Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home Coming revolution? No Thanks!


Crime in SA

I have got to hand it to this here Mr Delport. He is an unluckier man than me. After returning to SA after 15 years abroad, he has had the misfortune of being burgled 9 times in 6 months. Heck, I left SA after I only had two cars stolen, a botched card switch job, assorted mobile phone disappearances and oh yes, a spare wheel that mysteriously went AWOL from my boot while my car was undergoing repairs at the garage. Mr Delport Sir, you have earned my respect, for returning to SA.

While many South Africans have been victims of crime at some point in their lives, not many can say they have been burgled nine times in less than six months.

With people complaining about the high level of crime, a frustrated Durban man has more reason than most to feel hard done by: his house has been burgled nine times since the beginning of the year. To add insult to injury, Chad Delport, 36, of Glenwood, said nobody had been arrested, although he had reported all the incidents.

The fed-up businessman said thugs first broke into his house in January. The latest burglary took place on May 23. Delport said the burglars had stolen everything, from his laptop, cellphone, camera, home theatre system, lawnmower and jewellery. "They (K4's) took all the tools I use for my business and all my clothes. I have to continually replace all the things that have been stolen, and that means I'm working at a loss," he said. Delport said the criminals were using the vacant land adjacent to his house to gain entry to his property.

"They climb over the fence and do as they please. They even come in during broad daylight, as some of my neighbours have seen them," he said. He recently installed sensors at the back of his kitchen door. "The sensors cost a fortune, but I'm doing everything possible to ensure these guys (K4's) stay away from my home," he said, adding that he might put up an electric fence.

Delport had been abroad for 15 years. He moved back to this country four years ago to start his business. "Of all the countries that I have lived in, I have never experienced anything like this. I moved back to the country because my father was sick, and I just missed the country. I wanted to be patriotic and contribute towards bettering the country, and as a businessman I wanted to offer job opportunities to people who were unemployed. And this is the thanks I get," said an incensed Delport.

He said he had reported all the incidents to the police, but it all seemed to be in vain. Police spokesperson Inspector Michael Read said they were aware of all the cases, adding they were still investigating. Read said Delport should take necessary precautions to ensure his home was not a target for criminals.

"Police will also be doing regular patrols around that area (oh thank god for that!) to ensure that such incidents are a thing of the past (Braaaaying with laughter!). We are also trying to trace the owner of the vacant land to ask him to fence it off, said Read. (trace on, dream on!)

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Anonymous said...

So he was 21 when he left? Mmm, so he missed the 15 "glory years" of ANC rule. What he knew of SA was SA in 1994 when things were still good. Things have changed somewhat Mr Delport. Best you haul ass back overseas.

FishEagle said...

I have family that live in a small rural town where everyone still knows everyone (whites and blacks). They never try to recover stolen goods because it is a well known fact any stolen goods that the police may recover from the burglars, they just sell themselves. The only purpose of reporting theft is to be able to claim from insurance.

Pensioner said...

I must be the luckiest SOB alive here in RSA, I have in my whole live only had two, YES 2, Break-ins in my life. 1 in Kempton Park and the other one here in the Cape, where some bastard broke into my garage and got into the spare fridge and drank about 6 beers and stole some empty suitcases. I hope my luck lasts a while longer.