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The Myths Behind White Guilt - Part 1: The Truth About the Slave Trade

By Sarah: Maid of Albion

The Curse of White Guilt

Part 1: The slave trade

One of the many weapons which our opponents use against us, and also against others of European ancestry, is often termed historical white guilt. Those who hate us point accusingly to our Empire, and to our involvement in the
transatlantic slave trade with the implication that we, particularly the British and European Americans, are uniquely guilty of crimes against other races. They believe that, by making us feel guilty about our past, we will be less inclined to object to what is done to us on behalf of our alleged victims.

However, as in so many areas, the truth does not suit their agenda, so, as ever, they resort to their favoured tactic, and lie with the ease and practiced familiarity of an ageing harlot unzipping her client's pants.

In our schools and on our television screens, they teach an entirely false and misleading version of history, and sadly it is one which at least two generations of our children now accept as
unquestioned fact. Our empire, the greatest the world has ever known, and something I plan to focus on in a later post, is presented as being a cruel and oppressive force which was primarily concerned with plundering other nations and exploiting their peoples.

The story they tell us about the slave trade is also a lie, it is a lie which they use primarily against Britain and America and it is upon that lie which I will focus in this post.

The lies and myths about slavery are told with the same cynicism as those who voted to ban hunting with hounds in the pretence that they were motivated by animal welfare concerns. So intent are they in presenting slavery as a white against black crime that they actively seek to play down the fact that an estimated 27 million people are living in various forms of slavery right now in the 21st Century, more than twice the number transported to America during the total transatlantic slave trade with the effect that less is done than otherwise would be to help those currently in slavery but are an
embarrassment over which a politically correct veil must be drawn.

Moreover they, our enemies, also
misrepresent the truth about historical slavery. Transatlantic slavery did not exist in a vacuum, the slave trade was not invented by Americans or Europeans. Slavery had been part of the human condition since the earliest civilisations, look to the Torah, the Old Testament and the Koran, all of which have copious references to slavery written, a millennium or more before America was discovered and whilst the most Europeans lived in tribes and wore woad.

The historical
revisionists of the left keep trying to tell us that cradle of civilisation was in North Africa, but they forget to mention that, if it was, it was built by slaves.

Even during the few centuries in which Europe and America were involved in slavery, we were not even the main players. Slavery was being carried out throughout the world,
particularly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The African, Arab and Asian involvement in slavery existed long before the transatlantic slave trade, and continued well after abolition, and involved far greater numbers of people.

A wrong is a wrong whoever commits it, and it is inequitable, and arguably racist, to hold one group more accountable than another on the grounds of
pigmentation. I am not stating these facts in order to excuse the transatlantic slave trade, but merely to set it in context, and in perspective. You can not single out one or two nations for unique condemnation, when, in truth they merely, and briefly, got involved in what almost everyone else was doing, and which other nations had been doing for thousands of years.

This is
particularly inequitable given that, in 1807, Britain was one of the fist nations on planet earth to abolish the slave trade and then through her Empire brought about the abolition of slavery across a quarter of the earth's surface a mere 26 years later. (a stunning achievement given that the British Empire included many lands where slavery had been a fact of life for thousands of years, and that this huge task was achieved in an age before aeroplanes, helicopters and satellite communications.)

Furthermore throughout most of the 19
th Century the Royal Navy was actively involved in combating the slave trade as perpetrated by other nations by so doing we enforced abolition well beyond our own dominions.

Indeed British and other European colonialism itself, far from oppressing our subject nations, played a pivotal role in freeing them from the threat of being captured by Arab slavers, castrated (unlike in America, there are few descendants of those enslaved by Islam) and shipped to Arabia to be worked to death.

If you look to the history of Eastern Africa in the 19
th Century, Britain was the major force in ending the Arab slave trade from places like Uganda, Northern Kenya and Zanzibar. We are repeatedly reminded of the slave caves around the coast of Western Africa, used by transatlantic slave traders, however there are similar caves on the east of Africa from whence the cargo travelled north and east, over far more centuries and in far greater numbers.

Another point supporting the fact that European colonialism brought about the end of slavery is that the only African country where it was still legal to own slaves well into the 1920's was Ethiopia, one of the only African nations which was never colonised and even then it was only abolished in order to gain Ethiopia access to the League of Nations.

On the other side of the Atlantic, also in 1807, the US Congress banned the importation of slaves and, 54 years later, well over half a million young, white, Americans died in a war fought partly in order to free the slaves. I am aware of no similar gesture on the part of those Arab, Asian and African states which had owned and traded in slaves for
millennia before Britain's comparatively brief, three hundred year, involvement, including those, such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Yemen, Oman and Mauritania, which didn't get around to banning slavery until 100 years after the American Civil war (and where some would say forms of slavery continue to this day) or in Mauritania which only imposed a ban last year or Sudan where slavery allegedly still exists.

How odd that we don't hear calls for reparations from those countries where slaves were openly owned within living memory. Of course, silly me, they are not white European nations and can't be held responsible for what they do.

That said, I personally see no
justification in holding current generations of Arabs or Africans responsible for the acts of earlier generations (even though those were quite recent generations) Guilt dies with the guilty, inherited or racial guilt is an abstract and unsupportable concept, which is, at its heart racist. However, it is a guilt which we in Europe and North America are expected to carry and acknowledge, despite the fact that the guilt of our forefathers is so much less than the guilt of others and that we have done so much more than others to right a universal wrong.

staggeringly important fact about the slave trade is not that Britain and America joined in for a while, it is that we, and we alone brought it to an end.

Instead of suffering white guilt over slavery, by comparison with many other nations, we British and our US cousins, have a great deal to be proud of.

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30 Opinion(s):

Ranger Tom said...

Excellent read Doberman!

I'm sick to death of having that thrown in my face... Even though my family didn't even emmigrate to the US from Ireland until after 30 or so years after the American Civil War was over.

Vanilla Ice said...

@RT. Have you watched "A Conversation About Race"? If not, get a cold one and click here.

Ranger Tom said...

VI: Will do... In fact, doing it right now...

Ranger Tom said...

Just finished it... Didn't suprise me bacause It's what I've know for quite some time. What I did find amusing was the amount of whites, especially the older woman in the glasses tripping over themselves to convince the interviewer that they weren't a racist. That and the black guy in the glasses, who "only dates white women" was an obvious racist in the liberal sense of the word, but again, like Jesse Jackson said, the black man is incapable of racism because he has no power.

Next time a black man stares at me at the library and says "bye" I'll accuse him of being a racist...


Great video though. I've bookmarked it and will share it with my friends.

Vanilla Ice said...

There are some pertinent points though. How can all whites be expected to pay reparations? Why should any whites pay reparations when the natives used to take each other's land and commit genocide? Why should whites be held accountable when black atrocities today (as mentioned in my earlier comments about South Africa) are ignored? It is a truly f**ked up world.

Ranger Tom said...

VI, like the commentator said, and I've been saying for years... How can my family be responsible for slavery when our ancestors weren't even in this country when all that happened?

You're right. The world is treuly fucked up.

Black Coffee said...

In this post you bring up a truth and one that some of my fellow Howard students found uncomfortable when I brought it up. That is that the trans-Atlantic slave trade was a 2-way street, with African sellers and European buyers of the slaves. That said, RT if you are referring to the debate over reparations, affirmative action, etc. what you and many whites fail to realize is that you and I have certain privileges just by virtue of being "white." Similarly, in South Africa, as Steve Biko wrote, all whites benefited from apartheid, although it was only a certain percentage of whites that actually perpetrated apartheid.

Doberman said...

@ BC, I've heard blacks moving the argument to the "privilege of being white" crap of late. BULLSHIT! The POTUS is black, Oprah is one of the richest women on earth, you have wealthy entertainers, sportsmen, businessmen - what do we call those?

How can I be "privileged" by being born white? Yet at the same time I'm "guilty" because I am white? In Africa, are blacks privileged? Should they help the "un-privileged" namely whites and other ethnic groups? Are the people in charge automatically "privileged"?

I'm not supposed to feel pride in my race but I am meant to feel guilty?

You are so full of Leftist shite you can't see straight. You want people judged as individuals EXCEPT if they are white in which case, it's not the actions of a few but a reflection on the whole.

If a black discriminates, it is an individual, not a group, not a race. If it is a white discriminating, it's the whole race. How about the ANC's racist policies? It is a few pushing racist policies to benefit the group so is it safe to say then, by your argument, every black SAn is a racist benefiting from racist policies of a few?

Enough with the leftist crap, it's giving me a headache.

Viking said...

In the Congo, the Belgians were fighting Arab slavers well into the 1890s ...

Black Coffee said...

Doberman - I do not have time to reply at length to you, but I think based on our discussions here and in email that you are intelligent enough to know how the privilege of whites works. No we are not privileged because we are born white, but because society gives us certain advantages. You bring up Oprah and Obama. Those are individuals, but look at percentages and at who it is that is disproportionately poor in America. In SA all whites enjoyed certain privileges just by being white, by not being confined to a township or "bantustan", not having to show passes just to put in a job application, etc. Nowadays, the AA policies in SA, as I understand it, try to reverse some of the effects of above. A friend of mine from "Business Day" tells me, moreover, that in SA's private sector there is no discrimination, and that often they in fact favor white over black applicants, all these years after end of apartheid.
RT - I would like to read what experiences you have had as a cop, other than being passed over for promotion in favor of minorities, that has made you think the way you do. One of my co-workers is an ex-cop in Montgomery County, Ohio and he is quite conservative. In fact, he often tells me that he thinks Obama is taking this country (US) in direction of what my parents fled from - communism. I do not see Obama that way, though clearly he had a different philosophy on government's role than Reagan and Bush did. Obama clearly believes that government should play active role in economy.
Dobes - I think you mentioned somewhere you think I want to be black. No, that is not case, we can't help being who we are. As for Michael Jackson, it remains a mystery whether he bleached his skin or had a rare skin disorder, as he insisted, which made him lighten. The definitive answer to that question died when Michael Jackson died, so what you say on that remains a matter of speculation and hearsay. It may very well be true that Jackson wished he was white, no one knows for sure. If that is true it only shows the damage to self-esteem of some blacks that white racism has done and continues to do, just as I heard Farakhan say to CNN other day. I swear sometimes Farakhan makes more sense than some commenters here and elsewhere. There I said it, you can slap me, but that's honestly way I feel sometimes.

Vanilla Ice said...

@Dobes. Check out how BC uses the patronising tone "You are intelligent enough to know ....", which has a counter side to it, which is "If you can't see that whites were priviledged then you are an idiot".

Ranger Tom said...

@VI. So true. We must be the idiots. I should feel terrible I haven't realized it all these years! I mean, my parents came out of the depression with absolutely nothing... May father came home from WWII and went to work on a loading dock to put food on the table. He never begged, borrowed or stole anything. He raised me to work hard for everything I get and appriciate those things. Like my father, I never asked the government or anyone for help in any way. I've EARNED everything I ever got, and I'm where I'm at not because of my race, but of my hard work and self determination. I went to the same schools as blacks, but yet they can't read and write but I can.

I've earned everything in my life. From the Army, to the police department, and now on the railroad.

No one gave me a lick of help.

You know, looking back on my life... I'm 43 now. I've been on my own since I was 17. I am extremely self-reliant, down to even the household chores, because if I don't do it for myself, it doesn't get done.

I'll bet that between his socialism studies and I hate America?Whitey demonstrations, Communist party meetings on campus, ol' BC here takes his dirty undies home for mommy to wash because he can't operate a washing machine.

Vanilla Ice said...

@RT, I need to get you up to speed. BC still lives at home and is in his thirty's.

Ranger Tom said...

Vi: Of course he does, because he's never had to work a day in his life, feels that everything should be provided and /or given to him because he deserves it.

Again, he's never had to work a day in his life, that is if you can excuse the job where he had to say "Would you like to supe-Size that?" over a microphone several times a day...

Black Coffee said...

Now watch it RT - you don't know my work history. I'll bring you quickly up to speed, I have had many factory and warehouse jobs, call center jobs and lately I've been working as a security guard while working on my PHD. I lived on my own for many years but for past 2 have been living with my parents to save money after going to and coming back from South Africa. I do my own laundry and many other household chores to help out. You still have not explained what it is you've seen or experienced as a cop that makes you think the way you do. You hinted at it in the next thread where you say a black who scored below you was promoted and you were not, ok. Back to the hard work theme you bring up here - from my experiences blacks are hard-working it is a myth that they are lazy. Sure, some are as are some whites. I've worked with many though who are not. In South Africa, what others here might not tell you, is that blacks do almost all the landscaping work, cleaning work, and during apartheid times they even cared for white children. Yes, those "savage kaffirs" as some like to call them (not so much on this blog but you will see it elsewhere) were often the ones whom whites trusted with their children while the white women were off shopping, tanning, getting their nails done, whatever. You mention your father coming with nothing and going to work. That's great, but you should remember one thing, and this is something I picked up from a black student at Howard University when I was a teaching assistant: your father's skin color was not a basis for employers to make a negative prejudgment about him. For millions of blacks, who were just as hard-working as your father, their skin color was a mark against them in eye of employers, especially when it came to better paying jobs. Pretty much same situation existed in SA under apartheid. VI - I skimmed your newer post and will read it in detail, but lower IQ or higher IQ is no excuse for discriminatory behavior. Even if blacks have lower IQ (whatever that means - I still think it tells us nothing about actual intelligence) these lower-IQ people were not standing on South Africa's shores in 17th, 18th and 19th centuries with signs saying "higher-IQ whites, come, take our land, enslave us, we are only good as your servants." I can see that IQ is your forte so to speak, but I would like to read/hear what it is you experienced in SA that has made you think that you need to debunk all these supposed myths about whites.

Doberman said...

@ BC, I think what you miss is the gist of the real world. NOBODY OWES ANYBODY ANYTHING. Remember those four words. It's missing from the Left's mantra.

If no one wants to hire black people, then blacks must hire themselves. Nobody owes black people a job. Blacks are not entitled to hand-outs or hand-ups. If blacks need to jump higher to prove themselves then they must jump higher. Tough, that's the way the world is. You don't mould the world to suit the weakest, the weakest must step up.

I am a white and now discriminated against in my country. What do I do? Do I riot, do I demand affirmative action in reverse, do I demand something over someone else based on their skin hue? I don't. I demand equality that's all but should I not get it, then I say fuck it, I'll sort myself out.

That's called "stopping your shit and getting on with it". Stop blaming others for your shortcomings. I have packed up my shit and gone elsewhere. Many people have left SA with the shirts on their backs. They don't sit in the corner crying. The poor whites in SA are sorting themselves out. You don't see whites rioting.

One doesn't fucking throw one's toys out and start demanding rights you are not entitled to, or riot in the streets demanding a job, or change laws.

Take your shit elsewhere if you are not happy, employ yourself if you must, shut the fuck up and do what you need to do.


FishEagle said...

@ BC. It is your belief that you are in a privilaged position, as a white, that gives you and your ilk a perception that you owe it to the other races to make their lives better. If you had any understanding of suffering you would know how fragile a white's position really is, which clearly you don't! You are indulging in a luxury by handing out a "better life for all" to everyone other than the white race. Then you come and rub your life of luxury in the faces of the whites that have lost the most in this world - the white South Africans! Let's see you lose as much as we have and then hear if you still sing the same song.

FishEagle said...

By the way, I really restrained myself with my previous comment and see, I used no expletives! It was more for my own dignity though.

Vanilla Ice said...

@BC. I see you forget to mention your most enterprising venture, that of online pornographer, and that you have spent 9 years trying to finish your Ph.D. Go on, tell the whole truth to RT.

I see you equate physical labour with effort. That is the same logic that suggests that blacks built South Africa. Blacks are exceptionally lazy. Unless there is a boss providing the intellectual organisation, the labour will not produce anything. If they were hard working and enterprising we wouldn't be in the position we are in. Why would we exclude an enterprising people when capitalism thrives on growth and wealth?

Then, we have mentioned this before, you expect us to document our experiences to provide clarity as to why it is we hold the beliefs we do. Are you nuts? Simple day-to-day observations are our experiences. You name the task, I can describe a common incident.

Nobody says that IQ is an excuse to discriminate; discrimination is automatic when there are such divergent IQs. As regards low IQs standing on the shores, yes they were essentially waving banners; semi-naked, backward, cannabalistic, violent and unskilled.

Ron. said...

Response to B C @ Jul 17 1:59. Whether or not all White people [ it's not "whites" ] "benefited" from the former Apartheid laws is quite debatable [ as economists have aptly noted that Apartheid SUPPRESSED the free market & only artificially helped poorer White folks by giving them government jobs instead of training them to adapt in a competitive market place ] BUT one thing is quite clear. The role of the STATE was the SOURCE of the oppression. Regardless of whether there was Apartheid or not because the macro STATE as instituted by the British was the EXECUTIVE CONTROLLING MECHANISM which wrought so much injustice due to its coercive & centralizing nature. Apartheid as it was instituted during the 20th cent would have NEVER been able to have ever gotten off the ground without the FOUNDATION of the macro state. This is a point you have DENIED in the past because you do not like to admit or to look at the role of the STATE because you might notice that Apartheid was not a grass roots program but one which was promoted by a very small CLIQUE & was only ever able to be executed & implemented on the scale that it was due entirely to the STATE which was IMPOSED onto the region.

Viking said...

"If no one wants to hire black people, then blacks must hire themselves. Nobody owes black people a job. Blacks are not entitled to hand-outs or hand-ups. If blacks need to jump higher to prove themselves then they must jump higher. Tough, that's the way the world is. You don't mould the world to suit the weakest, the weakest must step up."
Sorry for repeating the whole lot, but this comment is worth a post in itself. Even if you take out the word black, the statement encapsulates the issue perfectly.
Once you are complaining because nobody will give you a job, you have already lost - start your own business! millions of people, black and white, have done just that. And once they do, what business is it of anyone else's whom they employ?
As Tim Hartford correctly puts it, if employers don't employ certain people out of hatred, they will suffer and become uncompetitive because they are missing out on the creativity of those people, and their rivals will employ them. I ought to have the freedom to employ whom I want, it's called freedom of association.

Black Coffee said...

VI - I have indeed spent 9 years in PhD program. It is taking so long because it took me a long time to pick a dissertation topic. I will contemplate your and others' comments. However, one thing I see you are getting historically wrong is that they were cannibalistic. There is no historical evidence of this, not among blacks of South Africa (whether KhoiSan or Bantu). Then again, I think all people are capable of cannibalism if there is nothing else to eat. Your statement that "blacks are exceptionally lazy" is stereotypical. Now I should qualify this by saying that you believe that stereotypes are based on fact, but this one is not. Nowadays some blacks are enterprising, I am sure there are successful black-owned companies in SA as in US. Moreover, what do you call blacks whom you can see in Johannesburg CBD and many other SA cities selling peanuts, fruits, second-hand clothes? I don't know about you but in SA the municipalities refer to these as "hawkers", but isn't this classical capitalism at work, just like Doberman says they get off their as and try to do something to make a little money. The problem is under capitalism, and this is regardless of race, there is only so much room at the top, there is only so much wealth to go around. The other thing that prevented blacks from doing what Doberman talked about in his post, "hire themselves" etc. in SA during apartheid was all kinds of restrictions on what kind of businesses they could set up and where. I do not remember all specifics but John Kane-Berman did a good job of going into this in his 1978 book "Soweto: Black Revolt, white reaction." Another thing I just thought of in terms of blacks' supposedly natural laziness, during my 6 months in South Africa I never once saw a white janitor anywhere. This was so even in Cape Town which visibly has a larger white population than many other cities of the country, at least that was visible right away in the center of town. And there is no white direction that I could see for these black cleaners who do a marvelous job of keeping buildings and in case of Cape Town's center - the streets clean. This blog, SAS and others have discussed poor whites in SA. Do you want to tell me that none of the cleaning companies in SA would hire whites? Or are they still too arrogant to do this kind of work, regardless of how poor they are?

Black Coffee said...

Viking - I think you and Doberman make it sound simple - "go and start your own business." It's not that simple is it? Just recalling economics 101 from high school, you would need capital to start a business. If you do not have capital you would need to obtain a loan. Suppose you do not have any rich or well-off friends nor relatives who could lend you money, what do you do? Turn to a bank. The bank is not just going to lend you money to start a business without somehow securing the loan through collateral. Add to this all the restrictions which apartheid state imposed on blacks in terms of starting a business. In the US, during days of segregation some blacks in South started their own bank in order to help start black businesses. For various reasons, only a minority of black Americans were able to take advantage of this, but some did, having even become slave-owners themselves until slavery was banned.
Ron - I do not dismiss the role of state in instituting apartheid, not at all. In fact in my own dissertation I describe what existed before 1948 since 1902 and definitely since 1910 (Union of SA establishment) as apartheid before there was apartheid. However, I do not think British were behind implementing apartheid in 1948. Are you referring to British banks or government? Apartheid state, like all governments around world, had to get money from somewhere, and I believe based on my readings that both American and British banks financed them. But in order to understand how and why it came into being in 1948, with its strengthening of segregation, working on "poor white" problem, etc., it occurs to me you also need to look at role of white labor unions and their pressure for reserving higher-paying jobs. You can go back to major strike by white workers on the Rand in 1922 for example. Consider that although the government suppressed the strike, from that point various administrations that came to power - Hertzog, Smuts, etc. looked at how they could appease white labor to ensure there would not be a repeat of 1922 strike.

Vanilla Ice said...

@BC. So if they weren't cannabalistic, and they are a progressive society, please explain muti killings and the use of human body parts? Bone in the nose, African Super Science at its best. Also, please explain how it is that such a noble, majestic and intelligent society insists on using sangomas, to the extent that Wits University now offers a degree in this shit, and medical aid companies will soon have to accept claims from these retards.

If you have a black population with a mean IQ of 67, and a SD of 10, there are lots of candidates below 60. Conversely, there would not be that many whites. So whites would be more gainfully employed. This explains your janitor conundrum.

As regards your simplistic example of being enterprising. Enterprising is defined as being of great imagination or initiative. There is nothing imaginative about selling tomatoes at the traffic lights, along with 100 other blacks doing exactly the same thing.

Good examples of being enterprising are everywhere to see. Just ask the Jews and East Indians, they know how to add value to their endeavours.

Viking said...

@Black Coffee
Your detailed comments are well worth replying to, in my view.
I think you answered your own question about entrepreneurialism amongst Africans - they often indeed have their own businesses, usually selling things, and this is capitalism at work. Startup costs are low, and there are good businessmen and bad businessmen. Many millionaires in the Western world started out small, selling things on market stalls (Bill Cullen springs to mind). So, as you yourself pointed out, it is that simple.
Getting such people to follow good business practice is another matter, though, and efforts need to be made to accomplish this. Often they don't, er, understand that they have to pay tax, and often they are not too good at strategy - it is quite common for small players to flood the market with certain items to make a quick buck, and in the process destroy other local businesses. Unfortunately, too often these businesses involve getting something- anything- in bulk from China, and selling it at traffic lights, which is a quick and easy way to make money but has knock-on effects on the wider economy.
Africans need to be taught correct practices, and need to learn that a business is not a licence to print money (as many BEE types believe) but something that must be nurtured and worked at to make it grow.
A lot of business people all over the world have found capital in novel ways - many of them from very poor backgrounds.
The point of all this is, it's not impossible to start a business, and many manage to do so under difficult conditions.
I accept your point about the belief that "Africans are lazy". That's a commonly held belief, and stems from the obsevation on the part of the early colonists that blacks seemed to do little work in their own environments. Certainly compared to Europeans that was true, and we always judge by our own standards - who else's would we use?
From personal experience I've seen many many black South Africans working insanely hard at jobs I wouldn't do - it's the main reason I have some compassion for them. But I don't understand your point about janitors - are you saying that whites should be doing these jobs? The truth is that no matter how poor a white person is in SA, they are not willing or able to live on the money a black person can live on - remember: self-built shack on invaded land, no rent, free electricity, no rates or water charges, no white person has those things and therefore cannot compete at the bottom of the labour market.
Sure, there are white cleaners, just not many. I saw white beggars and white car guards on my very first trip to SA. In Cape Town I worked in a kitchen for $8 a day - less than I earned in an hour in Europe - alongside blacks from the townships. I wanted to see what it was like. But there was absolutely no way I could live on so little.
So, whites are not "too arrogant" to do menial jobs - they just can't. Those jobs require almost zero skills and no language requirement, which is below the skill level of any white person, who has some experience in working in a capitalist economy. A lot of workers in South Africa walked straight out of the bush and have no idea which way round to hold a screwdriver. That's not an exaggeration, ask anyone!

Ranger Tom said...

@BC... Forgoing all this other claptrap, because working as a security gaurd while you take nine years to get you PHD not withstanding...

If anyone, regardless of race (I'll take race out of this) doesn't have the collateral or friends to get a loan to start a business, in your opinion, now it's up to the Government to give that person a loan?

I don't think so.

It's no one's responsibility.

The Government owes me nothing, and again, repeting what others have said here, I owe no one anything in return.

A person is the sum of all work in a lifetime.

I know about hard work.

I've earned everything I've ever gotten in my life.

My Bachelor's degree?

If the City for which I worked for hadn't of had tuition re-embursement I'd have never been able to afford to go to school, even on my police salary. My daddy & mommy couldn't afford it. Who's paying your tuition?

Oh, that's right. You're a pornographer/security guard/30-something full-time student. I'm sure a $9 an hour security job is paying your tuition.

Oh, my bad. That's what the porn is for.

I worked 60 + hours a week on the streets of the third largest city in the US, spent up to 6 hours A DAY in court on top of that, and still was able to complete 12 credits a semester and the University of Pennslyvania.

All on my own... And before you say a damn thing about the tuition re-embursment, that was open to ALL city employees, regadless of race... And the city's employees were on average 80% black and hispanic, yet, while I was still employed there, only 4% of those eligible "minorities" took up the city's offer.

Go figure.

Even now on the railroad I'll work 70+ hours a week during the busy time, usually from September through May.

And you want instances... I can go VOLUMES into the racism I've been subjected to, just because of the job I was performing, but frankly, I feel you're benieth contempt and beacuase of your refusal to actually go out in the REAL world, not just travel around on a Student Visa... "Why are you locking me up cracker? because I'm black, aint that right!?!"

Has nothing to do with that ten grams of crack I found on your person after WITNESSING you selling on the street corner, does it? Or WITNESSING a black gun down a shopkeeper for $4? That Black went to the same public schools I did, but he's to stupid to actually WORK for a living? Remember, my teachers we predominantly black, so you can't say I had an advantage. Same public schools, same textbooks, same exams.

And don't spew out about the 4th amendment about those poor black misunderstood souls who I arrested for felonies and how I probably planted eveidence... Because I've had illegal search & seisure jammed dowm my throat since I was a plebe in the Academy. I KNOW the 4th Amendment. I've got enough Constitutional Law in me right now I CAN pass the Bar Exam in 48 States, and I'm only 10 credits away from a Law Degree.

On to how POOR blacks are in the US... They're not poor.

While I was in the US Army, ( I enlisted... What exactly have YOU done for your contry lately?)I spent THREE YEARS in Central America. Not the tourist spots one might go to on a Student Visa.

I've SEEN REAL poor and needy people.

Blacks in this country (the US) have got EVERYTHING. But still, they cry racism at the first sign of them not getting thier own way.

I owe them NOTHING. Niether does ANY law-abiding, honest working white person.


And you want to know what's really humorous? I KNOW what your alleged black friends call you behind your back, but they'll never tell you.

You're a do-gooder, guilt-ridden Marvin Milquetoast.

They laugh at you behind your back.

The only difference is I'll be a man and laugh in your face.

Ron. said...

Well B C it looks like you have altered your opinions from a year ago when it appeared that you dismissed the role of the State. The miners' strikes were certainly the beginning of acclimatizing the poorer White folks to the Apartheid platform no doubt. I mentioned this fact specifically in the very first post I posted [ concerning the co-option of the Boers by the then ascending Afrikaners ] at the Republican Trekker Volk blog. [ a blog about the Boer people as the somewhat awkward title / name attempts to demonstrate ] While there was a growing support among poorer members for the type of " colour bar / job reservations" the various regimes were implementing: the main point remains that the Apartheid laws were never the result of a mass or popular grass movement [ certainly no where near the popular support levels for the movement to restore the Boer Republics during the 1940s. ] nor was Apartheid ever approved through a plebiscite or referendum & the growing support for the National Party had MUCH more to do with the growing weakness & ineffectiveness of the United Party because the U P did not in point of fact differ with the N P on the basic premise of Apartheid despite at times testing the waters in trying to move away from it a bit. I would disagree with the assertion made in this article that the various European Empires were "our Empires" because the empires were the preserve of the elites who ran them while we the average often poorer White folks were just the fodder they used to expand their empires. Do not for one second ever allow yourselves to be under the delusion that we were ever equal or even consenting partners within their empires or even to THEIR agenda of expansion & acquisition because as has been noted here earlier the first slaves they ever used were White & the bulk of the White population that they lorded over would certainly have cringed at the thought of being lumped in with their own overlords.

Vanilla Ice said...

@BC. Here's some more news for you. White South Africans have been scattered to the four corners of the earth. Emigration is a very difficult and traumatic process. You lose access to your usual network. So it could be safe to assume that white South Africans are prejudiced in their new countries, no networks, little to no capital, no work experience etc. On this basis you would expect the indigenous minorities to be advantaged. Guess what? South Africans, as a group, earn more than the average within 5 years of settling. Recently South Africans were highlighted in Australia as being a significant economic group, who are well educated and tend to live in affluent areas. Here in Canada, it is well known that South African doctors dominate the rural scene. Gas and Petroleum engineers are common place in Fort McMurray, Oil Sands area, where site meetings are commonly held in Afrikaans. So why would that be BC? Racism? Moreover, no white South Africans have ever been accepted as refugees; God forbid they even apply; as all the white Zimbabwean farmers who have been rejected can attest to. I know of no white South Africans on welfare, but I know a few that work their arses off to survive. We are known for being straight talking, assertive (sometimes considered aggressive), hard working individuals. Where do you think that comes from if blacks have always done our hard work? We all bemoan our loss, and our lack of recognition but we don't seek free handouts. We change careers, we work shit jobs until we see the gap. Five years later, the majority of us are well established. A friend of mine, a qualified Porsche mechanic who couldn't work as a mechanic (some stupid requirement) was forced to change career. Today he makes the finest pathology lab equipment, and is a preferred supplier. There are so many examples.

Doberman said...

Well said VI. I don't know of one SAn expat in Australia that thinks he is entitled to anything. We come here, we take flak, we bitch back, but WE must do the adapting. All 110 000 of us. We don't "demand", we don't want special dispensation, it is US that must blend in. And we contribute, in all spheres of live, meaningfully, to a point where Afrikaans even is a recognised community language that is protected.

Black Africans however, create huge problems for the Aus govt hence why they've cut back on the quota. They refuse to assimilate, they refuse to follow laws, they refuse to work, they simply refuse fullstop. They are violent, they form gangs, terrorise neighbourhoods, so much so the govt is separating them to the far corners of Aus where they can't congregate. See the differences BC?

FishEagle said...

@Tom Ranger. "I KNOW what your alleged black friends call you behind your back, but they'll never tell you." So TRUE! Black Coffee hasn't woken up to the fact that blacks maintain a facade in front of whites. His kind of ignorance has resulted in much tragedy, like the horrible death of Amy Biehl.