Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another ANC munista buys two luxury cars

It's a new sunshine era for the comrades alright. First Mbeki's clan looted like their lives depended on it and now Zuma, the "fight corruption" and "cut costs at all levels" man is okay with his scoundrels blowing wads of dough on life's little pleasures. I mean, public service in Africa does mean making use of the public service for one's own gain. Like I said, same circus, different clowns.


Motshekga scores with Range Rover sport and BMW. Department of Basic Education spends R1.7-million on Minister's new cars

Less than a week after it was revealed that Communications Minister Siphiwe Nyanda spent R2.4-million on two new luxury vehicles, the Department of Basic Education has confirmed in a reply to a DA parliamentary question that Minister Angie Motshekga has also purchased two new vehicles - one BMW 730D, and one Range Rover Sport TDV8 - at a combined cost of R1.7-million.

A copy of the reply follows below.

This sort of spending is extravagant and unnecessary - certainly it far exceeds the Minister's needs, the triumph of status over prudency. To put this kind of expenditure into context, if every government department is to spend this amount on new vehicles for its Minister over the course of the next year or years, it will cost the taxpayer approximately R60-million.

In delivering his budget vote to Parliament, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan warned that the state had to be more disciplined in the way it manages its money. He stated: "After seven years of growing budgets and rising revenues there is a degree of fiscal looseness in the system and now is the time to tighten up on that looseness." He continued, "Money is not the problem ... it is how we spend the money. This has to improve. In several sectors, budgets have grown exponentially but outputs have not increased in tandem".

That request seems to slipped passed the national administration's attention unnoticed.

The ANC government's continued misuse of public funds aside, South Africa is in the grips of a recession and of all people the Minister of Basic Education should be finely attuned to the strain on finances available to government and the urgent need for resources to be devoted to productive purposes. Nowhere is this more urgent than in education, where ordinary teachers and principles battle to come out on their salaries at the end of each month.

There is absolutely no reason that a new minister should be spending R1.7-million on luxury vehicles. The general public outrage that followed last week's revelations over Communications Minister Siphiwe Nyanda's R2.4-million vehicles demonstrates that the South African public is not willing to tolerate this kind of exorbitant wastage. The DA will be submitting a follow up parliamentary question to establish how this expenditure could possibly be of public interest.

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2 Opinion(s):

AMB said...

I get the sense that the government is trying to single-handedly save the car sector from financial ruin, although it seems only BMW are benefitting from the bailout currently (until Toyota/VW/Hyundai get clever and also offer bribes??). This "government" is expert at spending tax money on themselves, but shjoo, they really struggle when it comes to other minor sectors, like education; health; safety etc, etc, etc. Numwhats.

Viking said...

Just plain horrible. These people consider public office some kind of prize, not a duty or any kind of obligation. They believe it gives them the right to act like some tribal chief and use their position to acquire status. It's disgusting.