Sunday, July 19, 2009

ANC regime buys R10 000 showers for Zuma

How fitting (pun unintended) that they would buy such expensive showers for old "showerhead" hisself. It's time for Zapiro to put the showerhead back on Zuma's head.

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Public Works insists on extravagant fittings for Kings House in Durban - DA.

It is apparent from a review of the fittings selected for King's House in Durban by the State, that they are extravagant, excessively expensive and, in a number of cases, entirely unnecessary.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) has been in contact with local plumbing manufacturers who are most concerned that the fixtures and sanitary ware stipulated in the tender for fitting in the main building of King's House are almost exclusively imported products. A number of key aspects of the renovation project at King's House appear to involve an abuse of taxpayers' money especially considering that less expensive, local alternatives are available.

The Department of Public Works has approved a set of design features which exclude local, less expensive products, for bizarre reasons. For example, the approved bath mixer stand has a horizontal hand shower, whilst the local equivalent has an angled hand shower. For the 4 units that are required, is this small difference worth R110 000.00? Other examples follow:


Approved Feature

Approx Cost

Local Equivalent

Approx Cost

Difference in Price per unit

number of units


Bath Mixer

horizontal hand shower

R 10,073.00

angled hand shower

R 2,602.00

R 7,471.00


R 37,355.00

Shower Rail

fixed at the top

R 16,018.00

fixed centrally

R 5,822.00

R 10,196.00


R 40,784.00

Bath Mixer Stand

horizontal hand shower

R 31,852.00

angled hand shower

R 4,312.00

R 27,540.00


R 110,160.00

The DA has pictures of the relevant fixtures, by way of comparison, and they are available on request.

In delivering his budget vote to Parliament, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan warned that the state had to be more disciplined in the way it manages its money. He stated: "After seven years of growing budgets and rising revenues there is a degree of fiscal looseness in the system and now is the time to tighten up on that looseness". He continued, "money is not the problem ... it is how we spend the money. This has to improve. In several sectors, budgets have grown exponentially but outputs have not increased in tandem".

Yet, once again and in spite of the Finance Minister's request, it is apparent that public money is being misused; this time on completely unnecessary opulence on the part of the government. In a time where local businesses are suffering and jobs need to be saved, yet another opportunity has been lost to encourage local procurement.

Added to the questions we will be submitting to the Department of Public Works regarding the exorbitant costs of the security refurbishments, we will now also be asking details of the full renovation costs as well as local content in the renovation, specifically in the main house. We will also submit a question to the Presidency on how many nights the president is expected to spend at King's House in the coming year.

Statement issued by Dianne Kohler Barnard MP, Democratic Alliance shadow minister of police.

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Anonymous said...

They were forced to source internationally because they could not find a BEE approved business. God forbid they give the business to a white company, regardless of how many blacks are employed.