Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Moon Landings: The White Race's Triumph

The tiny popping sounds you hear in the distance is the exploding of heads on the Left reading the heading for this piece. Oh goody, if only that were true, literally.

"Raaaacist!" they will screech in unison. Er, no,
actually it's factually accurate. White men did put white men on the moon. Not the Chinese, not Arabs, not Latinos, not blacks. Whites did. Or if you prefer, not the chinks, not ragheads, not spics, not niggers. Crackers did. Note: In case you missed the sign on the way in here, this is a politically incorrect zone so if you're easily offended, fu*k off.

The Left, white liberals, "progressives" as you know have adopted the upliftment of the black race as their pet project, particularly in America. It's been hard going and still a work in progress despite decades of effort. As a piece posted last week mentioned, their benefaction comes not without a price. White liberals alone decide what is good for blacks and who may speak on their behalf (blacks included). That this condescending attitude constitutes the highest form of racism seemingly continues to evade them.

"It is good," so the Leftist meme goes, "to exalt the virtues of all ethnic groups bar Caucasians". To have pride in one's blackness (or other race except whites) and to express said pride in its achievements is not only appropriate but must be actively encouraged.

A case in point: You will recall recently how blacks cheered during the Black Entertainment Awards gala when Jamie Foxx proclaimed that Michael Jackson "belonged to them" implying blacks had been generous in
"sharing him" with the rest of us. Nah ah dude, that's just so wrong. Not only was it the stupidest thing I'd heard in a while but it is so blatantly racist. Lemme see, we had a bunch of blacks awarding blacks only at a blacks only gala talking about a dead black performer saying he belonged to blacks only - and heaven's above, no one batted an eyelid?! The lame liberal MSM looked on, approvingly, their charges were getting it. Yes, it's okay to feel pride in one's race, in the achievements of one of its individuals - if you are black. Yessir, best to let the natives have a little glory, like little children who need to build up their self esteem. Let them revel in all the scraps they can muster and who better to "give" them this indulgence than the white patronising liberal media. Oh the irony.

Time to level the playing field.

Time for whites to get themselves some of that racial back-slap action going.

White people, take your rightful place at the forefront of humanity's achievements! Be proud of your heritage! Be proud to be white! Grab the glory your people have earned and so richly deserve!

Today in particular is a good day to feel pride in your race. Today ex
actly 40 years ago white people placed white people on the moon. As members of the white race, as Caucasians, as a minority race, as members of the most vilified race of humans we loudly and proudly pronounce our immense pride in that unrivalled momentous achievement.

It belongs to us. Only us.

Today we celebrate the white race's proudest moment, indeed mankind's most momentous achievement. Humans landing on the moon and returning safely to earth. As far as pissing contests go there's no trum
ping that.

That's right, let's be specific, whites conceived, designed and built rockets that sent 24 white people to the moon, 12 of whom got to walk, run, bounce, drive and even play golf on the surface of the moon. We understand Uganda has expressed interest in going to the moon and you can be sure, in the interest of fairness that we shall trumpet their achievement when it happens however I believe they are still trying to master the wheel.

My fellow whitelings, it is with great pride that I give you the m
arvel that was the moon landings. Yet another feat where whites demonstrated their incredible ingenuity and ability to achieve the impossible, using machines with the computing power of microwaves to successfully land astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon as part of the Apollo 11 mission.

"It's one small step for [a white] man, one giant leap for mankind."

Enjoy. And be Proud!

Forty years ago, Walter Cronkite was covering the moon landing of Apollo 11. Last Friday, the veteran journalist died at the age of 92 after a protracted illness.
It is apt that the voice of a white man was the first to record the first moon landings.

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Ranger Tom said...

I'm smiling at my whiteness!

Thanks for posting this Doberman!

Ranger Tom said...

Oh, almost forgot. Check this video out:

Doberman said...

Yep, let's start taking the credit, let's start taking what's rightfully due to us, dammit. I can tell if the Chinese had landed on the moon, you'd hear of it every day - and don't even think what be the case if blacks had done it.

But no, whitey did it, and he must not bask in his achievement? Fu*k that.

Exzanian said...

Great post Dobes. I fell in love with the moon landing story after reading Norman Mailer's "Fire on the Moon" It never ceases to fill me with strange, eerie awe whenever I see a doccie or a report on the moon landings. It was pure genius.