Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Blaster

The ATM pepper spray mishap got me thinking. Do you recall this novelty from 1998 that made headlines worldwide, an invention by a fellow named Charl Fourie aptly named "Blaster" that shot flames from the sides of a car turning everything to carbon in seconds? Some 'great' ideas are best left as that - ideas.

It never received official approval so was abandoned but oh to have it available anyway...wake up Dobes!

I suppose one can see the reason for its rejection. It's night time, you've had a few brews with the bro's, you get into your car, suddenly there's a little tap on the window...you react, and before one can say "panic mechanic", you press the Big Red Blaster button, bye bye... wife, friend, innocent bystander? Another flaw was that the thing spewed hell's fury out the other side of the car simultaneously so toughies to whoever happened to be standing there at that precise moment. As Trapido says, God bless South Africa..eish.

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