Sunday, July 19, 2009

About "Black Power"

This link from Islandshark of a young American fellow telling like it is needs a post of its own. Be warned, there is a generous use of colourful language.

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Black Coffee said...

If everything was that simple black people would never complain. They do not complain for the sake of complaining, they complain because of real racism which has kept blacks down in the US, in apartheid South Africa, even it turns out in Brazil and in other places. Obama just addressed NAACP convention other day in which he said that cases of discrimination are still with us. What is he doing about it as President is another question, but at least he acknowledged it.

Doberman said...

@ BC, so sayeth the black man that was put into power by white people...

By your measure, one only needs to "say" that racism exists for it to become "fact".

Well, I "say" as do most white folks that include er, those that voted for the black man btw that it is NOT so. Can I assume then that my statement and theirs is also FACT or does it not count unless a black is saying it? So confusing..

Ranger Tom said...

@Doberman. Of course it does. As the Rev. Jesse Jackson said, that the black man is incapable of racism because he has no power. The white man is the only person who is capable of racism. I really wish I had a dime for every time I've heard a black man call an hispanic a "Beaner" or "Greasy Wetback", or an East Indian a "Dothead", an Arab or muslim a "Raghead" or "Sand Nigger"... Or even myself, as a white man, be called "Cracker", "Whitey" or "Honkie", or my personal favorite, "Gray Meat". If I had a dime for every time I've hear those words uttered out of a black man's mouth I'd be a very rich man indeed.

Isn't that "Racism" in BC's definition of the word?

But it's ok, because the black man has no power, so that makes it all ok for him.

I'm white, but I'm also ethnically Irish. I remember vividly my grandmother's stories of how, when she came over from the "Old Sod", 45 years or so AFTER the American Civil War, of seeing signs stating:

"Help Wanted. Irish Need Not Apply"

She was here in the States for 4 years before she found employment, and that was making ammunition in an armory for WWI, a dangerous job even then they couldn't get northern blacks to do.

Isn't that racism, in BC's definition of the word? and if so, if you'd go along with his way of thinking for a minute, don't I deserve reparations for the injustices my Irish~Catholic ancestors were treated?

Doberman said...

@ RT, you do deserve reparations. I guess you and the Italians etc need to get more active on this victimhood gig the blacks have going.

Ranger Tom said...

@Doberman. I guess us Micks & Wops aught to put our drunk and garlic~laden heads together and cry for reparations!

Islandshark said...

@ BC: So what about Whites being kept down by Blacks in power?

Do we really need to go into the details of racist Michelle Obama's anti-white sentiments, Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton charades, Sotomayor's anti-white perspectives influencing judgments, ACORN's antics, etc,etc?

BC, educate yourself by watching Craig Bodeker's "A conversation about race".

Also explain why Black on White hate crimes ALWAYS have to be played down by governments and media as just crime. But Rodney King was a racially motivated attack.

Lastly, my statements / questions are rhetorical. I've really got no intention of getting into race related debates with you - your objectivity tends to be dented when you say "Hello".

Viking said...

Right on, Ranger Tom!

Also, nobody has been more discriminated against than Jews, who lived among us for hundreds of years. They had no rights, and instead managed to find ways not only to survive, but to prosper.
As I mentioned on another post, even REFUGEES manage to start businesses, with absolutely nothing. I know the US is a different context to SA, but the attitude of black people it seems is the same - give me. That's what we don't respect. The power thing is irrelevant- in SA they are the government and they act the same way!
How can Obama insult Americans that way - the US whites have shown themselves the ONLY non-racists in the world by electing him! Only Peru had elected a president of a minority ethnicity up until Americans did (although I'm sure some anorak will prove me wrong).

Dachshund said...

I know this black aggrieved thing so well. Even when I couldn't get a job as an accountant because I was white, and became a self-employed advisor instead, I would have a lot of blacks bitching on and on about my "intellectual capital" and that it wasn't fair that I had educational advantages. Never mind that my degree would have given a black person an open sesame to a well paying job, and that I'd effectively wasted 3 years of study and fees on a qualification that I couldn't use purely because I was white.

When I argued this, they would say that I was still better off than them, because as a white person I would naturally make money, that it would somehow, miraculously be put on a plate and handed to me. And that it wasn't fair that I had so much "intellectual capital" like it was something tangible, something that you can parcel and hand over, but not to a black, only to another white person.

It wasn't about my intellectual capital or lack of it, it was punishment for being white and having an education at all.

Blacks complain because it's easier to complain about whites than doing something about their lack of education themselves.

BC isn't even black, he's a white guy with lots of credit at the Mom and Pop bank. How the hell would he know about whites having to earn a living and trying to cope with reverse racism.

Anonymous said...

This guy just simply told it like it is. I'm a black American and I can't find fault with anything he said. I do have a question however about this website. Is this a site about the problems in South Africa or a site about the hatred of black people in general? Because every other posting it seems is about blacks in the US.

Viking said...

The site is about South Africa but has a very international readership. To answer your question, I don't think any of us hate black people per se, in fact the arguments on here tend to argue in favour of treating everyone the same - which means the same rights AND obligations to society, AND the same expectations from all races. Which means that I (for one) don't hate the ANC because they're 'black', but because they're a bunch of thieves who use their power to produce wealth for themselves at the expense of those they conned into voting for them, and at the expense of the tax-paying class against whom they openly discriminate!
Welcome to the site, though. You won't like a lot of what you read on here, but people do try to be honest. That's just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with you there.

Islandshark said...

Well said, Viking.

Anonymous said...

BC Read RW Johnson's "South Africa's
Brave New World The Beloved Country Since The End Of Apartheid": There you'll read about much non-white racism / thieving, kicking off with Joe Modise, Harry Gwala, Allan Boesak, Thabo Mbeki, the Mandelas, and many more... Wake up nitwit!

Viking said...

good ref. R.W.Johnson is a brilliant writer, and was initially very sympathetic to the ANC, its interesting to see how his views have changed.

Black Coffee said...

Anon - thanks for the reference, I will add this to my reading list.