Sunday, July 12, 2009

ANC blows your dough like a drunken sailor

Notice I said YOUR dough. Eish, they may hate whitey, they may want whitey gone but oh they do so like whitey's good livin'.

[Translated from Afrikaans - original from Rapport newspaper]

While South African taxpayers are tightening their belts due to the weak economy, the ANC regime is wasting large amounts of money on luxury accommodation for politicians while their official residences stand empty.

This is in addition to the R607 million that has been stripped from the coffers within 21 months by corrupt government officials, according to the latest report from the Auditor-General.

Ms. Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, Adv. Thozama Mqobi-Balfour, wife of Mr. Ngconde Balfour (former minister of Correctional Services) and Mr. David Mabuza, Premier of Mpumalanga, are among those implicated in the residential-housing scandal.

A Rapport investigation found that:

• the National Commissioner for Correctional Services, Ms. Xoliswa Sibeko, and Mqobi-Balfour, her Gauteng equivalent live in rented luxury homes in the exclusive Woodhill area in Pretoria - while the official residences available to them are vacant.

14 MP’s, including Madikizela-Mandela are being put up in posh hotels in Cape Town because old-MP's are still occupying government homes in Akasia Park.

Speaking of the two Correctional Services commissioners leasing homes, DA spokesman for Correctional Services Mr James Selfe said: "It is absolutely shocking and scandalous."

He is going to demand answers from the government, "because the official residences for the two commissioners are satisfactory."

"If they are unhappy with the arrangements then they must pay for their own accommodation."

A reliable source told Rapport that the National Commissioner's official residence which is located on the grounds of the Pretoria-Central prison was recently revamped for R150 000. For Sebeko it was not good enough though and she decided to lease a house in Woodhill for R35 000 per month.

Mqobi-Balfour's official residence was also revamped for about R50 000 but her husband "still wants to live like a minister" so they've leased a home for R30 000 per month on the taxpayer's account.

Rapport's source said: "They (the commissioner) are too accustomed to luxury and status."

Mr. Manelisi Wolela, Correctional Services spokesperson confirmed the houses had been leased.

"The reasons for leasing the homes was stated in the relevant applications and I cannot make them public, " said Wolela.

He also confirmed that the official residences had indeed been restored recently and said, "the minister for Correctional Services had been advised."

Mr. Koketso Sachane, spokeperson for the Dept of Public Works confirmed that his department carries the cost of the 14 MP's hotel costs in Cape Town.

"I will try and ascertain exactly how much per month is being paid for each MP because some say it is R15 000 and others say it is R20 000."

Mr. Willem Doman, DA spokeperson for housing said he was astonished that MPs still stayed in hotels.

"Our people (the DA's) stay in apartments in Akasia Park while they wait for homes to become available. I cannot understand why the others can't do the same."

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I read the the president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad drives a car that is 30 years old and lives in a moderate appartment. Now compare this guy to our rampant gravy train riding ANC political scum.