Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pity the fool?

Even some black South Africans understand the danger our so-called harmless larrakin Julius Malema poses. His court jester antics may provide mild amusement for a South African public weary of the serious side of life but it can have unwelcome consequences. To us he is a pitiful fool but to his supporters who greatly outnumber us, he is a hero who speaks out against the establishment. In Africa, populists have a habit of getting elected.

If the great unwashed can elect a corrupt polygamist, adulterer, a cattle herder with a grade 5 edukashun into power, by those standards Julius with his G in woodwork is Nobel laureate material. It's time to cut the leash and let the monkey go, and by that I mean, the mainstream media must stop publishing his drivel.

Beware the fool who has the chief's ear

By Don Shongwe, Randburg

Julius Malema's buffoonery has reached such proportions that even though he is the joker in the pack of the African National Congress, he has to be taken seriously. — Don Shongwe, Randburg

His latest pronouncements regarding a plot against him by whites has placed an unnecessary strain on national reconciliation.

Yet, as citizens of this country, the onus is on us to admit that Malema is a product of our own collective consciousness.

Typical of any buffoon, the more some cheer him on, either as a result of boredom or despondency, the more he thinks he is on the right track.

He reminds me of the stupid boys who dice with death by illegally riding trains. They are always cheered on to their destruction by sensible people.

The nonsensical excuse from some in the ANC that Malema is still growing up is as hypocritical as its deadly silence as he runs amok, blemishing our country with his delirious drivel. The ANC presents itself as a progressive party that guarantees women’s rights, yet both its presidents are mired in issues that have to do with the (questionable treatment) of women. While Jacob Zuma attends a G8 meeting abroad, back home, his name is being mentioned in the same sentence as rape by his lieutenant, Malema, in a gender equality court.

The ANC is famous for recalling presidents. Malema must be recalled unless the ANC wants to tell us that in the party imbecility doesn’t necessitate recall.

4 Opinion(s):

Dachshund said...

The question is, why does the ANC Youth League put up with Malema? Could there be even worse to come, if that's imaginable?

FishEagle said...

Dach, never under estimate the stupidity of blacks. Malema is truly their norm, as hard as that is to believe.

Pensioner said...

The anc youth league is the nursery school for sa's presidents. We must be very carefull with this dick head.

Doberman said...

@ pensioner, exactly. We must start cutting this idiot's mike off. His mannerism and style is not unlike Zuma's. Just now we'll start seeing people wearing 100% Malema t-shirts.