Monday, July 20, 2009

Top cop tells of ‘nightmare‘ arrest ordeal

ONE of the Eastern Cape‘s top police officers – who had dedicated his life to putting criminals behind bars – had his “spirit crushed” after ending up in a cell himself.

Station commissioner Superintendent Chris Weitsz, of the Maletswai police station in Aliwal North, this week told of his humiliation and psychological breakdown after spending a night in a “cold and tiny cell that reeked of urine” – following his arrest for allegedly defeating the ends of justice, among other charges.

But Weitsz, a Police Star of the Year nominee this year, throughout the ordeal believed the charges were bogus. The case was set to continue in the Aliwal North Magistrate‘s Court on August 12, but all charges against him were dropped on Thursday afternoon. He has begun civil procedures against the police.

Both Weitsz and his lawyer were, until Thursday, still in the dark as they had not been given any details relating to the charges.

Weitsz, 43, said his “nightmare” began after he was told he would be transferred to the Kirkwood police station – even though he had led his station to become one of the province‘s best policemen in recent years.

He had opposed the transfer but, before getting to the bottom of why he was being moved, ended up in jail.

Weitsz said things began falling apart after his award nomination. On the Monday before the awards evening last Friday, he was told his nomination had been withdrawn and officers armed with R5 assault rifles arrested him in his office the next day.

Weitsz was taken to the Sterkstroom police station, more than 130km away, where he spent the night in a cell. “There was no warm water. There were cobwebs everywhere and the blankets smelled of rot. The whole cell reeked of urine.”

Being treated like a criminal after having dedicated his life to catching them “broke my spirit. After they closed the cell door behind them, I cried inside. I am a good person.”
Weitsz spent a sleepless night worrying about his three children, the youngest a few months old. “My eldest, who is four, cried and cried, asking where her daddy was. How can you explain something like this to a child?”

The next day he was taken back to Aliwal North where he appeared in court. He believes the charges against him were related to him allegedly freeing a man last year, but “no one has confirmed this; this is only the conclusions I‘ve drawn”.

Provincial police spokesman Director Marinda Mills said she did not have all the details of the case, but confirmed it was “work-related”.

Weitsz‘s lawyer, Francois Swanepoel, said they were busy preparing a civil suit. He added that provisional commissioner Mpumelelo Landu – who Weitsz had dealt with regarding his transfer – had wanted bail conditions to include taking up a position at Kirkwood. The magistrate rejected this, but approved bail of R5000.

Weitsz has been booked off due to stress and referred to a psychiatric hospital in Bloemfontein.

Source: The Herald Online

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Anonymous said...

Hi, FE, welcome as a contributor.

Viking said...

Welcome on board !

Anonymous said...

This is a bad sign. More evidence of an orchestrated vendetta against whitey. The long term prognosis is very bad.

FishEagle said...

Thanks guys!

Anon, I work with a lot of blacks and I experience their subtle vendetta against whites in my job each and every day. It breaks down a person's motivation completely. I really have empathy for this policeman.

Islandshark said...

The crap will hit the fan the day there are no more whites present in the legal system in South Africa.

I've heard so many horror stories of total disregard for law, whites being intimidated and victimized and the situation only resolved when a white person finally stepped in.

I'm not saying all blacks in the legal system are corrupt, but unfortunately the majority is.

Exzanian said...

This is el-stinko frot guava hypocrisy aimed squarely at "Mr white policeman from the old force" Here is a high ranking police Officer who has dedicated his life to fighting crime (and picks up an award for it) He is arrested, treated like a common shitskin criminal, while thugs like Hlophe, Shaik, Selebi et al swagger around the world middle finger permanently displayed. Then, ooops, charges are dropped. There never was any case against him, it was an excuse to molest the man. Do you think he will get an apology? Makes you sick.

Ranger Tom said...

I'm just flabbergasted at this...

He was never told of the charges?

WTF, over?

Exzanian said...

Ha-ha Ranger, welcome to our world. No, you will not be advised of charges, but they will be withdrawn later anyway. Of course, it's the itty bitty "inbetweeny" these bastards are getting away with BIG TIME, and just like Ronald, they are fucken' lovin' it!

Anonymous said...

@RT. According to the Criminal Procedure Act you have the right to know the charges, you have the right to an attorney and you have the right to bail (depending on the offence). But in the New Improved South Africa, none of this applies. The police simply ignore the law, and apply detention as a punishment. They clearly don't understand that it isn't the police's duty to punish, merely to detain and present before a court. As regards civil claims against the State, these are simply not paid.

Anonymous said...

@Islandshark - on the occasions when I see a glimmer of hope - when the justice system or police do something correctly - it always turns out that a white was behind it. A WHITE magistrate who made the right decision. A WHITE cop that took out the bads guys. And then I feel more hopeless than ever, because what's going to happen once the last of these whites has been squeezed out of the system.