Friday, July 10, 2009

Rand Show - Western Style

Okay, I give up. Many of you have been wondering what I look like, so I have relented and posted a picture of yours truly. It is that time of year, in the area that I live, where we all dress up in Western garb for 10 days, and we have one long party, which is not without its price. Contrast this with the Rand Easter Show.

Take a cowboy with smouldering brown eyes. Add a cowgirl in tight blue jeans. Then throw in plenty of booze and a party atmosphere and you risk rustling up a whole heap of trouble during the Calgary Stampede.

The 10-day annual event has been known to descend into debauchery for some, as inhibitions and even common sense vamoose out the window.

“You’ve been branded,” says one young cowgirl as she plants a kiss on the cheek of one wanna-be cowboy.

“Call me if you want to get together later,” she murmurs, slipping him her phone number.

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5 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Gee bro, we could be twins ;)

Anonymous said...

Rolling on floor laughing.

FishEagle said...

Like the hat...

Anonymous said...

"My you're a big cowboy," she said. "How tall are you?"

"Ma'am, I'm six feet and seven inches."

"Never mind the six feet. Why don't you lie down and discuss those seven inches with me."

Exzanian said...

Hey VI, cool fetish MJ glove, dig it!