Sunday, July 19, 2009

Why are whites so afraid of being called racist?

We've posted a piece from Texan blogger Angry White Dude before. Here he ponders why white people are afraid to be branded racists. He's right, there's definitely a reluctance on the part of whites to discuss race issues for fear of being called racists. Blacks don't share the same concern. It's true that in most Western countries issues involving race are discussed in hushed tones. I've seen it, in Australia, voices lower and people cast worried glances around constantly to see who may be listening before they say what is on their mind.


You won't find the same attitude from white South Africans. We've had the "racist" tag appended to us all our lives and we're desensitised to the word. Most of us are only too willing to talk about race and racial issues as the posts on ILSA attest. Calling us racist is water off a duck's back. So what, we say.

It's almost as if the Left have deliberately tried to turn the word into an offensive term. It's a weapon. Nothing doing. It's just a word like any other. It has only the value YOU apportion to it. And to many, like me, it means a badge of honour. It means I am one of the few whites that has stepped over the line that AWD describes, one who doesn't give a hoot about what people think, one who has broken the shackles of political correctness. It's a liberating feeling the moment one realises the word has no meaning any longer. What it becomes then is, let's talk. Let's talk about real issues, let's talk facts, let's have a meaningful conversation about race. Dr James Manning says the same in the video.


By Angry White Dude

A good majority of white people I know are not people who hate black people. Most white people I know judge people on their actions and not the color of their skin. Many are frustrated by the actions of many blacks and the problems they cause to society. Time and time again, Angry White Dude has said blacks can accomplish the levels of other races…if they are willing to work for it. Time and time again, AWD has been called a racist by the unwashed white liberals filled with guilt over actions that took place hundreds of years ago or blacks chained to the liberal plantation where monolithic thought and actions are practiced by a large percentage.

I’ve never understood why whites recoil at being called names like racist, sexist, homophobe. To me, name calling has always been a very thinly veiled method to deflect any criticism of poor behavior by the black race. I guess it is a method that has largely worked for blacks because most whites would rather eat their children than be labeled a racist. So either whites can dance around the truth or be called a silly name. That is the choice for whites in modern-day America.

Political correctness now saturates corporate America, our governments, the media, etc. Whites are inundated with feel-good programs promoting diversity when nobody really knows if diversity is a positive thing or not! Who cares the color of the person getting the job done? In essence, these diversity types are the worst sort of racist. They tell minorities they cannot make it in America without dicriminatory government programs like Affirmative Action and other set asides. You see, conservatives focus more on the character of the person while liberals focus solely on the sex and color. Do you really think Sotomayor is there because she is such a great judge? No, Obama wanted a Hispanic woman to try and shore up support with Latinos. Nothing more!

Fact, black men are 6% of the US population. Fact, black men account for over 50% of violent crime. Am I racist for pointing out the obvious? Here is the dictionary definition of racism:

1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

Does saying black males commit over 50% of violent crimes meet any of the definitions for racism? Does saying blacks would be better off if they stayed in school and worked harder to get an education make me a racist? How about admonishing blacks to stop having children out of wedlock at a rate of 70%? In 16 months since AWD started this page, I have been called a racist hundreds of times for making these same statements. I am often called a racist but none of the liberal cowards ever tells me how I am wrong. Political correctness is poison. It keeps whites from discussing problems caused by blacks and it allows blacks to deflect responsibility for their actions. So whites cannot discuss the obvious…in essence we walk around pretending the problems don’t exist. We’re doing the same thing with Islam…pretending they’re not savages when every day they continue to prove they are!

White people pay the majority of the bills for this country. I believe we have the right to criticize those of other races when their actions warrant without being called names. Other races certainly have no problem criticizing white people. Black minister David Manning says the same things AWD has been saying for 16 months in this video. To blacks he is not a racist…he is an Uncle Tom. But he tells the truth. Something a good many blacks don’t want to hear. Hopefully, both whites and blacks will listen to him.

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Exzanian said...

For those living overseas such as myself in the UK, let me tell you, people look at you differently, they try not to ask your opinion on race issues and when there is any sort of general discussion remotely approaching race, you will always get sidelong glances as if they expect you, a white SA male, to start foaming at the mouth and start ranting. I never do of course, but I often do feel prejudged.

Islandshark said...

Exzanian, you are so right.

However, I think this worldwide appeasement and PC nonsense of liberal idiots have finally awaken some Solutrean folk. And rightly so.

Like I always say to people - everybody in their right mind knew certain things had to change in SA. But is the result we see in SA today anything remotely better than the absolute worst Apartheid brought us?

Only the ones with their hands in cookie jars will say yes...

Ranger Tom said...

These are the things I've been saying for years! I for one am sick and tired of having the race card shoved in my face and made to feel responsible for all their ills.

Thanks for posting this!

Spookalosh said...

Doberman you make me think. Thanks for sharing. tis a pity that we have to get so mixed up with name calling and the ass-umption that whiteness has something to do with superiority. its easy to characature any retard, imbecile or group. I will admit to finding it fun. Being of a philosophical nature I urge all to find a way out of this partisan standoff and get down to some real identity creation. we are supposedly all alien slave-races here on earth (given just enough intelligence to be useful to our masters are we not; so let us not forget who our friends are.

Anonymous said...

Where are the posts referred to as "ILSA"?

Vanilla Ice said...

@Anon. ILSA is this website. He refers to earlier posts on the site.