Friday, July 10, 2009

Black trash jailed for murder

Big brother can go and get stuffed. My right to free speech will never be smothered, not even with a whole rugby team of hypocrites! Never.

London is a little safer since yesterday. Six shitskin criminals have been found guilty of murder and assault in London and have been promoted to bitch status to university of C Max. Have a nice life you little bastards. And for the remaining shitskin immigrante bastards that are crawling the streets with your knives, fuck off back to the third world where you belong!

Gang jailed for teenager's murder

Six gang members have been given life terms for stabbing a 14-year-old boy to death in an east London park.

Shaquille Smith was with two friends near London Fields in Hackney when the gang attacked them last August.

The killers were given minimum terms of 15 to 18 years by the Old Bailey judge, who labelled them "arrogant cowards".

George Amponsah, 19, Godiowe Dufeal, 20, Amisi Khama, 18, Freddie Amponsah, 17, Kadean Dias, 18, and Leon Atwell, 17, were found guilty last month.

The killers, including two brothers, were sentenced individually to avoid possible violence in the dock.

'Mindless violence'

On the night of his death Shaquille had been let off doing the dishes by his mother who thought he would be safe visiting a park with his friend, an older girl.

The gang were described as "a roving gang of youths with violence on their minds" by Aftab Jafferjee QC, prosecuting.

They targeted a 17-year-old friend of Shaquille's, also in the park, because of a dispute with his brother.

When the boy confirmed his identity, one of the gang told him: "Well, you are getting it."

But the friend ran off with his dog and the attackers turned on Shaquille and the girl, the court heard.

In less than two minutes, the girl was cut across the neck and face and Shaquille was killed.

Mr Jafferjee QC added: "Shaquille was an utterly blameless boy who said nothing and did nothing to anyone in the park to cause offence, let alone justify being murdered."

In a family impact statement read to the court, Shaquille's mother Sandra Maitland said it was difficult to put Shaquille's life into words.

She said: "I can describe his birth, his first smile, his first tear, when he first walked or ran.

"What I can't tell you is how he would take his exams, his first job, his first girlfriend, having children."

She added: "Those who harmed Shaquille one day will understand the meaning of love and the pain when you lose a loved one.

"They then will have to live with their conscience, if they have one, knowing what they did."

Outside court Det Ch Insp Carl Mehta said: "The defendants are gang members who can never understand the harm and grief they cause to families by the mindless violence they inflict."

George Amponsah and Dufeal were told they would have to serve 18 years and the other killers were given 15-year minimum terms.

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Anonymous said...

I notice you dont write an articlr about the white monsters who stabbed 2 men over 200 times?
Dano sonnex come to mind?
Why only write about black people you imbecile,they arent the only criminals.

Exzanian said...

Dear Anon: You have misconstrued the article. Firstly, the victim of these 6 criminal savages was also black. Shaquille Smith was his name. Secondly, I juxtaposed this one entitled "Black trash jailed for murder" with another one entitled "White trash jailed for Internet hate crimes" with the intention of exposing the asymmetry prevalent in the mindset of the PC drugged society we live in. I am revealing hypocrisy and at the same time acknowledging that you get trash people, both black and white. People are very eager to use the term "white trash" or "racist bastard" or "white facist" but a white person may not so much as dare whisper the words "black trash" Judging by your comment, I am proven correct, yes?...Your duplicity has been exposed, You are the weakest link, Goodbye!

Vanilla Ice said...

@Anon 2:59. Judging by your writing style I imagine you are an educationally disadvantaged minority. I feel your pain. Exzanian shouldn't have used words like juxtaposed or duplicitous. The reason he didn't post an exact, carbon copy article, albeit with white perpetrators, is because we don't seek out the black swans since that would mislead our readers. I imagine you prefer KFC yourself, but our readers overwhelmingly prefer juicy truth.