Friday, July 17, 2009

Robert van Tonder discusses Eugene Terreblanche in 1991.

During a Dutch documentary on the various Afrikaans separatist movements made back in 1991 - Robert van Tonder the then leader of the Boerestaat Party was interviewed. Robert van Tonder pursued the goal of restoring the Boer Republics since 1961 [1] [ the same year Verwoerd turned South Africa into a nominal republic ] & all they way until his death in 1999. The Boerestaat Party was founded in 1986 after he got tired of the other political parties dismissing taking into consideration the restoration of the former Boer Republics. The following is a video excerpt of the segment from the documentary in which he discussed Eugene Terreblanche of the AWB & offered his views on the topic.

1. Robert van Tonder Dies.

Quote: [ Van Tonder broke away from the National Party in 1961 because of what he described as its betrayal of the old Boer republics. ]

Post Script: The Boerestaat Party remains today but is not the same without its founder.

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Robert v. Tonder had a problem with white imigrants that could not speak Afrikaans instantly.
( never mind that they helped to built up South Africa) Not too smart I would say. Yet he was ok to allow sqatter cities on his land.

Ron. said...

No kidding that Robert van Tonder had a problem such as that as his motivation was to secure the future of the Boer people & he even earlier founded the town of Randburg as an Afrikaans enclave amidst a sea of English speakers. Furthermore you must remember that South Africa was & continues to be A MACRO STATE which was created by the British after the Boer Republics were conquered therefore I doubt he would be impressed with who might have "built up" such a macro state because he spend most of his life struggling against South Africa & trying to get his Boer Republics back from the South African regimes. The problem a lot of people had with Robert van Tonder was that he always remembered that the Boer people were once independent & had their own republics while the establishment would rather he forget that. The Afrikaner Nationalists spend a lot of time & money attempting to marginalize & discredit his just cause of Boer self determination.

Censorbugbear said...

Thanks for posting this. One day, before I die, I will definitely write a series of articles about my personal experiences with the founding of the Boer State Party, and the mythology which was stated about Robert van Tonder by people like 'White Adder'. Van Tonder was a much more complicated man, and indeed a much more intelligent man, than most people realise. He was an avid student of the history of not only his own people, but also of Israel, whose founders he admired and often held up as an example for Boer/Afrikaners to follow. He was motivated almost entirely by his own personal history: with his relatives having been incarcerated by the British in one of their concentration camps, and he growing up as an impoverished city boy in Johannesburg who was fed so little that his growth was stunted. All his life he was discriminated against for being an Afrikaans-speaker, and this included getting beat up at school for speaking Afrikaners as a child, and for being denied job opportunities by English-speaking business people because his origin was Afrikaans. His father Hansie was the first Afrikaner on the Johannesburg city council, and this exposed him to politics from a very early stage in his life. He saw the hundreds of impoverished Afrikaners who would appeal for food, jobs and help at his father's house - which was located in Aucklandpark and later became the head quarters of the Afrikaner Broederbond. He despised the Broederbond all his life for their denial of Boer history. He didn't ' hate ' the British, on the contrary his English was impeccable and he admired the British spirit of enterprise. He was one of the first Afrikaner businessmen in Johannesburg, running Robert's Car Sales, and uniquely, advertising with some of the funniest smalls-ads in the Afrikaans newspapers - and which drew Afrikaner customers in droves. He was a man with a very big heart for impoverished Afrikaners, and who also had a great deal of respect for the black cultures around him. I liked him for his 'menschlichkeit'. And yes, he and his late wife Sussie founded Randburg as an independent municipality in an area which at that time was overwhelmingly occupied by working-class Afrikaners. I'd say in summary that Robert van Tonder was a champion for his people, and I see nothing wrong with championing the cause of Afrikaner/Boer people. Other people seem to see that as a disgrace, wanting to stand up for the rights of the Afrikaner people. If that's against some unwritten law in South Africa, well that's not really my problem.

Anonymous said...

Nicely put, CB.

Ron. said...

Great information CB. I will certainly be looking forward to reading those articles as I always learn something new about Robert van Tonder & the Boer people in general from your interesting contributions.