Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jessie Duarte Epitomises Racism

Duarte has jumped to the defence of Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga after Free State University rector Jonathan Jansen reportedly described her as "lazy and incompetent".

Duarte is correct, Jansen did get it wrong. It is Duarte that is lazy, incompetent and racist.

In an open letter, ANC spokeswoman Jessie Duarte on Friday demanded "nothing less than a public apology" from Jansen. "He has insulted the minister of basic education in a manner reminiscent of the utterances made by the apartheid ideologues of the old order." "How often did we not hear, African people in particular being described as lazy and stupid by well educated professors with internationally recognised credentials?" (Even though the evidence suggests it is true) This is a description illustrative of ignorance and prejudice." (What has this diatribe got to do with the issue at hand?)

The "unwarranted and misplaced" insults could not go unchallenged, she said, adding that Motshekga's academic background befitted the position she held. The minister completed her studies at the University of the North and the University of the Witwatersrand, where she obtained her Masters Degree in education. "She has dedicated her life in the service of developing our youth. Angie Motshekga is a firm believer in a non-racial, non-sexist and united South Africa." (So what. That doesn't make her competent)

Jansen's utterances may serve to exacerbate the racial tension at the university, which made headlines last year after a racist initiation video by UFS students was made public. It was produced by residents of the now-disbanded Reitz men's hostel and showed students mocking the institution's integration policy by initiating five black workers.

Duarte reminded Jansen that the UFS was subsidised by the ANC-led government and took a keen interest in transformation. "Transforming the UFS is not an option any of us have. We owe that to all the students who are there today and who will attend the UFS in the future." (Ah, so there is the rub. Forget about academic freedom or freedom of speech; you need to pay homage to the ruling party or face sanction)

ANC MP Neels van Rooyen recently told the Free State legislature that the ANC would intervene if transformation at the university did not proceed according to its wishes. "The UFS is a national asset and not the exclusive property of a group of South Africans who are unwilling to transform and adapt to a democratic South Africa," the Times quoted him as saying on July 2. Jansen said part of his job was to develop a positive working relationship with all spheres of society, including political parties, with whom he wanted a "positive, honest and open relationship". "I count all political parties in the group of stakeholders, but I will not be beholden to any of them," he was quoted as saying. Jansen officially took up his new position at the university this month. He recently reportedly described Motshekga as a "lazy and incompetent minister, if one takes into account her record as provincial minister in Gauteng".

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Anonymous said...

Jonathan Jansen is learning the hard way not to think like a coconut, but to be as darkly dense as the ANC, all the way.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are lazy and stupid.

Viking said...

"not the exclusive property of a group of South Africans who are unwilling to transform and adapt to a democratic South Africa"
So.. that's whitey, right? Just so I have got this straight, to be "transformed" means to bow and scrape to the ANC?
We are still waiting for the majority of Africans here to "transform" from being violent criminals or lazy sods into productive citizens.
This weapon is always dragged out to show that the whites are not doing enough to contribute to the New South Africa - it seems that paying taxes and maintaining the economy are not enough.

Anonymous said...

Well put Viking. "Transformation" to the ANC is one-directional and means only one thing: whites need to subject to black "dominance". Remember, it's all about payback.

They can't stand being shown up. They can't stand that whites haven't conceded 'defeat' (not that the ANC won anything anyway).

They must spend nights wondering just when whites are going to break, become timid, docile like blacks when they were ruled. Too bad they don't understand that whites are made of different stuff, that whites are never conquered. It must be eating them up.

Everything, every utterance from any white, even a pro-white comment from blacks, is scrutinised for its "get back at whitey" value. But shucks, whitey just refuses to bend over or lie down.

Ranger Tom said...

I for one would refuse to bend down to anyone, especially because I'm white.

Exzanian said...

This is all pure hatred and jingo racist talk from this cow. She and Malema fit together like peas in a pod, bitter racists.