Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Zuma’s wall lower than Mbeki’s so crime must be down

By Michael Trapido (Thoughtleader)

Outcry over Zuma's presidential home

Seems to me that most of you lot have forgotten former president Mbeki’s 90-foot security wall which had everyone at the time going spare on account of the government’s repeated denials that crime was out of control.

This time around crime levels must definitely have dropped because President Jacob Zuma has hardly bothered with security:

“Bullet-proof electric fences, motion and smoke sensors, watch dogs and police on quad bikes are just some of the multimillion-rand security measures being put in place in an upmarket Durban suburb for Zuma.

At least R50 million is being spent on a 4m high metal inner fence, 10.7m away from the exterior fence and will be topped with razor wire, according to a senior construction worker on site.

Workers on site at the palatial house say that the corridor created by the outer and inner fences will be a ring of light created by a series of arc lights about 15m circling the 5.26-hectare property.

A network of motion sensor laser beams, smoke sensors as well as cameras will be positioned in the corridor.

New guardhouses are being built at all three entrances to the property.” (IOL)

So threadbare it hardly seems worth mentioning.

Mind you the IOL article does suggest that the home is in the same suburb as Schabir Shaik and let’s face it, once the other residents start finding out they’ll be putting up security that puts the president to shame.

Of course not all of them — only those who don’t believe former correctional services minister Ngconde Balfour’s Shaik’s going-to-bite-the-dust-soon parole explanation.

Okay, all of them.

I for one am highly relieved that the president is not installing the pepper spray that Absa are using to safeguard their ATMs. This stuff is so good it even attacked the technicians who tried to install it.

Should make for a wonderful shopping experience.

Insert your Absa card — rendered unconscious by pepper spray.

Robbed while defenceless.

They’ll be queuing up outside Absa ATMs.

God bless South Africa. [Amen - Ed.]

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