Monday, July 27, 2009

Only in Africa

MP blows up over condom commercial

A CONDOM advert has annoyed a Zimbabwe female member of Parliament, who complained it was too explicit and could encourage women to lust for well-endowed men.

The advert claims: “Condoms can stretch to one meter and hold one litre of water.”

Senator Sithembile Mlotshwa said: “Those kinds of adverts affect the womenfolk.

“In a quest to find out whether there is such a man, the women end up contracting HIV.”

The senator made the surprising remarks last week during a debate on a motion on HIV/Aids maternal health programmes. Mlotshwa asked the government to ensure that a policy be put in place to make sure that children of primary school age are taught about sexual issues in order to prevent the spread of Aids in Zimbabwe.

She called upon the national Aids council advisory board to screen their adverts before they start appearing on television as some promoted promiscuity. HIV was declared a national disaster in Zimbabwe in 2002.

Although the HIV prevalence has dropped to 15.6%, the pandemic remains a challenge in a country where just over a million people live with the virus.

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FishEagle said...

Oh gees that is funny!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Put a suit on a monkey but it's still a monkey. Big condoms make women lust..

Ranger Tom said...

But if the condoms work, no matter what... Ehem... Endowment, you'd still prevent the spread of AIDS, wouldn't you?

What a fucking moron.

Anonymous said...