Wednesday, July 22, 2009

South Africa - Lesotho border fence nicked

The story about the stolen fencing on the border of South Africa and Lesotho reminded me of a joke I heard a long time ago.

SA Spends More On VIP Protection Than Border Security

One day Van Der Merwe dies and goes to Heaven. Upon arriving there he sees the Pearly Gates and St. Peter, who looks very tired. Van asks him, "What's wrong, Peter?" Peter replies, "I've been standing here for two thousand years and all I do is let people in because when they arrive here, at the Gates, that means they deserve to be in Heaven so it's just a formality. I just greet them and let them through."

Van was concerned so he said to St. Peter, "I'll tell you what Peter, why don't you take the day off and go do some fishing, down there, by that little stream. I'll keep an eye on the gate."

Peter asked, "Are you sure, you wouldn't mind?" Van said, "Not a problem it would be a pleasure, off you go. People arrive, I say hello, I let them through, got it."

Peter took his stuff and went fishing. A little while later a taxi load of blacks arrived at the Pearly Gates, kwaito music blaring, the people shouting, waving their arms out of the windows, very noisy. Van took one look at this lot and thought "Nah, this has to be a mistake". Van says, "Whoa there! I can't let you through, I need to check with St.Peter."

Van runs down to the river where he finds St.Peter fishing and tells him of the noisy new arrivals. Peter turns to Van and says, "Van, Van, my child, let them through, anyone who arrives at the Gates must be let through." Van wasn't so sure but he had to do as he was told.

Van was gone for a short time when he came running back to St.Peter shouting, "Peter! Peter! They're gone!"

St.Peter asked, "Who's gone, the people in the bus?"

"No," said Van, "the Gates, the Gates are gone!"

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Anonymous said...

Good one.

Exzanian said...

LOL - in real life it's not much different.