Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nigerian "severely traumatised" after kidnapping

While I sympathise with anyone suffering as a victim of crime, I can't help feel that in this instance the victim should be thanking her lucky stars she is alive. I have a suspicion, borne of cynicism perhaps, that had she been white she wouldn't have been so lucky...

I couldn't find a good cartoon for this post, so I put up a cute kitten instead - enjoy!

A Nigerian woman has been left "severely traumatised" after she was kidnapped by two men during a robbery at her Waterkloof Ridge home at the weekend.

And after being freed by her attackers in Johannesburg early on Monday morning, the woman managed to find her way back to Pretoria and drove into her Polaris Avenue home at about 9am, with her husband's stolen Volvo intact.

The incident took place at about 11.30pm on Sunday when two men, dressed in overalls and speaking Portuguese broke into the couple's home through a kitchen window.

The men forced their way into the couple's bedroom and held the pair at gunpoint, ordering them to remain quiet.

After tying up her 42-year-old husband, a British born Nigerian, the robbers proceeded to steal money, jewellery, and electrical appliances from the home. They then grabbed the woman and forced her into her husband's silver Volvo and fled the scene in the car.

The man managed to untie himself and ran outside to see the property's gate open and his wife gone. He notified the police soon after.

Having pulled a sack over the woman's head, the suspects proceeded to drive "for a long time". After some hours, the two suspects stopped the car. The woman heard her attackers offloading their loot. Soon after it was all quiet.

Realising her attackers had abandoned her, she pulled the sack off of her head only to find that she was completely lost somewhere in Johannesburg. She started the car, and managed to find her way back to Pretoria. At 9am, she drove into the driveway uninjured and with her husband's car intact.

Police spokeswoman, Captain Colette Weilbach of the Brooklyn Trio Task Team, is investigating a case of house robbery, theft of motor vehicle and kidnapping. She said the men were still at large.

Pretoria News made numerous attempts to track down the couple, but the investigating officer refused to give the address of the residence as "it this would compromise the investigation".

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Anonymous said...

@ Viking, a pic of a pussy will always do..

Viking said...


Bantu Education said...

If they were white they would have been tortured, raped, and killed, and it would be ignored by the English language media.

Anonymous said...

...as apposed to what..being "severely murdered"..

I sincerely hope that the nice attackers didn't scratch her husbands silver volvo..

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, great to see a nigerian getting robbed for a change. When the nigerian bitch told the perps who she was (wife of a Nigerian crime syndicate boss), they went as white as you or I, and let her go unharmed. Your common nig perp is a damn side more afraid of crime bosses than the cops.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see them get a taste of their own medicine. Btw, what the fu*k are they doing in South Africa? Probably illegals.

Anonymous said...

Ladies and germs... Let us apply some logic to this "alleged" robbery.
We know the following:
1. Nigerians are involved.
2. Nigerians are utter scum.
3. Hubby "miraculously" frees himself in seconds.
3. Wifey "miraculously" returns with vehicle intact, but "stolen" goods are missing.

Let me put it together for you:
Hubbies drug and child pornography/prostitution/slavery business is in a bit of trouble with a rival bunch of his countrymen and he needs a bit of ready to buy them off a bit until he can sell his container of crack/whore/child slave/etc. so they organise a couple of friends around for a braai (or whatever the K4's from Nigeria call it) and put the proposition to them... Next thing you know... broken glass, teid up hubby, abducted wife (naturally to drive the car back), and prize possessions going into the pawn shop for a small cut, and the police docket is required to get it replaced by the insurance.

How does that sound?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 5:43, my guess too.

plastiQQ said...

Ladies, ladies...don't be too quick to judge. A few Nigerian criminals and of course our legendary corrupt and irresponsible leaders DO NOT make up the entire bulk of Nigerians.

We are a diverse and hardworking people. Hard times, poverty, lack of education and a strong desire to succeed/get ahead in life has produced all sorts of Nigerians: Scientists, Inventors, Entrepreneurs, Fraudsters, Criminals, Artistes and so on. Just like your country.

Geographical locations separates us, but if you had our situation(s), my guess is the outcome could/would be the same. DOn't be too quick to bash, it's not just a Nigerian phenomena...it's an African curse. Look left and right, I'm sure you can point out a friend or maybe even family member that had chosen the path of the unrighteous.

It's sad, but it's definitely the truth. It's a jungle peeps, and we are swinging from tree to tree.

Anonymous said...

@ plastiQQ, are you for real?

plastiQQ said...

@Doberman: You should see what we have to deal with down here. You catch someone burgling your house, you apprehend the criminal and hand him over to the police....and he does not even make it to the police station.

Next thing you know, he is coming at you with a gun and his gang for reporting him. Our government has failed us, imagine the number of unemployed, intelligent, young Nigerians and the vices they could get into...Believe me, you do not want to know.

But I have seen fraudsters that left their evil ways upon getting a job. Some others are not so lucky, they get into crime thinking nothing of it (just a way to make ends meet) and then it becomes a way of life...they simply cannot leave it ! It's sad, it wrecks business for the legitimate people and if I wasn't a Nigerian living in Nigeria, I guess I would have said "Damn that country"...but realities, my brother/sister ia a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Nigerians are all scum. Nothing on this planet will make me change my mind about that.

Bantu Education said...


Firstly, welcome. Despite what is happening in ZA and Zim, I always believed that some Africans are good people. The problem is the good Africans never seem to get into power.

Obama's new "black" AG has said we need an honest discussion on race, so lets have one here. Now if I were a Nigerian (or any black African) and I had seen the mess made of my country under black rule, I would definitely want white colonial rule to return.
Do you feel the same way, and if not please WHY? Thanks.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I don't believe that 100% of Nigerians are scum. Just 99.999%.

All the same, I wouldn't let one of them near a child, the internet or an ATM.