Tuesday, August 25, 2009

1567 patients on waiting list at Joburg hospital

At some stage the loss of doctors and qualified personnel had to matter. This is just one hospital. It's the same throughout the country. Maybe they can tap Cuba for more doctors cuz the local ones are leaving as soon as they qualify. And integrating the private healthcare system with this mess, what could go wrong?

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Jack Bloom, DA says patients are facing six month delays for operations

A backlog of 1567 patients are on waiting lists for surgery at the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, most of whom will have to wait about six months for their operations.

This is revealed in a written reply to my questions by Gauteng Health MEC Qedani Mahlangu.

The largest backlog is for cataract surgery, where 1000 patients face a six month wait.

138 hip, knee and spinal patients will also wait for six months, as will 85 heart patients.

62 ear nose and throat patients will wait five months, 48 neurosurgery patients for three months, and 82 general surgery patients for six weeks.

92 children will wait two weeks for their surgery.

According to Mahlangu, operations are delayed due to unavailability of anaesthetists, shortage of ICU nurses and the high volume of operations.

The hospital is short of 11 anaesthetists, which led to 32 delayed operations in May, June and July this year.

These long waiting times are unacceptable. Patients sometimes die before they are operated on, or complications set in.

Private surgeons should be contracted in to bring down these backlogs. It is ridiculous that British hospitals fly in Netcare doctors to do surgery, but we don't use this option ourselves.

Statement issued by Jack Bloom, MPL, Democratic Alliance Gauteng health spokesman.

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Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting comment someone made on the Sunday Slimes website with regards to the story:

All surgery was cancelled at Boitumelo Hospital in the Free State from Thursday this week because there was no life-saving oxygen and no surgical gloves that fitted surgeons’ hands;

A patient died of renal failure while stuck in a lift at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Hospital ( Joburg hospital ).

A “colony of flies” lived inside the hospital’s Caesarean-section operating theatre and some patients had to be carried up stairs from operating theatres to ICU on stretchers or in wheelchairs owing to lifts that have been defective for more than a year;

All life-saving equipment was defective.

Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto is regularly forced to “close” on weekends when it runs out of ventilators and space in its trauma wards and experiences frequent critical shortages of life-saving drugs ;

Only three “or a maximum of four” of Ngwelezane Hospital’s six operating theatres were working owing to a “chronic staff shortage”, with doctors working shifts of up to 36 hours without pay. The hospital is the major trauma centre for northern KwaZulu-Natal ;

Staff at Tara Hospital in Johannesburg were forced to use petty cash to buy bread and milk this week when “essential foodstuffs” ran out, while food was also not delivered to Sterkfontein Hospital in the past month;

There were no diagnostic services (procedures used to determine the cause of an illness) “at all” in the critical Nuclear Medicine departments at Bara-gwanath or Charlotte Maxeke hospitals “because the supplier has not been paid”;

Charlotte Maxeke has adopted a “first 500” rule whereby all patients are turned away after the first 500 have drawn their medicines from the pharmacy, because 15 of the pharmacy’s 20 posts have been “frozen”.

Corpses are "left to rot" at the CM hospital because the refrigaration units have no spare parts.

Thank you ANC health department!

Charlotte Makgomo Maxeke (nee Mannya)(7 April 1874 - 16 October 1939).

What a disgrace to the memory Of Charlotte and honour to name such a disaster of a hospital.How embarrassing for the family!

Its like naming a rubbish dump after a struggle hero SIES!

Anonymous said...

Okes - forget crime , incompetence & corruption the most terrible injustice has beset our 800m gold winner - she had to take a genetic test - i mean SA has problems but this is serious