Tuesday, August 04, 2009

60 school stabbings in just 6 months in only one province

What a bright future we have with our upstanding youth.

FIFTY-six pupils and a teacher have been stabbed in the Western Cape so far this year. Another three community members were stabbed at or near schools in the city, bringing the total number of knife attacks at schools to 60 in six months - more than double the number of stabbings in the same period last year, and only 20 short of the total number last year.

The latest incident, which saw a pupil being attacked with an iron rod and a sharp object at an Elsies River high school last week, has prompted an urgent meeting today between Education MEC Donald Grant, Community Safety MEC Lennit Max and Western Cape police commissioner Mzwandile Petros.

In 51 of this year's knife attacks, pupils were reported to be the perpetrators, and pupils were the vict
ims in almost all the cases, according to information from the Western Cape Education Department safe schools division. Forty-one of the cases took place on school grounds and 19 off school premises. In nine cases, pupils were stabbed by someone other than a pupil, and in one case a staff member was stabbed.

In 2008, 28 of the 80 stabbings reported happened in the first six months. Safe schools division manager Nariman Khan said the increase could partly be attributed to aggressive behaviour as a result of increasing drug use. She said the influence of gangsterism on pupils could be another reason, and children emulated the violent behaviour they saw in their communities.

Television could also play a role, and pressure from family and peers could contribute to the development of anti-social behaviour, said Khan.

Grant yesterday visited St Andrew's High in Elsies River where a teenager wh
o had been expelled, and his brother, allegedly attacked a pupil with an iron rod and what is believed to be a knife in front of other pupils last week.

The incident was captured on surveillance cameras. The Grade 11 victim, who was left with a gash to the head and five stitches, is recovering at home.

Grant said gangsters were also bringing their activities into schools. "We will get all the necessary resources to make sure learners and teachers are protected."

He said CCTV footage of the incident should provide enough evidence to bring the perpetrators to book. Grant said a "frank appraisal" of the safety risks at schools was needed, and communities needed to take ownership of schools. "Within the next two to three months we want to see adequate security at our high-risk schools." He said teachers at the school were "seriously traumatised" and "gatvol", adding:

"We will make sure there are locks on classrooms if necessary." Grant said he had been told that a number of distress calls had been made by the school before last week's incident but there had been no response. He said he would discuss the gravity of the situation with Petros and Max. Superintendent Pieter Galant of Ravensmead police station said the teenager who had allegedly attacked the pupil had not been arrested but had been taken in for questioning.

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Anonymous said...

Many things play a role but they never mention genetics.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6:54. Mmmm, the kind of comment I would have made. Touché.

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Total separation of the White race from the others is the only solution.

FishEagle said...

Anon & VI, my thoughts exactly.

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Agree 100% Let them kill each other.

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Easy to fix...

Only principals with BALLS need apply.

1. Bible.
2. Stick.

Apply both [a LOT!!!].

@ Anon 3:42 - AGREED BROTHER!!!

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Apartheid is the only solution. It has been declared a crime against humanity, but it is in fact the only humane & peaceful solution. We are truly living the Orwellian Nightmare.