Friday, July 17, 2009

Kortbroek says '2010 visitors must take care'

I'm so confused mense. The organising committee says foreign fans will be 100% safe, nothing to worry about but here is sell-out Kortbroek van Schalkwyk our Tourism munista telling fans "watch the f*** out". I dunno, I guess perhaps there's more going on than they are letting on? Maybe it's a way of saying, hey, we told you to watch out, now if you get a AK47 round in the head, don't come blaming us. Check the bullspeak he gives Reuters. Now we know the facts and it ain't what the man is saying.

Can't wait.


London - South Africa is confident that it will be ready to host the soccer World Cup next year but faces a challenge in transporting the fans to matches, the tourism minister said.

Tourism Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk also acknowledged in an interview that South Africa's crime record - about 50 people are murdered each day - is seen as a worry by visitors.

He said tens of thousands more police would be put on the streets, while tour operators, hotels and guest houses would give visitors information on how to look after themselves.

"People must also take responsibility for their own safety," Van Schalkwyk said.

"Obviously the World Cup is the big one. Everything is on time, on target. It will be, in our view, the best and the biggest World Cup ever."

"As government, we feel pretty confident," he told Reuters.

Nobody could guarantee there would be no more labour unrest, but South Africa had a good record in hosting major sports tournaments, he said, most recently the Confederations Cup, a dry run for the World Cup.

International soccer officials had identified two areas - transport and accommodation - where improvements were needed before the World Cup.

Van Schalkwyk said he expected a rapid transport system would be in place next year and there were enough rooms to accommodate the 450 000 visitors expected for the World Cup.

"The challenge that we face is to get people from where those rooms are to the matches, on the day that the matches take place," he said.

"That is why we must have the bus rapid transport system and the high speed rail system, also flights to and from those areas where the accommodation is."

Hotel rooms had been booked in neighbouring countries, he said. "It's nothing strange. When the World Cup was in Germany, people flew in from other European countries."

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Pensioner said...

"People must also take responsibility for their own safety," Van Schalkwyk said.
How can I protect myself when these wankers take my F%$^&*&g gun licence away from me. I bought a 1 million volt zap gun, that will stop the bastards (like hell) it will just piss them off more.


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