Sunday, July 19, 2009

ANC website hacked LOL

I'd like to high-5 the people who did this. C'mon 'fess up, which one o' yers did this? ;) Too funny.

The African National Congress (ANC) wishes to distance itself from a selection of embarrassing links placed on the organisation's website by someone who has hacked into the ANC site (see below).

The ANC will take all the necessary steps to remove the adverts - some advertising pornography - which have nothing to do with the ANC. We did not place the content and have no relation with the person that hacked into our website to embarrass the ANC.

A website should not be vulnerable and the ANC will take all steps necessary to ensure this does not recur.

3 Opinion(s):

Ranger Tom said...

I'll buy them a beer!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Exzanian said...

Sadly, the links are no longer there.