Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ethnic Farm Genocide update: 3074 Dead

My hat goes off to Censorbugbear for the meticulous and extremely detailed latest report on the farm murders in SA. Please make sure you click and view this updated report. It really is a shocker. For me it has been pretty much an academic issue and those numbers meant very little, until I read this post.

The detail is incredible and includes an alphabetical name list of victims as well as numerous links to articles and other sources. It was only as I read those names (so many of them; little white crosses in a field, line after line after line) that it hit me. Names I have seen before and other people that I met and knew in SA with the same names, names like Sarie, Petro, Babs, Tienie, Ockie and many, many more, I went ice cold. 3074! This is real!!!

There is some form of ethnic cleansing going on in SA. It may not be ANC sponsored, but it certainly is ANC condoned and tacitly sanctioned. There is not a doubt remaining in my mind anymore. This is low grade, subtle genocide. I implore you, especially overseas readers, view the site with an open mind. I am including Adriana's introductory comment to the article.

South Africa has less than 11,000 ‘white’ commercial farmers left, growing food-crops on
less than ONE PERCENT of the entire land surface. Thus, this death toll of more than 3,070 white farmers out of 11,000 in total, definitely represents the world’s highest murder-rate, being at nearly 30,000 per 100,000 of this population group.

The most dangerous job in the world clearly is to be a white agriculturalist in South Africa. And most of these agriculturalists (Boers) also belong to the Afrikaner ethnic minority -- whereas the country’s more than 1-million upwardly mobile black farmers aren’t being attacked like this – indicating that this small white Afrikaner minority of rural dwellers is being targeted very deliberately for an ethnic-cleansing campaign to clear them from the countryside.

Also note that the South African crime statistics are routinely being
manipulated downward for political reasons. Even so, the country’s official average annual murder-rate is the world’s second-highest, at nearly 122 murders per 100,000 residents.

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Vanilla Ice said...

Finally welcome to the party. I get into a rage when I discuss the farm murders, it is disgusting how anybody can stand by and let it happen. Now you can understand why, when somebody like an Anon commenter suggests that they deserve it, I use profane expletives.

Ranger Tom said...

I can see your anger and frustration. I'd have locked & loaded a while ago.

Vanilla Ice said...

@RT. Now you are getting a grip on what is going on. Four key things to consider. First, we used to have a Commando system, essentially military support for the farmers. They used to provide protection and follow up on insurgents. This was abandoned. Second, we have legislation which forces every gun owner to have to reapply for their gun licences. Guess what is happening? They aren't being reissued and therefore the guns need to be turned in to the state - a disarming tactic pure and simple. Thirdly, you are not allowed to shoot unless your life is in imminent danger. So you arrive home, Mr. House Invader has just raped the Mrs. and is retreating, you cannot shoot the fucker between the eyes. Four, every single shooting by a farmer is considered murder or attempted murder, with the farmer being summarily thrown in jail with a bunch of AIDS infested scum. So even if he is innocent, by the time he is released his black cell mates have ripped him a new arsehole.

Ranger Tom said...

God, I knew it was bad... But not that bad. Tell you what, if it was me... I cought Mr. Kaffir raping my missus, they'd never, ever find the body.

As for my guns... If they can't find them they can't have them.

But that's just me. I'm considered a radical here now.

Vanilla Ice said...

@RT. We don't know if that is going on; for obvious reasons, no body, no crime reported.

Vanilla Ice said...

@RT. Another thing to bare in mind. If 3,000 farmers are dead at least 10X that have died in an urban setting. So we can prudently assume that at least 35,000 whites have been murdered since 1994. Do you know how many died in the bush war, for the period 1966 - 1989? 1,800. Do you know how many died in WWI and II? 23,475. So more whites have been murdered than both World Wars and the Bush War combined, and the MSM says fuck all. Put that in context. Imagine if the US lost more whites, to black murderers, than say Iraq and both World Wars combined. It would be shocking. Oh, I forgot to mention, none of this is considered hate crime, but random violence. But God forbid I piss on some black dudes KFC.

Ranger Tom said...

VI... I think you can assume at this point I'm not completely ignorant of world affairs (like most of my fellow Yanks), nor am I stupid. But I do have a lot to learn, and I never stop trying to educate myself.

I find myself continuing to get more and more frustrated with everything and I can't begine to imagine what you must feel about what's going on in your homeland.

If the tables were turned, if this was whites doing this to blacks... Well, you and I both know where that would go. But for years and years it's always been the white man's fault for everything. 10 years on a police department here in the states has completely jaded me of all thier so called "racism" and thier "opression" from "Whitey".

I sit back and look throughout the history of the last 100 years and see where every European colony in Africa who's gained it's "Independance" from it's "Colonial Yolk"... See where they are now...

Are they better off? Hell no. The Black has destroyed every last one of them.

But what do you do? Do you rise up in arms? Appeal to the World Court?

Fuck... I am now understanding more of what you're feeling. I'm speechless.

The really sad part is it's not only happening there, but it's starting all over the place now. You've read my blog... You understand my frustration also, nowhere near the scope of yours, but I do have frustrations also because if something isn't done here it'll be in Indiana & Kansas next.

I want to pull my hair out sometimes... What do you do?

Vanilla Ice said...

@RT. It is partly about our Motherland, which is sad in itself but is a lost cause. South Africa is a microcosm of what is going to happen everywhere else if we don't turn this thing around. Of course most of your countrymen will think that it is an exaggeration, and that SA is an isolated incident as a result of Apartheid. We are doing our part by spreading the word. Sooner or later we need to connect with our balls and spines, and stand up to this insidious disease. What will it take to awaken to reality? I don't know. We seem to have lost what it took to get us where we are. As an aside, I am an ex-cop too (19 years ago).

Doberman said...

@ RT, I've visited your blog and I get where you are coming from. The world has gone mad. I have two great posts dealing with colonialism and the eternal black victimhood/ slavery gig that I will be posting now (Part 1) and tomorrow Part 2. Worth a read.

As for our situation, we can't do anything. We either leave our country in droves or we wait for our turn to die. And once we're out, it's our duty to tell the world the truth because the MSM sure as fuck won't.

Ranger Tom said...

@Doberman... Looking forward to reading. And you're rightm the world has gone completely mad, but my question is this... Where will it all end? I fear it'll be one world race/class war that the left has stirred. I really hope that's not the case. I'm a military vet, seen the two-way rifle range up close and personal, don't want to see it again but I'm not afraid to pick up arms to defend what's truely right... You all ove South Affrica as you should. I love my country too, but I can't help but notice ( I noticed this years ago and pointed it out to my friends) that the ANC's symbol contains the Hammer & Sickle... And I don't care how anyone slices or dices it, communism is still communism. It's where the States are on a fast track to right now. Mark my words, you won't recognize the US in 4 years if this half-breed in office now does half of what he really wants to.

You talk of revolution and you're a so-called minority, and you're lionized. Talk the same thing and you're a conservative white and you're a hate-mongering racist and narrow minded.

I'm sick to death of it.

I'm also really glad I found your blog... Keep up the good work and keep spreading the word!

Anonymous said...

My uncle and aunt were hacked open with axes. Why not just killed my uncle had 92 stab wounds as well. My aunt was raped by six.

Mark IJsseldijk said...

Hail! American here. I found out about the Boer genocide last year and have tried to spread the word. You are not alone and the message is travelling although we are also hard-pressed against a corrupt Marxist/multicult regime.

Keep up the work and know that your plight is going to be heard as we whites are being subjected to race-replacement in all of our countries. There will be an awakening. Stay strong.

FishEagle said...

Thanks for the encouragement Mark. We need all the encouragement and support we can get.