Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Abuse of Citizens In The Name of Human Rights

I urge you to watch these videos if you believe in your Right to Freedom of Speech, free from harassment from any Western secular government. Freedom of Speech, Thought, Opinion and of the Press is under attack in all secular and Western societies, in the name of being reasonable or to appease small interest groups that assert a pseudo-right to not be offended. Ezra Levant is a Canadian lawyer, and one time editor of a magazine, who dared to exercise his rights, as enshrined in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and published the Mohammed cartoons. For this he was harassed, intimidated, accused, branded and forced to explain himself to a Kangaroo court; even though it was his inalienable right. This is the farcical system called Human Rights Commissions, and is a scourge experienced in all secular and Western societies. No doubt South Africa is no different, somebody just needs to scratch.

By the way, he was not found "not guilty", but rather as a result of global and media attention, the commissioner stepped away from his case, and ultimately it was withdrawn. Ezra Levant drew attention to his cause by using You Tube. The commissioners do not even have to have a legal background, merely a matric (Grade 12).


All it took, to initiate a complaint, was a handwritten faxed complaint, by a muslim imam. Thereafter the imam was not required again. The laws of evidence didn't, and don't, apply but it cost levant $100,000 to defend his cause. I would urge you to read Levant's book, Shakedown.

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Anonymous said...

This is precisely the case I followed intently. The person (a Muslim) that laid the charge had to do nothing, it cost him time to make a statement, whereas it cost Levant $100K and a lot of effort to defend himself which he fortunately documented for us via YouTube.

FishEagle said...

Only poor leadership allows things to get that bad and it will become the standard for all democratic countries. When the Human Rights Committee has checked up on the Human Rights Commission, there will be a body created to check up on the Human Rights Committee. All these bodies are just trying to appear appealing and popular by doing the right thing. Typical of a democracy.

The debate about the Canadian HRC gained momentum relatively quickly. By SA standards it’s impressive.