Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Dead By The Roadside" Symptomatic of What is Wrong With Zimbabwe

I recently explored a Zimbabwean Activist site, and I stress Activist, because these are the folk that are agitating online in search of a better Zimbabwe; if there is such a thing. I applaud the cause, it is noble, but for goodness sake when your content reflects everything that is wrong with Zimbabwe, what do you hope to achieve? Without drawing attention to the particular author, as they have many, and some I am sure do a great job, I want to share one shocking and shameless article with you, which encapsulates the sub-Saharan mentality, followed by some equally disturbing reader comments.

A pitiable sight of a young girl aged around six to seven years, seated by the roadside, with a huge black bungle lying on her thighs caught my attention. The young girl was seated in an awkward area, in the middle of nowhere, a place not meant for anyone to rest as it was bare with not even a tree for shade. I saw her as I drove from Bulawayo to Harare on Christmas day.

I stopped. I got out of the car and called to the child who then told me that lying on her knees was her mother who was resting and they were going to proceed home once her mother had rested enough. I moved closer to them only to realise that her mother was already dead. I looked at the child who looked hungry and emaciated yet convinced and hopeful that they were going to proceed with their journey back home. What was not known to her was that her mother was dead.

Dead by the roadside.

Tears streamed down my eyes as I pitied the child whose fate no one knew. I could not tell her that her mother was dead. I simply left and phoned the Bulawayo Central Police Station and reported the case. The response from the police officer I spoke to, Constable Phiri, shocked me. He told me that the station had no fuel to go and collect the body and suggested that I find a private funeral home to assist the child.

I was so upset and decided to leave the issue hoping that someone from close by would assist the child. This decision I made never put my heart to rest. The thoughts and picture of the little girl still haunt me. The scene reflected the level of the socio-economic crisis bedeviling Zimbabwe with children left to their own devices to deal with issues they can hardly fathom.


Reader 1: You did all you could and more than many would have. I will pray for peace for your mind. I will pray for the little girl. I continue to pray for the end of suffering for all Zimbabweans.

Author: Thank you very much. Your comment at least removes the blame off my shoulders. I guess I did all I could and the blame should be put where it lies - the socio economic crisis destroying our nation.

Reader 2: It also breaks my heart that zimbabwean children have to go through such horrific experiences because our leaders have abdicated their reposnsibility. I am sorry too, that Fungisai - I am sure herself struggling to make ends meet has to bear that responsibility.

Thank you for your story and take heart - our country and its people will be free someday.

Reader 3: Fungisai you tried but u should have gone the extra mile in getting food for the young child coz mybe the mother died of hunger. If you did may God bless you because we could have lost another life in the little child. May God Bless our beloved Zimbabwe and let’s leave it to Him to identify the culprits and He Himself will do justice accordingly.Take heart.

Unbelievable, but true. This is the cream of the crop, those that are seeking change. They have no compassion for their own kind, they take no accountability and they are not prepared to sacrifice or give of themselves, but expect the West to fund the begging bowl and Adopt-an-African. How, in Jet Jungle's name, can they expect to improve their lot?

How we treat our children reflects who we are as a people and a nation. Not only did this author behave abominably, but he absolved himself of any responsibility and even distanced himself from blame, supported by his readers of a similar mindset, espousing that the tragedy was due to an external force. I shit you not, and they don't see the irony.

Extrapolate this mentality outwards and you easily see why Zimbabwe is in the state it is in. So who is expected to sacrifice for Zimbabwe? If they don't care for their own, why should we?

What happened to this child? Who knows, perhaps she became a muti offering. The mindset beggars belief.

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Doberman said...

Unbelievable. Now I would have stopped and at minimum taken the child to the police or some church but NEVER would I have left a six-year old child behind on a lonely road. But then I'm white, I have compassion.

Anonymous said...

The Zimbabweans put mugabe into power in the 1st place, now let them suffer in peace!

Doberman said...

That's a bit harsh anon? The child didn't put anyone into power. Besides the people did vote him out of power since 2000 but two elections at least were stolen so let's give them that much. It's the ANC regime that should bear full responsibility for allowing Mugabe to stay in power.

Anonymous said...

You get the government you deserve.Give that kid a few years and she would be the same - kill the farmer.

Anonymous said...

To add:

I have lost my compassion for blacks. There is no longer any goodwill to throw around.

Dachshund said...

Why don't Africans have any pride? Pride does not necessarily go before a fall, but if you have no pride, you definitely will fall.

That's the whole problem with the continent.

moor said...


You expect too much of these people. They are not like you, they do not have the advantage of civilisation, the knowledge you absorbed at your mother's knee.

Compassion for others is not a quality you would expect to find in the beasts of the field.

Cut them a break, they are just primitive beings after all, and they rule us!

Exzanian said...

This is a shocking story. What is it with our dusky cousins that such appalling degradation has occured in Zimbabwe? Can someone explain it to me? Or is it actually our fault: white prejudice, colonialism, Western civilisation? Or what? Please explain it to me. If there is something we are doing wrong, if there is anything we can do to fix this, we need to know so we can change course immediately.