Saturday, July 18, 2009

South Africa: White Rule vs Black Rule

When the Western world, with the connivance of then-President FW de Klerk and his National Party, finally forced the white government to surrender to the ANC, a massive chain-reaction was set in place: the steadily eroding reputation of South Africa as a once-stable country in a violent Africa. Despite all the problems that came with an apartheid government, South Africa was still relatively calm and peaceful. Now, it has erupted into chaos.

Prior to the 1994 elections, the western world was suffering from a guilt-ridden conscience and needed a country or a people to project their insecurities onto. That arrow was aimed towards South Africa and its governing white minority. Indeed, it had been pointing in that direction for a generation prior to 1994.

When de Klerk, with encouragement from the West, surrendered power to a rag-tag Marxist-inspired terrorist group, he achieved what all of South Africa's military enemies could never have achieved - the destruction of a once-powerful and once-proud South African Defense Force (SADF). It has been replaced with a force, known as the South African National Defense Force, which is far inferior to the old SADF. Instead, it has become a clone of the ANC's rag-tag band of terrorists, unable to maintain discipline, unable to execute effective military operations and tainted by crime, prostitution, drugs, AIDS, murder, drunken orgies, rape and more.

With the dismantling of the SADF came the demise of the South African Police (SAP), once South Africa's "thin blue line" in the fight against crime. It was replaced by overweight, illiterate and ill-trained group now known as the South African Police Service. Indeed, it has become the best police force money can buy - from a criminal point of view. The new SAPS has proven beyond any doubt that it is not to be trusted, nor does it have the fight against crime at heart. Instead, it too has a large number of members in its ranks that moonlight as criminals.

The power supply utility, ESKOM, has, because of the policy of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and Affirmative Action (AA), effectively destroyed itself.

There has been massive downward trend in investor confidence, industry, mining, manufacturing and tourism. Small businesses can no longer function effectively. Larger companies are facing massive financial losses - yet there seems to be an attitude of "we couldn't care less" by government. An industrial meltdown is of no apparent concern to the ANC and its fellow travelers.

The standard of education has plummeted in recent years. No longer is a South African qualification internationally sought-after. It is now somewhat of a joke. Many students cannot read or write, but it is politically correct to advance them to the next grade, regardless of their results. Passing from grade to grade in schools and even universities is becoming easier by the day.

Our hospitals are in a state of decay. Our infrastructure, carefully planned and built over generations, is crumbling. Unemployment is on the rise. Our water utilities are rapidly approaching collapse. The tourist industry is in disarray. Businesses can no longer run on real time due to failing traffic lights. Instead we all have to work on "African" time. Major operations need to be rescheduled. Planned business dinners is no longer possible. Telephone and internet disruptions are causing businesses massive financial losses. Sewage systems are collapsing. South Africa has reached a state of near-implosion.

Yet, South Africa measures "success" by having one of the highest crime rates in the world. South Africa measures "success" by having an extraordinary high AIDS population. South Africa measures "success" by having the least educated president with the most wives and children in the world. Our "success" is also measured by how rapidly the currency devalues, how poor our national teams perform. Our "success" is also measured in terms of ridiculous government corruption.

The collapse of South Africa started several years ago. The rapid decline into chaos has transformed a once-stable country into a banana republic. Yet, the collapse of South Africa is deemed internationally to be "progress".

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Exzanian said...

Dobes, it drives me mad trying to figure this out but my observations come down to one thing, the world will always say "So what, it may be bad, but it is not as bad as it was under apartheid" It's the same as saying "I'm glad my mother has revived from her coma, we don't mind that she has massive brain damage and can hardly speak, at least she is awake and we can feed her baby food even though she dribbles"

Islandshark said...

Brilliant article Doberman!

Ranger Tom said...

It's sad that a once great country like yours is going to seed. And I see the same thing for the US here in a few years, if we don't do something to stop it, but with the liberal PC mentality, it'll never happen. God help all of us.

Roux said...

I agree with the article broadly, but some of the facts are a bit misleading. The police and defense force was great, but not strong enough to halt the township uprisings at the same time as fighting an ever increasing Cuban force (arguably a weak force, but dangerous) on the Grens. Also, due to sanctions the country was basically bankrupt when FW de Klerk gave it over - and the infrastructure that was so carefully planned were already not being maintained that well. At that time, 1990, there wasn't anywhere else to turn. Global pressure and increased stability in the country was actually a greater threat than we could ever have imagined in our beautiful, peaceful white suburbs. Suddenly, today, townships have become a problem and we are aware of the squalor, but it had been brewing up mutiny since the 70s.

I agree the global pressure had been unfair. Why wasn't Australia and New Zealand targeted for it's quasi-apartheid policies of marginilising the Aboriginees for centuries and still today? Why is the world, especially the US, turning a blind eye at Israel turning fast into an Apartheid state with land segregation and oppression now in full swing.

You are right - we were a soft target and it sucks being at the receiving end of unfairness. But the world is unfair. Without it being unfair, we wouldn't be able to afford all the luxuries we presently enjoy.

Doberman said...

Good comment Roux.