old big farms are owned by Zanu-PF cronies, most of whom just enjoy owning the land, without doing anything with it at all.

So far, in South Africa, land redistribution has been done according to a willing buyer-willing seller principle, but Communist thug and Union boss Gwede Mantashe thinks that this should be a replaced with something like an unwilling buyer- unwilling seller programme, on the grounds that it's unfair that colonialists should receive market price for their own land.

Economists the world over will point out that wealth does not derive from land, but communists (who don't understand economics) like the ANC beg to differ. Because of modern technology, more and more food can be grown from less and less land, and real wealth can be developed in countries that have hardly any land at all, such as Singapore or Hong Kong. Whereas countries that have tons of spare land lying around such as Tanzania or Kenya, struggle to feed their own people.

But that's not really the point. The point is that Big White Farmers make a nice easy target for politicians looking to score points. After all, who is going to defend the big plantation owners? They are evidence of colonialism after all.

So the ANC continues to vilify these successful farmers, and in the process provides ample rationale and opportunity for the ongoing GENOCIDE OF WHITE FARMERS in South Africa, with a startling death toll of over 3,000 farmers murdered.

This is no case of robbery gone wrong, but most of these cases involve farmers who are brutally tortured before they are killed, and very little is actually stolen from them. Some of the stories would sicken you, and to describe the violence meted out to these men, women AND CHILDREN would turn any stomach.

Below is part of a report taken from the excellent Censorbugbear-reports, the original of which can be found here

Professional farmers left with LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of the total land surface

The entire 'land-reform' process has left the small band of professional farmers with far too little fertile land to grow food crops on: less than 1% of the country's entire surface area is now used for permanent, irrigated crop-farming according to the CIA satellite observations. The country is semi-arid: in fact so dry and lacking surface water, that only 12.1% of the entire South African land-surface has ever been arable at all under the best of conditions -- i.e. useable by crop-growing activities.

Yet the SA regime still continues to lie about the total land-surface still being utilised by 'white' commercial farmers, with claims that '87% of the country is used for agriculture and forestry'. However they refer to the six percent of the land surface suitable for agriculture, while ignoring the rest of the total land-surface. And their statistics date back to before 1994 – and also the regime's own unused, gigantic former military land holdings and their own state-owned land leased out to paper and sugar companies. They continue to slurp up agricultural land for other uses: in Limpopo, a giant new power plant is being built on the confiscated commercial meat-producing farm Naauwe Ontkoming.

South Africa has never used more than 6% of its entire land-surface for food-crop-production - in its entire history.

Yet there the ANC were at it again, lying about the ‘white’ farmers ‘hogging all the land", with the African National Congress' secretary-general Gwede Mantashe lying through his teeth when demanding that the regime must stop paying farmers commercial prices for their valuable, fertile land, intoning: "The willing-buyer/willing seller clause has to be abandoned... and adding the same old outrageous lie: "the current situation where 87% of the country's land still resided in the hands of 50 000 white farmers, 14 years on from the end of whites-only apartheid rule, was "untenable"."

These land-statistics are pure thumb-suck by ANC
... in fact the government 's own 2005 tax-records indicate that only 13,500 white commercial farmers remained on the land that year, producing excess-crops on which they paid income-tax, and also paying and housing 350,000 fulltime farm workers on LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of the entire SA land surface…

This downright ANC-lie -- designed only to sweep up the homeless black population in the country's burgeoning shanty towns against the country's few remaining white farmers -- can be easily disproven from direct satellite observation records and from SA's own 2005 tax-base.

According to the latest CIA factbook on South Africa - which obtains its agricultural-use surveys from its direct daily satellite observations -- only 14,980 square kilometres of SA's total 1,219,9122 square km of land surface were actually used as irrigated commercial land in 2007.

And while the country's total arable (i.e. useable for agriculture) land was only 12.1 % according to the CIA -- only 0.79% of this land was actually seen from space as being used for growing permanent (i.e. commercial) irrigated crops last year. This also means that many tens of thousands of former commercial lands are now lying completely fallow and unused. So what are South Africa's 'redistributed farmers' actually doing with that land? They aren't producing food-crops...

This very poor utilisation even of available agricultural land actually supports the SA government's own 2005 tax records, which show that South Africa only had 13,200 commercial, (white) taxpaying farmers that year producing excess crops and paying payroll- and income taxes.

100,000 new, black farmers produced no excess food at all in 2005:

The country also by 2005 had more than 100,000 'emergent black farmers' who were dumped with their families on tiny carved-up plots on fertile formerly white-owned farms. The State retains property-title to this land: these families are merely allowed to live there. These new black farmers did not produce enough food for the commercial markets to have to even pay any taxes that year however - neither payroll nor income taxes: they instead consumed their entire meagre production themselves with their live-in extended families, who work for them for free.

White farmers the second-largest employer of unskilled blacks in 2007

By the end of 2007 --- under ex-pres Thabo Mbeki’s governance of the ANC -- 13,200 commercial Afrikaner farmers still remained the second-highest employer-group in the country -- employing some 650,000 of the country's 16-million employable workforce on a fulltime and parttime basis combined and housing 350,000 farm workers and their families on their land. The ANC-regime continues to destroy this valuable agricultural taxbase and is willing to make at least 650,000 more black people permanently unemployable and destitute -- for purely racist reasons.

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Exzanian said...

Excellent post Viking. You tell it like it is.

Exzanian said...

Report from Times online just through now: Zuma promises "pragmatic" land reform (whatever the hell that means)
Read the report and you can see no detail whatsover. Nothing, nudda, nil. Zuma is however quoted as saying
"The general view is that the willing-buyer willing seller model does not work. We will be seeking a much more pragmatic formula to land redistribution."
WTF does he mean by pragmatic? This is typical of the ANC, leading you up the garden path and taking what they want by sleight-of-hand

Islandshark said...

Brilliant post Viking. It just confirms my theory that the ANC is indeed behind farm murders - I don't care what they say.

Anonymous said...

Excellent again Viking. Actually last night I saw another ad on Aus TV for World Vision and the images of black kids (and only one Indian), no whites (seems there are no starving white kids on the planet), chubby faces (obviously not starving) and the plea for white Aussie families to sponsor these kids. The CEO is some old white guy.

What it doesn't obviously inform people is that the chubby kid is part of a family of 23 kids say, and that maybe we should be sponsoring sterilisation of the parents. If that was the case, I'm in.

The truth is the supply of "chubby black kids" is endless and at some point one needs to let these people sort themselves out by themselves as it was before whitey so rudely interrupted them.

Anonymous said...

White people globally are on a suicide mission. And, as they say, the fish rots from the head down.


Anonymous said...

To see, be aware of, and be able to mitigate the consequences of any decision generally takes a level of intelligence much higher than the average africoon posses.

The average munt is at about a 9 or maybe 10 yo kids level. What regard to they have for consequences?

The dangerous assumption that we are equal has led to the very nasty mess we find ourselves in currently and is propelling us headlong into the bigger and nastier mess of civil and/or global (including nuclear) war.

Things are about to get VERY interesting around here.

Anonymous said...

@ ExZ...

"Pragmatic" in Politburo speak pretty much means "We will take it for FREE and FUCK you!!!"

Anonymous said...

I like your style of writing very much. Catches and keeps the reader's attention.

FishEagle said...

@Dachs, touche

Viking said...

Thankyou, Dachs. What a nice thing to say.
I'm in the midst of posting the follow-up suggested by ExZanian. Having major trouble uploading images...

Kayla said...

Appalling all around. While I am certainly not a fan of colonialism, I doubt all of the current inhabitants of farms had anything to do with the colonialism of 100 years ago. Why punish them? Especially by death!

Viking said...

Thanks for the link, Kayla